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[Round 4] From BlackTower To The Dungeon

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Blacktower, Somewhere))

Fatimid: What are the names of your parents?!

Tandu: Yessssss.

::Sabek smiled just a little. If these two wanted to know his parents’ names, he would gladly volunteer them. Perhaps they would come to get him and take him home, or at least somewhere safe, like Grandpa’s quarters.::

Sabek: LCMD’s Reed and Solok. Those are my parents.


::Sabek was wondering why Belleau was pouting instead of proffering the requested information. Did she not wish to see her parents?::

Fatimid: It would be wise of you to reveal the name of your parents, child.

Tandu: Yesss. Yesss. Very wise.

Dioron: I do not answer to you. You're not my parents!

Fatimid: No, we are not your parents. However, we are…

Tandu: operatives in this place, in a classified place where children are not allowed. Do you have any idea what they would do to you if you saw what we were working on?

::Tandu indicated a massive set of holographic screens.::

Fatimid: You idiot! Turn them off! Turn them off!

Tandu: You are an idiot, too. You didn’t think of it either!

::Sabek chuckled, seeing he two scuttle and lumber about as though they had forgotten where the controls were, as though they could not simply say, “Computer, deactivate” and the computer would comply.::

Sabek: Perhaps you might request a deactivation from the computer?

Tandu: Of course. Of course.

Fatimid: Bright boy. Computer, cease … task.

::The screens blanked, but they remained powered.::

Computer: State your next task.

Tandu: There IS no next task, you circuit-haired freak!

Fatimid: Don’t get angry with the computer, Tandu. It’s just a machine.

Sabek: Perhaps if you request that the computer deactivate?

Tandu: Stupid child, as though I don’t know how to work my own equipment!

Fatimid: Computer, deactivate.

::As simple as that, the screens disappeared, the only evidence they’d ever been there the remaining holographic emitters. This only seemed to make Tandu angrier, and Sabek began to wonder how creatures this foolish were allowed in a place that was “classified” particularly given the algorithms he’d seen displayed. Though he must admit, he was not quite up to that level of mathematics. Perhaps he was mistaken in their importance.::

Tandu: Fine, fine! Whatever. ::Mimicking:: Computer, deactivate.

Computer: The requested task has already been completed.

Tandu: Oh, shut up! ::Tandu turned towards Belleau and shook four little limbs in her direction.:: What are your parents names?!

::Belleau seemed only to become angrier, holding her hands up in front of her.::

Dioron: You come near me and I'll squash you like the bugs you are!

Sabek: Belleau, they won’t hurt us. ::Because they seemed quite incapable of the task:: There are cameras documenting everything they do. ::Sabek pointed at the miniscule tech, houses in lighting fixtures, the walls, the floor, even in the leaf of a potted tree.::

Tandu: Did you know we were being watched, Fatimid?

Fatimid: Uh … of course. ::Fatimid’s entire insectoid body sagged. The creature turned to Belleau.:: Just tell us your parents’ names.

Dioron: Fine. ::She crossed her arms again.:: My parents are Lieutenant Colonel Dioron Allarie and Major Charles Dioron. So what are you going to do about it?

Sabek: I believe they will now contact our parents.

Tandu: Of course we are going to contact your parents!

Belleau/Greekle: response

Fatimid: Yes. Yes, we must, of course. Children are not allowed in Blacktower. Many adults are not allowed in Blacktower. It is classified.

Tandu: Stop saying that! Oh, legs, legs, legs!!! We are going to be in so much trouble. If we contact their parents now, after all you’ve said, what do you think will happen to us?

Fatimid: I know, I know, Tandu. But like the child said, we are being watched anyway.

Tandu: Fine, then call. ::The little crystalline creature flopped down onto her belly, her angular, shining legs sprawled out all around her.::

Fatimid: Fine. Uh … what did you say your parents’ names were, ::He pointed at Sabek.:: pointy-eared child.

Sabek: LCMD’s Reed and Solok.

Fatimid: ::Activating comm..:: =/\= Fat--::He stopped at Tandu’s hiss.:: Uh, classifi-- ::Once again, Fatimid stopped.:: Personnel in non-disclosed tower ::He ignored the limbs Tandu placed over her sixteen sparkling eyes.:: to LCMD Reed or LCMD Solok. =/\=

Solok: =/\= response =/\=

Fatimid: =/\= We have your child. If you want it back, meet us in the a … the a …

Tandu: The Dungeon. Mundok’s!

::Sabek had only heard about the Dungeon. He’d never been there. He knew it wasn’t entirely terrible, but the mention of Mundok’s bar made him shiver.::

Fatimid: … Mundok’s Bar. Come alone, and no funny business. =/\=

Solok: =/\= response =/\=

Fatimid: =/\= What? Nevermind. Wait. Don’t come alone. Bring the parents of ::Aside to the children.:: What are your names?

Greekle/Belleau: responses

Fatimid: Belleau and Greekle. Immediately. That means now! =/\=

Tandu: You made it sound like a kidnapping!

Fatimid: He sounds busy.

Sabek: My father is the chief medical officer. He is always busy.

Belleau/Greekle: responses

::Sabek, for the first time, felt shame over the tears that [...]led in his eyes. Without his mother to tell him that it was ok to cry, the words of his grandfather and father resonated more strongly within his core, and as he was still too young to have mastered emotion, he could not help the pitfalls of them. Right then, he wished that his mother was better, and that she was the one coming to get him.::

::Fatimid scooted closer to Tandu as he perused the children. Tandu scooted away and skittered over to a small, unremarkable console near the floor and keyed in something. Then she grabbed something he did not recognize, placed it on the floor in front of the group and flicked it once with the tip of her limb. It hummed to life, and a moment later, they were among the seedier element of the station. They were right outside Mundok's, which was next to a shop that looked like it had a lot of "junk", as his mother called it, in the window. Though his gaze was drawn for more than a second by something that didn't look like junk at all. It was pretty. His attention was ripped away by an unearthly howl that could be heard from somewhere that was not far enough away. At first, Sabek thought it might be just his exceptional hearing that picked up the terrifying sound, but he could see that the other four heard it, as well.::

Greekle/Belleau: responses

Sabek: If I may clarify … they will not hurt us intentionally.

Fatimid: (crouching low) What is that noise?



Son of Solok and Reed


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