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[Round 16] "Hear My Voice, Know My Face!"


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((Gamma Draconis 7 / Surface near Away Team))

::I am nothing. I am nothing anymore. It all was once so bright and

full of potential. Now it is but a grim reminder of days past. One can

never return to what once was. Its effects are particularly

devastating when they are incomplete.::

Grannack: Conplutore, acesece grsriddsrdid

::My words no longer make sense to me. My comprehension once limited

only by existential quandaries of doubt has now more in common with

the average rock. When they came I was first against the wall because

of my position in the community. The community has been reduced to

collapsing ruins and starving victims. Is there no hope of reversing

our condition? No hope in all the hours spent researching? All those

hours without a shred of evidence that this fate worse than death is

not irreversible?::

((OOC: This Invernian is one of the unfortunate few who were devolved

before the process could be perfected. His mind is trapped in a

disintegrating pattern and he is quickly losing what knowledge he once

possessed. Right now he's milling about maybe 50 meters behind the

other stumbling dying Invernians.))

::It might be a long shot but I do not believe I have any other type

left. I cannot think clearly nor can I speak properly. I fear my

faculties fall prey to the dastardly effects of my recent encounter

with them. I cannot tell if the blurring Orange, Blue and Gold are

anything more than by products of my fateful delirium. I hope my last

attempt at conscious thought breaks through to them. If the others are

in a fate worse than I then perhaps there is hope I can be singled out

from the group. These Invernians have devolved past the use of tools,

but I have no tools to use. Except this rock. Now Orange, Blue and

Gold see how my shaky burned hands lift this rock from the ground.

Notice my careful grip on it, I look to you colours and then to the

wall. I hold this rock to represent myself and my people. We have been

violated in a way worse than death. This rock, crumbling slowly in my

hands, my hands crumble slowly in front of you. Please I beg, know me

for more than my deathly appearance! The content of my character calls

out to you before it becomes of no use to anyone.::

Administrator Grannack


Status: Barely Here

written by

LT Thomas Gregory

Chief of Operations

USS Ronin NCC-34523

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