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[2010: JAN-FEB] Observational Report


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Nax sighed as he filed another report away. The annual reports form the remote Observational post were always hectic, but this time they were down two mangers and the reports kept piling up.

“ Hope things calm down soon. “ he thought as he reached for another report. Before he cold look at it though, his door chime went off.

‘ Yes? ‘ he called, wandering who was going to be increasing his workload now. His door opened to reveal a familiar and welcome face.

‘ Greetings Nax, ‘ said Marrow as she entered the room. ‘ I hear things are pretty busy around here right now. ‘

‘ Marrow, you’re a sight for sore eyes. ‘ replied Nax. ‘ How are you doing? ‘

‘ Fine, fine. ‘ she replied as she came in the room and sat down. ‘ Thought I would give my report in person so I could visit some old friends for a few days. ‘

‘ Well, that was a good idea, though from the looks of it, I’ll be here filing reports for the next week. ‘ said Nax as he sat back. Marrow was not only a good friend, but she was one of the departments best Observational Chiefs. Her observations were always good and her reports helped make the study of many primitive cultures easier for many to understand.

‘ So, how are things in your neck of the woods? ‘ he asked as he pulled up the relative files.

‘ Interesting, to say the lest. ‘ she replied, handing him the reports that she had complied. ‘ They have been going through several wars lately, but overall they are quite like our own people in many ways. ‘

‘ Hurm. ‘ said Nax as he skimmed her report. ‘ Yes, they do seem to be a bit like our own culture don’t they? ‘

‘ The ideas of peace and individual worth are extremely similar to our own ancient cultures. ‘ Marrow replied. ‘ They backslid from time to time, but mostly they seem to be a people that we can make contact with in a few centauries. ‘

Nax nodded, as he continued to look at parts of the main report. Reading one part, he looked up in astonishment at the woman sitting there.

‘ You need another post set up?’ he asked, incredulous. ‘ Are they really ranging that far from home already? ‘

‘ Yes. ‘ she replied. ‘ That’s one thing that made me want to come home. If I don’t get an additional post and people to staff it soon, we may miss some very valuable information on them. ‘

‘ It’s amazing how fast they develop. ‘ Nax mused as he ended the report. ‘ Might be able to officially contact them sooner then we thought. ‘

‘ Depends on whether they grow up or not. ‘ replied Marrow, shrugging. ‘ They might be able to technically understand us soon, but… ‘

Nax nodded as he filed the report away.

‘Still focused to much in themselves and not on the universe around them?’ He suggested.

Marrow nodded in agreement.

‘It will be interesting to see hoe they develop from now on.’ She said with a smile.

Nodding, Nax finished loading the report and filing it away. Checking the time, he stretched and smiled at Marrow.

‘I think I can sneak away for a bit to get some lunch.’ He said. ‘Care to join me?’

‘I’d love to.’ She replied with a grin. ‘I can tell you some of the things I’ve seen since the last report.’

‘That would be nice.’ He said as they headed for the door. ‘These Humans and there, what’s was it called? Ah yes, Federation, are a fascinating species and culture.’

Laughing and chatting the two left the room.


Well there you have it. Short and I hope not to predictable. :) My first try at this so be nice please. ;)

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