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[Round 10] Lt.Cmdr. Della Vetri/Lt.Cmdr. T'Lea - Union


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((USS Constitution-B - T'Lea's Quarters))

:: Pink. The color was everywhere.::

:: Wrong quarters? Maybe. Did she care? Nope.::

:: Disgusting pink glared so brightly in T'Lea's face that she literally had to cover her eyes, and in doing so she almost missed the fact that Sylak, a full-blooded Vulcan male was standing in the room waiting patiently for her.::

:: Her first response to him should have been, "what the frak are you doing here?" followed by a swift boot out of the front door, but T'Lea could hardly form a thought let alone a polite sentence::

Sylak: T'Lea. I am here to answer your call. ::[...]ing a Vulcan brow at her demeanor:: Blood fever runs high in you. Why have you not yet taken a bond-mate?

T'Lea: Frakking Trill, THAT'S WHY!

:: Using the wall to guide her into her bedroom, she could hardly stomach all the pink in her quarters. Had Sylak done this to woo her? Pink, carpet. Pink drapes. Pink paint on the walls. Pink sofa. Pink shelves. Pink miniature tea set to replace her dinner table. Pink pumpkin carriage/bed-thingy in her bedroom. It was a big massive pink nightmare!!::

Sylak: Hmm. perhaps I may be of assistance. I have a proposal to make.

:: One hand clinging to the door way in her bedroom, T'Lea's head hung low as if giving up the fight for the bond-mate she desired. As Sylak spoke calmly and logically she listened with what was left of her Vulcan mind, and then accepted his offer.::

((Not much later))

:: Emerging from the nauseatingly pink bedroom, Sylak was fully clothed and pulling around his outer Vulcan robe when the front door opened to emit a rather shocked looking Trill woman. Nodding her way, Sylak tied the robe off.::

Sylak: Greetings. I have finished. You may enter.

Vetri: What the... She's finally flipped, hasn't she?

Sylak: ::furrowing his Vulcan brow at the woman:: Flipped? No, there was no flipping involved. I was very careful with her. I am a professional, after all.

:: Dragging her eyes off of the drastically changed decor, Della finally noticed the fact that the Vulcan was calmly rearranging his clothing. Combined with the words that had just come out of his mouth, this did not go down well. Without thinking at all, she snapped out with a foot, scoring a distressingly well-aimed kick that only missed castration by a milimeter.::

:: Grabbing a handful of Sylak's hair as he went down, she dragged his head up to look at her as her voice slipped into a thoroughly unfriendly hiss.::

Vetri: Careful with *what*?

:: Caught completely by surprise with Della's response, Sylak's pain sensors nearly went atomic the instant he was struck. The uncomfortable pulling of his hair and his arched neck paled in comparison to what was happening elsewhere. Still, as a pureblooded Vulcan it didn't take long to purge the horrible aggression he had been dealt.::

Sylak: ::looking up at the woman:: Neuropressure. Intended to subdue. The symptoms. Of. Plak tow.

:: By the sound of his chopped speech perhaps the pain wasn't completely purged.::

:: For a long, dangerous moment, there was no reaction at all, then every shred of hostility in Della's attitude simply vanished without warning.::

Vetri: Really? That was probably a good idea. ::releasing his hair and letting him slump to the deck:: You might want to go get that seen to.

:: Humming cheerfully to herself, she ambled over to the bedroom door, pausing to look over her shoulder at him.::

Vetri: Go on, shoo.

:: The only reason he was still hanging around was because he couldn't quite move yet, and Sylak was going to warn the woman that the neuropressure didn't work. She would find that out soon enough, he thought stumbling toward the exit.::

:: Confident that he'd taken the hint, Della slipped through the door, coming to a sharp halt when the scene revealed hit her.::

:: A fairytale princess bedroom awaited, complete with matching castle-shaped dresser, nightstand and frilly lamp with dangling tassels. T'Lea's bed had been replaced with a big round pumpkin-shaped bed that doubled as a royal carriage. The walls were adorned with unicorn and rainbow wallpaper. A magic mirror was set to one side. And last but not least the entire floor was covered in a hideous furry pink carpet.::

:: Amidst all the atrocities of pink, T'Lea paced the fuzzy floor in her bare feet, tightly wrapped in - you guessed it - a pink fluffy robe, mumbling incoherent thoughts and death threats to nobody in particular. Crossing to the window she balled a fist and pounded violently on the glass several times trying to break it, trying to escape the insanity threatening her mind. The sedative was subsiding and her strength was returning enough to cause her hand discomfort as she repeatedly hit the thick window. The only reason she stopped pummeling the glass was because she happened to see the reflection that her fist was slamming into.::

:: Opening her hand she put her palm against the faint image in the glass, and leaned her forehead into it. Crazily enough she may have been trying to meld with the reflection. And crazily enough it was kind of beautiful, set against the backdrop of the planet they were orbiting.::

T'Lea: ::softly:: Della. k'hat'n'dlawa.

:: Accepting the ghostly image in the window as another stage of blood fever, T'Lea squeaked her sweaty little hand off the glass and turned, planting her back against the window just as Della spoke.::

Vetri: I thought you were staying with Ben'thal?

:: Anger. Joy? Possibly a strange mix of the two coursed through T'Lea's veins. Plastering her body against the window, fingers digging into the glass, big fuzzy pink robe contrasting against the heat burning in her eyes, T'Lea held herself still with whatever will-power she had left.::

:: One word was all she could manage to answer with.::

T'Lea: ::gruff:: No.

Vetri: Good. I've *finally* had a chance to think, and now I've got something to say - and you're frakking well going to listen without whining.

T'Lea: ::grinding her teeth:: You shouldn't be here. ::backing harder into the glass as Della approached:: Don't-

:: The little piece of T'Lea that wanted to protect the Trill from *herself* was overruled, and the rest of her sentence, "don't come any closer", died in her throat.::

:: Crossing the fairly short distance that separated them, Della took hold of T'Lea's hand, lifting it to place a kiss softly on her palm before resting it against her cheek.::

Vetri: Yes.

:: The gesture, small and sweet, everything T'Lea wasn't right now, shocked the hybrid's system into a near mental meltdown when Della's lips touched her hand. And if that wasn't enough of a mind-blowing cataclysm, the placement of T'Lea's hand dangerously close to melding position on Della's face had the hybrid's brain defaulting back to scared-stupid.::

:: With her hand lightly pressed against Della's cheek, and a few puzzled blinks later, one word tumbled out of T'Lea's mouth in a stupor of dumbness.::

T'Lea: Huh?

Vetri: ::exasperated:: Oh, for... Hello! What have you been bugging me about all day!?!

:: A more aware and more serious look set in T'Lea's eyes, and she snapped up the woman's face in both hands bringing her to within an inch of passion, or death.::

T'Lea: You accept?

:: With a crooked smile, Della rolled her eyes at the intensity in the other woman's voice.::

Vetri: Duh...

T'Lea: ::unbelieving:: Do not frak with me Trill.

Vetri: Wasn't plannin' on it.

:: Holding back a tidal wave of emotion, T'Lea roughly lifted Della's hand to her face and hurried to place it in the proper melding position as she did the same. Frantically rampaging through old memories the hybrid dug deep in the recesses of her cluttered mind to come up with the correct words for the bonding and marriage ritual. Even though she was still suffering a torrential downpour of emotion, getting this right and proper was more important than anything right now, even her own health. And that only verified again that she was too messed up to realize how poorly thought out that thought really was. Still, this bonding wasn't about adolescent curiosity, or an accidentally forged union. This was pon farr. Her first. She had reached the age of maturity. And this was about fulfilling something much deeper than she could have ever imagined.::

T'Lea: ::wringing out the words:: T'Lea, daughter of Keros and Raivus, I am prepared for bonding. ::groaning at the rising flame inside, a flame as unforgiving as the Vulcan lava pits:: Della Vetri, daughter of.

:: Her mind completely drew a big honkin' blank, which showed so clearly on her face that Della was almost tempted to smile.::

Vetri: Lyssa and Roget.

T'Lea: Are you prepared for bonding?

:: And that was the question, wasn't it? If she'd ever really considered pairing up with someone for keeps again, this sure wasn't how she would have imagined it. Thing was... now the moment was upon her, Della couldn't really imagine being anywhere else. Carefully taking a breath, and trying real hard to keep her voice calm and level, she managed a coherent answer.::

Vetri: I am.

:: Ignoring the abnormally fast beating heart in her chest and build-up of anticipation, the hybrid's hand gently shook against Della's face. Now was the burden of T'Lea's own body and mind reaching a climax of being at odds with each other. Suddenly it felt like the entire weight of the planet Vulcan threatened to crush her if she didn't quench the fire.::

T'Lea: ::racing through the words quickly and out of breath:: Repeat after me. Kashkau -- wuhkuh eh teretuhr -- Estuhn wi ri estuhn -- k'wuhli wi ri k'wuhli.

:: With an odd sense of calm that was totally at odds with what she could feel radiating off of T'lea like a furnace, Della did as she was told. The words felt strange as she said them, Vulcan not sitting especially easily on her tongue, but she managed to get through it all without mangling it *too* badly.::

T'Lea: ::slower but just as urgent:: Our minds, one and together. Touching, yet not touching; apart, yet never apart.

:: Again, Della repeated the words, feeling them settle upon her, seeming to settle *into* her. A silent, still, breathless moment passed. T'Lea's body swayed a little before a shift in physical vibrations had both women stepping forward to close the gap between them. Another warm span of quiet passed and all the galaxies seemed to stop and simply fade away. Nothing except the two of them existed, and even that was about to change.::

:: As T'Lea's mind began to swim up for air, her thoughts untangled and soon half of the hybrid's burden had been lifted and laid on Della.::

T'Lea: <<We are one.>>

:: The fact that T'Lea's voice didn't bother with passing through her ears simply didn't register with Della - of far greater import right now was the fact that her whole body suddenly felt like it was on fire. She'd been taught to spot the signs, to know what she had to do to help someone in this state, but at this very moment she was busy trying to maintain some kind of control - and also being impressed that T'Lea had been able to function as well as she had.::

Vetri: ::whispering hoarsely:: T'Lea... I... I can't...

T'Lea: Nam-tor u'khaf-spol Vuhlkansu - nam-tor u'katra Vuhlkansu - nam-tor u'sha'yut. ::whispering:: Kali-farr.

:: Continuing the marriage ritual, she asked in a traditional manner if anyone challenged her, and then in a non-traditional manner she stopped the Trill from answering with a kiss that seemed to transcend the physical realm.::

T'Lea: << Pon farr.>>

:: Somewhere along the line, Della's eyes had drifted closed, but now they flashed open again, locking onto those of the woman she'd just bonded with as her lips twisted into a predatory little grin.::

Vetri: Mine.

((Fast Forward))

:: A minute or so of consideration led Della to the conclusion that she could be pretty sure who was responsible for the redecoration of T'Lea's quarters, but there was no way she was going to admit it. Instead, she shifted her head slightly and sent a mock glare toward the woman laid beside her on the bed.::

Vetri: <<When you mess things up, you really go the whole hog, don't you?>>

:: With a grunt of contentment, which was something she hadn't felt in two days, T'Lea snuggled into a gaudy gold, pink and purple pillow, happy to finally have her emotions back under control - sort of. Ready to drift back to sleep the lazy, exhausted hybrid ignored Della's voice in favor of *not talking*. Apparently Della didn't share the same sentiment .::

Vetri: <<I was perfectly happy to be single, with no intention of ever hooking up with anyone ever again. And then you come sauntering in...>>

:: Flat on her stomach, head turned away from the Trill, eyes closed, T'Lea didn't move, and didn't plan on moving, *ever*, but she did mumbled a reply into the pillow, at least she *thought* she did.::

T'Lea: << Sauntering? ::half-laugh:: My posture does not allow me to saunter. *You* are the one that walks peculiar.>>

:: With calm deliberation, Della pulled a pink frilly pillow from behind her head and brought it down sharply on top of T'Lea's, to which the Romu-vulc spun over and gave her very loud, "What the frell?" look, honestly not knowing what she said wrong - or did she. The mild grin perhaps revealed a little more than it should have. It was always fun to ruffle the Trill's feathers.::

Vetri: <<Don't think I'm going to let you get away with comments like that just because we're->>

:: What? Bonded? That was pretty obvious from the trivial ease with which they were chatting without speaking, but just what did that actually *mean*?::

:: The way Della left her sentence hanging in the air prompted T'Lea to *really* consider what they'd just committed to each other. A lifetime together. Marriage. Bond-mates for life. Add to that the responsibility of a kid on and all the other uncertainties that suddenly decided to slap T'Lea in the face at *that* moment, and it almost had her running and screaming out of the room like her hair, or what Ben left of it was on fire.::

:: Carefully, deliberately she sat up on the edge of the pumpkin-shaped bed with her back to the Trill if only to hide the look of fear in her eyes.::

T'Lea: We are each other's k'hat'n'dlawa. <<half of each other's heart and soul>> That *is* what we wanted.

:: She thought she did a good job of hiding the insecurity in her voice, but then again Della was getting very good at reading her like a book lately.::

Vetri: Just thinking that *after* jumping off a cliff is a little late to be learning to fly...

:: Agreeing with a nod, the Romu-vulc got up without a word, tied herself in the ridiculous pink fuzzy robe and headed into the pink kitchen where she put the pink replicator to work. A few minutes later she returned to the bed with a large pink tray of assorted eats that had been dyed pink by the replicator program.::

T'Lea: I have similar concerns about our new situation, but I may have a plan to correct them.

:: Using a fork to stuff her face with food, T'Lea talked between bites, but talked telepathically when chewing.::

T'Lea: If we are to <<learn to fly>> we first need a ship, correct? Hungry?

:: Pon farr may have been quenched, but T'Lea's appetite wasn't, and neither were the spores. The pesky plant pollen was still highly active doing crazy things to her thinking. Mostly she felt a need to give her Trill anything she desired, and then a desire to give *herself* everything she deserved - no matter the cost.::

Vetri: I could go for food... <<What are you thinking?>>

T'Lea: I'm considering <<subduing Sam and taking his little>> ship. We could go to Trill. Or Romulus. Your choice. ::chewing:: << Mmm. try the pink one.>>

:: Every s[...] of food on the platter was pink, so Della picked up something more or less at random.::

Vetri: <<Someone really did a number on this place, didn't they?>> Sounds a reasonable enough idea, but what about the paperwork? Giving his whole ship away might make him look bad. <<Hmm, this is pretty good.>>

T'Lea: <<Frak. Hadn't thought of that.>> ::she gave Della a thank you kiss:: Okay, possible solution, what if we <<take half the ship and leave the other half for Sam.>> It is capable of separation. The only question is, << which half do you want, saucer or stardrive section?>>

:: Offering the Trill a nibble off her fork, T'Lea grinned, forgetting all the concerns and insecurities she was having mere moments before about the commitment they'd made.::

Vetri: <<Which would be easier to get?>>

:: This really wasn't the kind of conversation she should be having, let alone be comfortable with. Whilst the mental jolt of the bonding had gotten her personality settled back to normal, her behavior was definitely still off-track.::

T'Lea: Valid point. <<What if we, no Ben, what if Big Ben created an emergency situation>> where <<we *had* to separate the ship.>> Sam would have no choice but to give the order.

:: With a grin, Della swiped T'Lea's fork and stabbed another chunk of food off of the plate. Lifting it to her mouth, she chuckled, then pressed the fork-load gently to the hybrid's lips.::

Vetri: Think he'd go along with it?

T'Lea: Ben would do anything if he thought it would win Soo's heart. He's a sap for spots, ::nuzzling her neck:: <<just like I am.>>

:: Della felt a murmur of pleasure slip out at the touch, then grabbed a tight fistful of T'Lea's hair, which caught the Romu-vulc pleasantly by surprise.::

Vetri: You get sappy for any spots but mine, and I'll hurt you so much you'll think you were back with your mother.

T'Lea: ::chuckling:: You always say the sweetest things.

:: Relaxing her grip, Della stroked her lover's hair as she smiled softly.::

Vetri: This looks really good like this. I like it.

:: After a moment to enjoying the feel of fingers running and scratching through her short layers of hair, the crazy Romie shoveled another morsel of food into her mouth. It felt like she hadn't eaten in weeks!::

T'Lea: << I wanted it long, like the good old days.>> This ::messing her hair:: I should shave his head for this.

Vetri: I think it makes you look cute... <<But then you always look most beautiful to me when you're scaring the dren out of someone.>> This, though... ::trailing her fingers over T'Lea's new tattoo.:: Think I should get one done like that too?

:: Dropping the fork with a clank against the metal platter, the Romie plucked Della's hand off her shoulder with a firm grip and shifted around so that she could see just how serious she was.::

T'Lea: No. Understand? <<No.>>

:: Letting her go, T'Lea merrily began satisfying her empty stomach again with a hard stab at the plate.::

Vetri: Why not? Who apart from us knows what they mean? <<And it's not like Rynn would ever have gotten with advertising like that.>>

T'Lea: ::sigh:: I was going to say you haven't earned it, but I suppose you have. ::beat:: Go on then.

:: The decision was made, and T'Lea's reaction had made it. If she didn't think it was a good idea, that was good enough for the Trill. Brushing a quick kiss over her new bond-mate's brow, Della slipped out of the bed.::

Vetri: C'mon. Let's go talk to Ben about arranging an "emergency".

T'Lea: :: hopping out of bed and taking the platter of food with her:: A change of clothing first. <<Replicate something that shows some spots.>> ::evil grin:: He may need a little convincing.



Lt Cmdr Della Vetri

Counselor & Second Officer

USS Constitution-B


Lt. Commander T'Lea

Historian & Archaeological Specialist

USS Constitution-B

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