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[Round 17] Definitely not anywhere near the rainbow


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((Definitely not anywhere near the rainbow))

:: It was teal again and it was soothing. After the pain that hit her Lea just didn’t feel like answering Tallis again and decided to rest even during the yes time. She was now for some time aware that it’s the time when Tallis is sleeping that her mind is aware, but only in last few days it occurred to her to can try and control the body. ::

:: And that was frightening experience. Not just the fact that she again have body, but MALE body. Oh that was.. different. It was shocking. Feeling those parts her body hadn’t was so incredible and strange that she run deep back into the deepest pit of his mind that even hearing him was hard for some time. ::

:: Mailea was always curious and couldn’t leave it like that, she had to investigate so after a few days trembling in a dark emerged and first touched the body with her mind and that was all right to the point. Well mind is powerful thing, so she left Tallis to wake up and deal with her misdeeds. ::

:: If you think that was bad, try to imagine his waking up when she decided to touch!... No comment. ::

:: He was now screaming at her and she was forced to respond. They decided it would be devastating for his career if she stays and they have to find a way to deal with a problem... and now it started to go toward a big one. ::

:: In a next few days they were trying few times a night to awake together. Mailea was tired and ready to give up and was honestly surprised Tallis who felt a physical pain, and she was aware of his pain since could remember it when awoke into his sleep, have a will to continue. ::

::At one point Lea started to think what is it that makes him wake up to her consciousness and to try and implement it as a way to wake her up into his. Then realized that that’s exactly what they are doing wrong. ::

:: Despite being guest she had equal influence on body as Tallis. So she started to try and learn to use body to control it and after some time when was able to do everything, even go to the toilette she called Tallis. ::

:: One thing she didn’t expect is for him to wake up and scream when she wake him up at the toilette. Since that kicked her so hard that ended again locked in the back of the consciousness next time she tried something gentler. ::

:: This time she just got him up from bed and not far from it, since knees were still itching from falling from toilette. ::

Labria: Tallis, don’t panic, please. Concentrate on me.

Tallis: ::Still half asleep:: Wuh? Concentrate on... where are you? I can't see you...

Labria: You don’t see me because we’re not in a dream; this is not imagined place in your head, but reality.

::He clutched at his head. It felt as if he was in the middle of a warp core breach.::

Tallis: My head... hurts so bad right now...

Labria: Yes, my head hurts, but it’s probably your head, not mine. I’m very tired, what is something I didn’t feel for a very long time and is probably how you feel not me. But this seem stable and I should be able to do it again.

Tallis: Do it again? You mean take control? I'm...

::She probably already knew where that thought was going, and that's why she continued calmly.::

Labria: I need you to go out and meet someone. Anyone will be ok, even if not someone we know, just a bystander I’ll be able to tell you more than can now!

Tallis: You want me to go out there with you, like this. I'll end up locked in the counselor’s office, and they'll never let me out again.

Labria: No, Sir no can do. If I leave it’ll mean that we have to do all this again. Or you can try and wake me. If you think it’s easier than enduring me watching you while getting changed I can leave.

Tallis: No. I'm not on duty so I don't have to go out in uniform. I'll just put his on.

::He staggered over to the seat near his bed. His robe hung over the back, and he picked it up, reeling against the pain in his head. Clutching it around himself, he trudged towards the door, bracing himself for the unwelcome sight of the light in the corridor.::


::Lea had been sitting in Tallis’s mind for weeks now. Sometimes it was painful, others it wasn't. Mostly it was. Very painful. Still, the times when it hurt the most was when she was "waking up", as Tallis had called it. For want of a better term, that one was making do. When she was "awake", she would often talk to him, and it had become apparent that she was sharing his senses. Up until now it had only been for very short periods of time, but today she had "woken" three times already, and Tallis was in the middle of getting changed.::

Tallis: Eyes on the road, not on the goods.

Labria: And where to look, the top of your nose?

Tallis: Good place, yes.

:: Tallis started to change and Lea did exactly as told to, only problem is that eyes looking were in Tallis's body and she looked the top of his nose when he was putting on trousers. It made him nauseas and he fell hard on his knees... OK, it hurt her, too... enough! ::

:: Next day in a shower Lea did her best to stay away, for some time now she was able to wake into Tallis's waking times and be able to talk to him normally without a pain or any other nuisance. She was thinking of everything she could to take her mind off the shower, but her curiosity made her look and when Tallis dropped the sight she yelled. ::

Labria: oO Wow, I imagined it completely different. Oo

:: Tallis was incensed, not to mention embarrassed. ::

Tallis: I heard that! What the hell do you think you're doing!?

Tallis: It's difficult enough that my brain feels like it's tearing itself apart every time you turn up, let alone me having no privacy. Soon I'll be having second thoughts every time I go to the toilet!

Labria: That is absolutely great. I had no idea doing it is so intense feeling for you males. No wonder... :: But again as many times before he changed subject when she started conversation of such a personal matter. What surprised her was his next question. ::

Tallis: Anyway, what did you mean, you imagined it completely different?

Labria: Well, I thought it might have been, well bigger, and...aaa :: But before she could proceed he jumped in almost yelling. ::

Tallis: NO! I've changed my mind, I don't want to hear it.

::He leapt out of the sonic shower, being very careful not to look at any mirrors, and fumbled for a towel.::

Tallis: Well, you'll be pleased to hear, I've decided.

Labria: Yeeeees?

Tallis: I've decided that you're probably right. If you're in my mind then there's no reason you can't come back out again. I know I'm not insane, so the only thing that's left is that we need to go find someone and tell them you're around. Then they can do something about this, and I can start my long, long... long course of therapy to ever be able to take a shower again without closing my eyes.

Labria: OK, I have a hunch, but even with everything we can find in Federation databases it’ll be hard to confirm. Go and check. I’ll give you passwords for Vulcan academy database....

::Tallis was incredulous.::

Tallis: Won't they think it's a bit strange that an officer who has been confirmed dead is logging into the system?

Labria: No, I don’t think so. Even if someone there will check I don’t think anyone will go to extent and try to confirm my death. I’m sure they don’t know yet.

Tallis: ::Sighing.:: OK. What do I need to look at?

Labria: So, check Katra and fal-tor-pan.

:: When they read everything they could and tested what they could without making things worse they concluded that’s it. Now only thing was to get her body from freezer in mediplex and find a Vulcan high priest. Easy task, both of them... yeeeees! The hardest task would be to persuade Doctor Reid that this was a good plan. Tallis hoped that his recently awakened empathic powers might allow him to confirm that his Second Officer hadn't lost his mind...::

This sim is a JP

Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul

Second Officer/Chief of Operations

USS Challenger



Ensign Nimue Aline

Helm Officer

USS Ronin NCC-34523

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OK, I'm reading this third time, and still cannot figure out what it was supposed to say to me... to anyone - sorry?! Can you, please explain?

Hey not fair - sentence was so cutely strange, I loved it - no editing... - now I get it, OK!

JUST A NOTE - this sim have in a posted version one open TAG, but it is there accidentally, that is not a tag, it is just simply removed in final version.

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