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[Round 17] The Battle for Sickbay

Kali Nicholotti

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(OOC - I have filled in any open tags in this sim to make it flow. I have included the signatures of all writers at the end of the sim.)

((Jen Malcolm's quarters))

::Jen had changed into a fresh uniform, and was looking forward to meeting the new medical staff that had come aboard from SB 118. As she walked down the hallway her commbadge chirped, something that always promised excitement::

Nicholotti: =/\= Sickbay to Doctor Malcolm. =/\=

Malcolm: =/\= Malcolm here =/\=

Nicholotti: =/\= I need you in sickbay as soon as you can be here. =/\=

::She recognized Nicholotti's voice and was a bit concerned with the other doctor's exasperated tone.::

Malcolm =/\= Is there a problem?=/\=

Nicholotti: =/\= Something is very wrong with the holographic doctor. =/\=

::In sickbay, the EMH appeared in front of her right then and leaned in towards Kali’s chest.::

EMH (to malcolm):=/\=No it's not. Everything is fine here. We're fine. We're all fine, here now, thank you. How are you? =/\=

::Kali pushed him away and the image faded once more.::

Nicholotti: =/\= I think I'll call engineering too. See you in a minute. =/\=

Malcom: =/\= On my way =/\=

((Sickbay, USS Victory))

::Kali looked at the contents of the shelves now resting in various directions on the floor. The sheer time wasted was testing the final nerve she had. She silently hoped that it was something that could be fixed quickly, because they couldn't operate effectively with a crazy hologram running amuck.::

Nicholotti: =/\=Sickbay to Ensign Tali. =/\=

Tali: =/\= Ensign Tali here. Go ahead. =/\=

Nicholotti: =/\= We seem to have a broken holographic doctor. Can you come take a look at it? =/\=

Tali: =/\= Certainly Lt I'll see you there. =/\=

Nicholotti: =/\=That would be great. It's really bad, so the sooner you get here, the better. =/\=

Tali: =/\= Understood. Tali out. =/\=

::As the comm link closed, the hologram appeared again on top of one of the biobeds. He slowly flapped his arms and moved his head much like that of an earth chicken. To her side, the doors to sickbay opened revealing yet another doctor.::

Nicholotti: Watch out, the EMH has just gone insane.

::Kali wasn't afraid of him, but she was highly annoyed at the situation. Her cynicism shone through the sarcastic and condescending statement.::

Ijinia: Oh come now, everybody is just a little bit insane.

::As if on cue, he jumped down from the biobed and made a show of tiptoeing towards the ensign.::

EMH: Hello. Perhaps you will be more fun that the tall one over there. ::He laughed and jumped back, holding his hand out to her.:: Care to dance?

Ijinia: Ah well I don't exactly know how....

EMH: Sheesh, all of you are so...::The image faded again.::

Nicholotti: Sorry. ::She frowned.:: Dr. Malcolm and Engineering are on their way.

::Kali leaned back on the wall and waited for everyone to arrive, hoping that her patience would last that long. Once again the EMH appeared and sat on one of the biobeds strumming an imaginary guitar while singing 'The Wheels on the Bus'...::

::Jen entered what she had expected to be a well-stocked, organized and relatively empty Sickbay. The room was relatively empty; however it had taken on the appearance of some deranged kindergarten, with supplies strewn across the floor, and the EMH perched on a biobed singing a child's tune. Nicholotti completed the picture, looking for all purposes like the haggard teacher::

Malcolm: Dr. Nicholotti?

::Before the other woman had a chance to respond the EMH noticed her and hopped off of the bed:::

EMH: oh dear! You certainly are sick!

::Jen watched in stunned fascination as the EMH skipped across the room to her. He grabbed her face in his hands and peered into her eyes.:::

EMH: ::shaking his head:: yes, yes. just awful. ::pressing his thumbs into her cheeks:: and I've never seen such bad skin!

Malcolm: ::looking over at Nicholotti while still in the hands of the EMH::: I see what you mean.

Nicolotti: He just gets worse.

::The EMH released her and skipped across the room again to the medical supplies. He began organizing them into little pyramids while humming 'Happy Birthday' to himself.

Malcolm: How long has he been doing this?

Nicholotti: For about a half hour now...or, since I got in this morning.

EMH: You know, you could've wished me a happy birthday. I would only be polite! ::He slid a hypo across the room:: Here, I think you were looking for this.

Nicholotti: How about putting it where it belongs? Would that kill you?

Malcolm: ::taking a tentative step toward him:: Um, why don't you put those back where they belong?

EMH: Oh for the last time...THEYAREWHERETHEYBELONG! ::He phased out for a moment.::

::Jen retreated back toward Nicholotti and Ijinia.::

EMH: Please state the nature of the fashion emergency. Geez, you all should get out more. You all have the same thing on. ::Throwing his hands in the air, he retreated to the other side of the room.::

Malcolm: well, let's just hope no one comes in for a physical.

::Kali half laughed. It would be their luck that this had to happen on the day that they were receiving most of their crew. She was sure that there would be plenty of people in for their physicals sometime soon. She silently hoped that Ensign Tali would be there soon. The EMH dissolved once again and poofed back into existence in front of Malcolm.::

EMH: What? The more the merrier. I like my sickbay full of people.

Malcolm: Sorry to disappoint you, but this is my Sickbay. And I prefer having the equipment where we we aren't going to break our necks on it.

EMH: It doesn't matter how you like your sickbay, because this one is mine. ::He put his hands on his hips and glared at her.::

::Jen copied his pose::

Malcolm: No, it's mine.

EMH: No, it's mine. I was here first. I claimed this area of the ship in my name. I'm sure I have the deed on holotape somewhere if you would like to review it.

Malcolm: :::huffing::: I can't believe I'm having a fight with with a lunatic hologram!

EMH: I called dibs. It's mine. That's it.

::The holographic image retreated to the other side of the room again ignoring anything else she said.::

Nicholotti: It's like fighting with a brick wall, only he talks back. ::She sighed.::

::Turning, Kali began to clean up part of the mess that had accumulated near the bulkheads. The EMH seemed content to practice handstands against the wall near the far side of the room while the three doctors stayed relatively close together on the other side. It was odd to her, that suddenly their EMH would be on the fritz. Still in the end it would probably end up being a spec of dust on some super sensitive chip that was positioned far inside the center of the ship. That's how it usually worked in the military anyways. She smiled. At least life in Starfleet never changed.::

::Lost in thought, she didn't realize that the holographic doctor had come up behind her and began pulling down what she had just picked up. He bumped her while he was moving from the shelf to the floor and she spun towards him again.::

EMH: You know what? I am really getting tired of cleaning up after you people. I think you should respect how I want my sickbay.

Nicholotti: But it isn't yours you moron. You are a hologram, search your memory banks for information on that. ::She stopped picking up the floor and simply stood with her hands on her hips.::

EMH: Right. Me hologram, you, homo sapien. Very good. Our next class will be on alien species.

::Kali half growled, half roared at him in exasperation. Not only had this tested her nerves, but it seemed to have no end. She retreated to the alcove near the entrance and leaned back against the wall to await the arrival of their engineering friend.::

::Jen walked over to a computer console::

Malcolm: Why can't we just turn him off?

Nicholotti: Because he just comes back.

::It seemed his phasing in and out was totally random thus far.::

::The EMH phased into appearance beside her and pinched her sides, causing her to jump and yelp as he tickled her:::

EMH: Well, Miss Smarty Pants! I see you learned a few things in your medical classes. But I think you should just stay away from my computer

::Jen raised her eyebrows and wondered if she should bother arguing with him until she was spared by the arrival of Tali:::

::Elya arrived and looked in disbelief at the EMH, who was currently attempting to jump between two rather distant biobeds. Despite

repeated failures, he was constantly reappearing on the original bed to try again. Looking around, she spotted Kali and Ijinia leaning

impatiently against the wall watching this spectacle.::

Tali: ::setting down her pack:: Hmmm... I thought by "broken EMH" you intended to say a holo-emitter was malfunctioning, or something to

that effect.

Nicholotti: I wish it was that easy. Actually, can we break the holo emitter?

EMH: ::materializing just over Elya's shoulder:: I don't believe we've met - it's a pleasure to meet you - who are you again? ... Do you

enjoy dancing?

::Elya flinched away from the hologram and walked over to a console::

Elya: That's strange, the holographic matrices appear to have been severely damaged four or five times over the last few days... ::Elya

hesitated, noting that one of the inexplicable events coincided almost perfectly with the admiral's disappearance.:: I would suggest that someone has been tampering with the EMH, but the modifications seem entirely random. It's impressive programming that the EMH's matrices reestablished at all in fact.

EMH: Why thank you I pride myself on ...

Elya: ::ignoring the EMH and turning back to Kali:: Unfortunately I don't think repairs will be possible in this condition... our best

option until I figure out what is happening would be to revert him to a few days ago before this started.

Malcolm: If he'd let us get near the computer.

Nicholotti: If only. ::She sighed as she looked out across the mess throughout the entire bay, and the hologram that was only getting worse.::

JP by:

Ensign Jen Malcolm, MD

Chief Medical Officer

USS Victory


Lt. Kali Nicholotti, MD

Medical Officer

USS Victory

As simmed by Lt. Ash MacKenna

With appearances by:

Ensign Elya Tali

Engineering Officer


Ensign Adani Ijinia, MD

Medical Officer


"Mark" the EMH Mark II

Holographic Doctors

As simmed by the Medical Department

All of the USS Victory

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Haha, I quite enjoyed that. There were a few anxious moments when I was a bit worried the EMH might become dangerous, but that's all part of what makes it a page turner, or rather, page scroller.

Nice job, Victory crew! :harry: (I like that emoticon more than the thumbs up one...)

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