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[Round 16] The Ethics of Command

Ilene Torza

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((USS Achilles - Bridge))

Thetis: If you'd like, I can certainly address the problem myself if the Independence were to drop her shields.

Thelev: Thank you but no, Tess. I remember your 'solutions' well enough. Relay the information to Commander Whale, we already have security teams en route to the Indy.

::A puzzled look crossed her face.::

Thetis: I'm not sure what you mean about 'my solutions,' Commander. I fail to see the utility in possibly losing valuable personnel and allowing damage to important machinery when other methods present themselves. Isn't a Commanding Officer's duty first and foremost to his or her crew?

::Jhen narrowed his dark eyes.::

Thelev: Don't try to lecture me, Thetis. My first duty is to preserve life. All life. Last time you beamed a group of Grendellai out into space - you murdered them. That is NOT happening again, not on my watch.

::The blonde woman's left eyebrow went up slightly.::

Thetis: That was no more murder than a phaser-bIast from a security officer. However, I guess it's your call. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to write letters to families.

::She turned her back on him and looked at the view screen, her arms crossed behind her. This time Jhen closed his eyes for a second. Letters... he'd lost count of the amount of letters he'd had to write as Chief of Ops on the Ronin. After their conflicts with the Grendellai, after the incident with the prototype fighters, after Rakis... Writing to families of strangers to let them know what had happened to their sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, to tell them that their loved ones would never come home again. His anger had been simmering for a while, stoked by his impotence at the current situation. Tess's words had the same effect as pouring petrol onto embers. ::

Thelev: ::eyes snapping open, angry:: You're [...] right it's my call, Thetis. You might dress yourself like a Starfleet officer but you'll never be one. You you know the words 'duty' and 'service' but you don't understand their meaning.

::The woman turned back around, her hands going to her hips.::

Thetis: Duty and service? I don't know what they are? I've been through things that would leave you gibbering in the warm dark safety of your cozy little room. I'm just as much a Starfleet officer as you are… maybe more.

::She stepped closer, pointing at the Andorian's chest.::

Thetis: When you get to retire, guess what I get to do? I keep GOING. I don't get to run away.

Thelev: A bunch of computer codes, pretending to be alive, nothing more, and you make me sick.

::She shrugged, stepping back.::

Thetis: Sick? Funny… I've dealt with worse officers than you and I don't feel sick at all.

::The holographic woman began fading out like the Cheshire Cat.::

Thetis: I'm sorry you chose to make a fool of yourself in front of your bridge crew. All sound and fury…

::The avatar's face disappeared. Jhen was on his feet now, fuming.::

Thelev: Townson! You have the Bridge. I'll be in the computer core. With a large spanner.


Cmdr. Jhen Thelev

Acting CO

USS Achilles



USS Achilles

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