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[Round 16] The First Kiss


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(( TacticalOffice USS Victory ))

::James was sitting in his office dreamingabout the forthcoming evening with Tressa when his commbadge chirped.::

Tressa: =/\= Ensign Tressa to EnsignCooper... =/\=

Cooper: ::Tapping the commbadge:: =/\=Cooper here,go ahead.=/\= ::Her call brought a wide smile to his face, as always.::

Tressa: =/\= Heya, it's me, still up forsome lunch? =/\=

Cooper:=/\=Hi, yes I can meet you, and make yousomething if you like?=/\=

Tressa: =/\=Sounds good! :: she paused :: Wouldyou like to meet my tribble, Fang? =/\=

Cooper:=/\= Sure, I would like to meet Fang. I canmake some white rice, with vegetables. =/\=

Tressa: =/\= Perfect! Meet you at my quarters in,say, 20 minutes? =/\=

Cooper: ::Smiling.:: =/\=See you in twenty. Cooperout.=/\=

::James stands and walks out of the office to theturbolift and to deck four to his quarters.::

((Deck Four, USS Victory))

::James rushed into his quarters and took a quickshower. He needed it after the busy day he had, fast changed into a cleanuniform and exited his quarters turning left toward the Tressa's quarters tomeet her for lunch.::

::Tressa jumped off the turbo lift, and headed forher quarters a big smile on her face. She slowed as her door came into view...James wasn't here yet.::

::Heading toward her quarters James spots herwalking down the passageway with her pale blonde hair, like an angel's. As hegets closer the smell of her perfume reminds him of the day in the garden. Hesmiles widely, walks up behind her silently trying not to scare her.::

Cooper: Hello, pretty one. ::He takes her lefthand gently into his and kisses it softly.::

:: Tressa spun at the sound of James' voice hemust have been right behind her. She smiled softly as he took her hand andkissed it. She felt a shiver course through her; his lips were so very soft onher hand. She smiled up him softly, temporarily lost for words.::

Cooper: How has your day been so far? :: He askedwith a gentle smile.::

Tressa: Good. Quiet. I suspect we'll be a lotbusier once we're out of dock again. How has your day been?

Cooper: Yeah I had interesting day so far, so isthe white rice, and vegetables ok?

:: She laughed softly, remembering his insistencethat he would remember her 'no meat diet'.::

Tressa: It's perfect. Come on, I'll find Fang foryou.

:: She reached out and gently took James' hand,and headed into her quarters, with the tactical officer in tow. She cast an eyearound for the room for the tan colored ball of fuzz. Finally finding him inthe replicator. James follows her in to her quarters, and walks over to meetFang.::

Tressa: :: Laughing as she picked up the tribbleand passed it to James:: He's pretty smart for a tribble, he knows that foodcomes from the replicator.::

Cooper: Hello Fang, ::James holds the Tribble inhis hands, and pets it.:: I just wanted to ask did he tried to order some food?::The tribble cooed as it sniffed the new individual.::

Tressa: ::Laughingagain.:: Fortunately, replicators don't understand Tribble, otherwise I wouldhave a big problem, or more specifically, lots of little ones. ::Smilingat James.:: Would you like something to drink? ::She moved back over tothe replicator.::

Cooper: Green tea for me please.

Tressa: One icoberry juice and Green tea.

:: She took the drinks and wandered back to James,handing his drink to him with a soft smile, pausing a moment, smiling up at himand taking a sip of her juice. Tressa looked into his green eyes, and memoriesof the garden came back to her. She was so... 'aware' of his presence, in theroom at that moment; in the silence which was only broken by the sound of Fangcooing softly from his perch in James' spare hand. It was like the room wasspace, large, quiet... and James

a sun, making everything else around dull bycomparison... She was blissfully caught in his gravitational pull, not afraidof being burnt, more anticipating it... ::

Tressa: ::smiling:: Did you want to cook, orshall we settle with replicated meals?

Cooper: I happen to like cooking real food; it isone of my passions. But since I can only get the replicated things for rightnow, is that ok?

Tressa: Of course.

::James gives Fang to her and walks over to thereplicator, processes the white cooked rice, carrots, mushrooms, and broccoli.He walks over to the small cooker that she has and replicates a pot full ofwater. Adding the mixture into the pot he starts it to boil. He looks over tosee Tressa holding Fang, drinking her juice. He looks down to see that the foodis cooking and moving along nicely. He walks over to her, and gazes into hereyes.::

:: Tressa watched James move around the room,smiling over the rim of her cup. In her hand Fang trembled at the smell of thecooking vegetables and rice. The tribble squealed impatiently, before settlinginto contented cooing as Tressa cuddled him. When James moved over to her shelooked up, directly into his eyes. ::

Cooper: Tressa, would you like to go out on adate, with me? ::He looks over to check the simmering food then looks back toher. He takes his left hand and touches her face gently.::

:: Between the invitation to go on an €˜official'date, the look in his eyes and the gentle touch of his hand, Tressa could feelherself melting. Smiling, she tilted her head into his touch, lifting her handto cup his, pressing it against her face.::

Tressa: :: Looking back into his eyes,keeping her hand on his :: I would love to.

Cooper: ::Smiles.:: After the nebula, would youlike to go riding with me on Necromancer tonight?

Tressa: ::Blinking in surprise.:: I've neverdone horse riding. Is it hard?

Cooper: Not really, I will be right behind you aswe ride. Once you get used to riding with me, I will let you ride Stardust. Mymother's horse, she is gentle, and the best to learn on.

Tressa: ::smiling:: I'll try nearlyanything once. I'm sure it'll be fun.

Cooper: ::Smiling.:: Yes it will, because we willbe together. Like it was destined to be.

:: Tressa's face softened... Her heart skipped abeat... ::

::Jameswalks back to the replicator, to order plates, and forks for the both of them.He walks over to the small cooker, and portions out the food for them. Carryingthe food over to the small table, placing them down. He pulls out a chair forher, and helps her get closer to the table.::

::Tressalooked at the generous serving of food in front of her, glancing up at Jameswith a smile.::

Tressa: Shall we?

Cooper: ::Looking at her beauty that radiates likea exploding sun.:: Yes.

:: Dipping her fork into the delicious smellingmeal she eagerly popped it into her mouth, savoring the taste. The man couldcertainly cook! She had just taken her second mouthful when her commbadgechirped. ::

MacKenna: =/\= Lieutenant MacKenna to EnsignTressa. =/\=

:: Hurriedly swallowing her rice she hit hercommbadge; she had a bad feeling about the Lieutenants sudden call.::

Tressa: =/\= Ensign Tressa here; everythingalright Lieutenant? =/\=

MacKenna: =/\=Looks like I'm going to have to cutyour lunch short. We have a big job that needs to get done now. =/\=

:: Her face fell as her suspicion was confirmed.Though at the same time she was aware of the urgency in the Lieutenantsvoice.::

Tressa: =/\= Understood. =/\=

MacKenna: =/\= I'm on my way to the lab now. I'llsee you there.=/\=

Tressa: =/\= I'm on my way. Ensign Tressaout. =/\=

:: She lingered a moment, before standing andlooking over at James ::

Tressa: ::Her voice tinged with regret.:: I'msorry James, I have to go€¦

Cooper: Duty calls. We will have time soon.

Tressa: ::Lowering her head, shaking itslightly.:: So far it would seem anytime we manage to get alone, I have to runsomewhere. :: She thought back to the Mess Hall and laughed slightly.::

Cooper: It's ok. We are in Starfleet, remember?

:: She looked at the beautiful meal, barelytouched, and sighed. She picked it up and placed it in the replicator, watchingit disappear ::

Tressa: ::Looking back at James.:: I'm sorry I can'tfinish it, I can't leave it lying around with Fang waiting to pounce on it,either.

Cooper: That's fine, I will get some real food tocook next time.

Tressa: We have a little more time... we can headto the turbolift together, and there's tonight :: She smiled.::

Cooper: ::Smiling.:: Yes there is always tonight.

:: With a final glance around her quarters to makesure there wasn't any food lying around, Tressa left with James, walking justclose enough to him to allow her hand to brush his occasionally. Arriving atthe lift she stepped in and called out her destination as James called outhis.::

Tressa: Deck Eight

Cooper: Deck 6

Tressa: ::As the lift arrived at James'stop.:: I'm sorry, again. It sounds important. ::She grinned at him.:: Weare, after all, Starfleet Officers and we have jobs to do.

Cooper: Yes, and it is the life we wanted or wewould not have entered.

:: Her face softened as she looked at him ::

Tressa: :: As he was leaving the lift :: James?

Cooper: ::Turning to her.:: Yes?

:: She paused, feeling suddenly very nervous;pushing the feeling aside she smiled at him.::

Tressa: ::Holding out her hand.:: Come here for asecond

:: Tressa waited until he took her hand, thenstepped forward so she was closer to him. She gently placed his hand on herlower back and let her hand trace along his arm, over his shoulder finallyresting it behind his neck. Tressa used her hand to guide him toward her, herheart pounding with nervousness. Once he was close enough, she stood on hertoes and placed a quick, gentle kiss on his lips. She lowered herself slightly,lingering close to him, wanting to wrap her

arms around him, hold him close and kiss him€¦really kiss him.::

Tressa: ::Her voice barely above awhisper.:: Just wanted to give you that.

Cooper: ::Taking her in his arms gently, andlifting her off her feet, giving her a soft, meaningful kiss. Then placing herback on her feet.:: I have been wanting to do that since I first saw you.Tressa, you are beautiful.

:: Tressa's heart was beating so fast her chestfelt numb. The feeling quickly spread to the rest of her body. She looked upinto his green eyes, lost for words for the second time that day. She feltsomething, a new feeling as she looked at him.. it was overwhelming... Reachingup, she touched his face, tracing around his tattoo with her finger.::

Tressa: :: softly :: Thank you, James. :: Shewanted to say something more, something sweet, meaningful... but found she wasat a loss for words.::

Cooper: ::Leaving the Turbolift smiling.:: See youlater tonight if you can make the nebula let me know. If not that I will takeyou for that ride.

Tressa: :: smiling :: I look forward to it.

:: Without either of them blocking the doors, theturbo lift closed and rushed toward its next destination. Tressa leaned againstthe wall of the turbolift with a contented sigh, her heart still beating amillion light years a minute.::

JP By:

Ensign James Cooper

Chief Tactical Officer

USS Victory


Ensign Tressa

Science Officer

USS Victory

Edited by Nimue
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Throughout the sim there was some strange signs, one of them was not recognized by my Word when I copied the document in it, so I had to replace it myself. The sign is €¦ and in some cases seem like comma and in some like full stop. I'd like authors to check the sim as is posted here and see is it correct as they posted it, if not to repost it with correct signs.

The sim is two parter and is posted on a group here:



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Hiya Nimue!

Wow, top sim contest? :: blush :: I didn't think it was *that* great a sim. But thanks for the complement

I did read over it, it looks fine. The symbols only seem to appear after it is posted to yahoo groups, so I'm not sure what the deal is with those :P


Edited by Tressa
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I get those formatting errors all the time in my posts to yahoo. I think if you are using Microsoft Word or Google Docs to write your sims you need to make sure you highlight the entire sim and hit 'clear formatting'.

That will take care of the odd symbols.

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