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[Round 7] Ensign Solor, OO, USS Eosa Main Engineering - "Ghost Shi

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((USS Eosa, Main Engineering))

::Solor waited patiently while the team leader scanned his PADD for the pertinent data on the power systems for the antique ship. Despite being only 1/8 Vulcan, Solor still found himself driven by logic, even if he did allow his predominantly human emotions to run unchecked, much to the frustration of his great grandfather. However, this did lend him well to being patient, and so he was happy to wait for more instructions. He had never met Chalmers before, but he seemed to be a fairly likeable man, older than Solor and clearly a very competent officer.::

Chalmers: Ok. Set up the portable generators over here, here and here. ::He said as he pointed to 3 distince different spots around the room.::

Able: I got to tell you sir. I still think the guys that designed this ship were idiots. ::He managed to grunt out as he and another man lifted and man handled the powere generator into place.::

Chalmers: By our standards you would be right, but you have to remember that when this ship was built this was considered a brilliant advance in power design and distribution.:: He repled as he put the padd down and grabbed ahold of his side of the 3rd power generator and helped to move it into place.::

Bravo: Yeah. This way if they took a bad hit they would still have power for other systems.

::Now that the 6 men had all 3 power generators in place they quickly set to work to remove panels and connect the power transfer cables into the ships old relays.::

Solor: You know, this isn't so bad as an assignment, getting to see a piece of Earth's history up close and personal. What do you think, sir?

Chalmers: It's takeing longer that I hoped. Some of these power relays are heavily corroded.

oO All business, huh? Oo

Solor: If we were aboard the Challenger we could easily replicate new ones. I think there might be a way for us to patch the generators into the ship's systems. How far are we, sir?

Chalmers: Partial power to life support, internal systems in 5 minutes.

Solor: And then the next step?

Chalmers: After that bareing any significant problems we should have full power to all systems except the engines in another 10.

Solor: Isn't there any way we can power the Engines up faster?

Chalmers: The engines? No. We'll have to wait till we can check the ship from top to bottom and repaired any and all essential systems, power relays and other damage that may be considered important.

::Solor decided he liked Chalmers. Some higher-ranked officers were not keen on fresh-faced Ensigns asking too many questions, but the Lieutenant didn't seem to mind.::

Solor: So how long would it take to get her ship shape?

Chalmers: No idea but I would guess at least a week before we even get started.

Solor: A week? ::He whistled.:: Wait a minute, you're not doing one of those miracle worker things, are you? ::He smiled broadly, lighting up his face. His slightly pointed ears were the only thing that gave away his ties to the Vulcan people.::

Chalmers: Response

Solor: Y'know, where you overestimate so you can get it done faster? One of my family used to work with an Engineer that did it all the time.

Chalmers: Response

::Solor continued to work the whole time they were talking, attempting to repair one of the corroded relays.::

Solor: Well, sir, maybe that could be something to implement into your work ethic.

::He laughed, and Chalmers joined in. It was a good thing that Commander Netal wasn't watching or she'd have him hoisted for spreading dissension...::


NPC Ensign Solor,

Ops Officer,

USS Challenger


as simmed by

Lieutenant Tallis Rhul

Chief of Operations

USS Challenger


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