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[2010: SEP-OCT] Decisions


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by Ensign Charisse Trissta Ocran

Fana Monastery Garden is not big, but due to its layout which is such to leave visitor to enjoy various small areas within it. Among them also a small lake of immense beauty covered in a moss which due to its composition change color in accordance to lighting, from morning red over a fresh blue during the day to orange and purple in the evening. Another fascinating feature is a wall where various plants, mostly various clematises, in diverse colors of green, red and orange hide the stone and are creating a visage of infinity. Their flowers looks like lavenders with petals resembling those of chrysanthemum are adding to the immense beauty showing their heads in groups on the wall. Three corners of the garden are equally marked and hidden by big trees left there for young and restless students to give them escape route and equally a challenge for courageous climbers. Various smaller trees with delicate tracery of their branching and breathtaking colors of their leaves and flowers are adding to the immense beauty of this colorful garden.

Single man was sitting in the very center of that beauty contemplating his actions and decisions done. His whole life was a question. He spent last four years in this monastery climbing the tree he was too small to climb. But everything in his life was bigger than it should be, him included. For a Betazoid he was far too tall. For a mere farm kid he was far too powerful his mental powers. He was a farm kid who married a daughter of Seventh House, a Lady of great beauty and wisdom.

After training to become a Peacekeeper for four years he finally realized what it means and what his life should be if he finish this training. He was young and reckless, but many of his companions were equally young or even much younger. What was it he didn't know or was not ready to understand and accept? Sitting in this garden of peace, courage and beauty he couldn't concentrate but on its textures and smells, some almost overwhelming. He was supposed to meditate, but meditation was last thing on his mind.

The garden, his family, beautiful wife and their child. His biggest pride that one was, so calm, well educated, nice and good. Perfect gentleman, still little kid, but was growing into proper son of the noble house, completely unlike his reckless father. 'I must concentrate; if I fail here it will be failing of them. How to explain that to my little Gentlemen?' Charisse knew he is observed both physically and mentally by his testers and was fully aware they know how far from achieving the peace he was.

After battling with himself Charisse finally felt like being ready to concentrate. 'This garden is designed to disable us from concentrating to meditate. That's why it was used for final exam. He smirked and when felt ready and calm enough to start full meditation she appeared.

"Hello warrior!" Woman was standing tall, with rippling muscles, long flowing brown hair with curls, the face of the goddess. Her beauty rendered him unable to move his stare from the perfect body wearing a flowing tunic of silk. She stands on a rock facing the sunset, watching through Charisse.

His whole body was trembling watching this woman. Watching her he thought that any man would fight the world to stand by her side in battle, and yet quiver by her touch. "Who are you, what are you doing here? There are not supposed to be any women anywhere close this place. Go away.

She laughed at him with honest amusement. "Get ready warrior." And before he could do a thing she hit him with a mental blow that passed through all his protections like a hot knife through half melted butter. And that's what he was. Her beauty melted him and rendered almost defenseless, leaving him opened for her attack.

He was lying on his back feeling defenseless, his vision blurred of the pain in head she caused him. He was feeling her floral smell getting closer causing panic rise in his chest. Charisse reacted. Jumping on his feet he attacked her physically, expecting that his bigger body will provide him with strength to conquer her that way when was sure he cannot counteract mentally.

They fought. Every time it looked like the fight may end one way or another this woman was finding more strength to continue. Charisse was exhausted, but was not ready to give up. Not until he realized that for a good half an hour he's just prying her constant attacks his body and mind burning of exhaustion, while she was looking like playing with him.

'STOP, I beg you, stop!' Charisse dropped on the floor and cried. Woman, this warrior, just laughed at him again.

"So, you're ready to make your decision now?" She asked playfully. There was no sweat on her, not even a sign of it.

Unable to talk Charisse sent her a thought. 'You think I failed as Peacekeeper. Am I right, you are my final exam and I failed as a warrior for my people? I will never be more than farm boy who climbed too high for his level?' He dropped on his back with his eyes closed.

'If that's what you think…'

Charisse was angry, he opened his eyes and jumped on his feet and ended startled.

Instead of beautiful woman in front of him was standing his Mentor for last four years, old and grumpy Peacekeeper Ronnan. "So you made it!" He was looking utterly disappointed by the fact that his most hated student achieved what many didn't.

Charisse was surprised. But was at the same time sure about everything. He heard stories, but never believed them. He knew now that it was all in his mind and knew that woman he met was Fana, Goddess of nature. "No, I failed! Thank you for everything you taught me, but this is not for me."

Leaving his Mentor in awe, Charisse packed his belongings and returning his light blue uniform to his Mentor left the Monastery to return to his Family. 'I'll have to find another way…'

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Just to let everyone know, this entry did come in before the dealine was up, but I was asleep! Ensign Ocran couldn't start a new thread on the forum (we've all been there), so he mailled his entry onto the Challenger OOC list!

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Just to let everyone know, this entry did come in before the dealine was up, but I was asleep! Ensign Ocran couldn't start a new thread on the forum (we've all been there), so he mailled his entry onto the Challenger OOC list!

I read it and thought the headline would read

'Ensign can't post story, gets creative'

yay 5 stories!

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