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[Round 2] I'wak mesukh-yut t'on


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OOC: This takes place after the awards ceremony.

OOC2: The translation of l'wak mesukh-yut t'on is "The present is the crossroads of both" (past and future).


(( Reed's Family Suite, Vulcan District))

She should care about what she was about to do. After all, she was dropping her son off at his father's, to be raised by him. And even if she was just an unfeeling Vulcan now, she should still feel a connection to her son. But it didn't feel like he was her son. That was why she should have been bothered.

She knew she should feel like it was necessary that she be the one to transfer the boy into his father's custody, even though it would have been little effort for the child's grandfather. Perhaps she knew she should feel the need to spare him the pain of rejection until he was more like his father.

It was perplexing. Presumably Solok had enough emotion to care about living. She could not say the same.::

((Solok's Quarters, Deck 499))

She pressed the chime to Solok's quarters. Her feet almost lost their footing as the door swished open. She didn't understand why until she saw Sabek tug on her hand. She wasn't sure what he wanted her to do. Sakorra thought about it for a moment too long. He tugged again, and she told her knees to bend, so that she was resting on one, closer to his eye level.::

Sabek: Daddy's a doctor, Mama. He can fix it.

::He was such a bright child, but in this case he was wrong.::

Reed: Not this time, Sabek.

::Because there was no problem to fix. Not any longer. She was fine. She understood the reason for Kolinahr. She'd found something like it. She smoothed Sabek's hair. She remembered that he liked that. Then she rose to her feet and looked at Solok. Seeing him without the pain was a relatively new experience. It was peaceful.::

Reed: Solok.

Solok: Sakorra.

::They were apparently using first names again, Solok noticed. It was of course customary on Vulcan to refer to a person by his or her name; it was the most logical course of action. But in Starfleet, there were numerous possible substitutions – rank and duty post were chief among them, but the permissible titles did not end there – and the use of the given name in addressing a fellow officer took on increased significance. ::

::No matter, Solok thought. Perhaps it was a mistake. What the Terrans call "a slip of the tongue."::

Reed: I have arranged for his belongings to be delivered. If you have any questions, please contact Satelk.

Solok: I will. ::He turned to face his son, inclining his head downward approximately 43.223 degrees so as to meet the boy's eyes with his own.:: Greetings, Sabek.

Sabek: Hello, Daddy.

::Sakorra thought that perhaps she should say goodbye to Sabek. That is what a mother should do. She was indecisive on the matter until an uncomfortable energy started pressing in on her, like it was trying to meld with her body, to find some place to rest. She felt an electric shock of pain and a moment of panic. She felt the impression of Sabek's hand in hers. That was one thing she'd forgotten. Even if she'd simply been successful in purging her emotions, she still should have felt sensation before. She tore her hand away. Appalling brat! Anger flashed through her belly, the current radiating across her skin. She started to back away, until in her head, she heard "Remember!" and she knew she was in the wrong place. She wasn't supposed to be here. It was never supposed to happen like this. Everything was wrong. No wonder she had felt like she wasn't really here. None of it was real. This wasn't her life!::

::Sabek watched his mother turn and run from him. She was sick again. He knew that, so he told himself not to be upset. It still hurt, but he knew he couldn't cry here. He also knew that if his father just tried to help her, he could make her better. He looked up at his father. He did not try to reach for his hand and draw him down to his knees. Solok was not the touching type.::

Sabek: I think Mama needs some medicine. Something isn't right.

Solok: You are an observant and intelligent child, Sabek. But I have learned over the course of many years as a physician that not all that is wrong can be righted by way of medicine. ::He paused, turning slightly in the direction of the door.:: Enter. You would honor me if during your stay here you were to consider these quarters yours, as well.

::Something wasn't right with his father, either, but he remained silent. He remembered all of the stories that his mother used to tell him. This father wasn't like the father in those stories.::

Sabek: (sighing) Yes. Ok.

::The two Vulcans entered Solok's quarters, the younger preceding the older. As soon as they were inside, the door closed behind them.::

Solok: I requested accommodations specifically equipped with an additional sleeping chamber. This ::he gestured in the direction of the as-yet unused second bedroom:: will be your room, where you will be able to achieve the privacy central to Vulcan life.

Sabek: Where I will sleep.

Solok: Yes – and sleep. Naturally.

::Sabek looked around at his father's house. It looked a lot like Mama's hospital rooms. She'd had three that he'd seen. This was a boring place to live already.::

Sabek: Do you have anything fun? Mama's house is fun.

Solok: I do not understand. Explain.

::Sabek crossed an arm across his chest and propped his opposite elbow on his forearm, resting his chin on his fist. He tilted his head to one side, perusing his father.::

Sabek: Welllll, Mama makes sure I have fun stuff to keep me "occupied," especially when she has "lots of work to do."

::Sabek made the quote marks with his fingers, hoping his father would understand and then returned his arms to their previous position. He'd never had to explain himself to Mama.::

Solok: I see. There are numerous recreational possibilities available to you here. You may wish to study the most recent scientific publications of both Starfleet and Vulcan, which you are welcome to do. Or you might consider continuing your study of the ancient Vulcan languages. They have proven useful to me in my work more often than I might have foreseen at your age.

::Sabek sighed again and shook his head, rolling his eyes at the same time.::

Sabek: This is going to be more difficult than I'd imagined. I'm three, not 8400. Games, Daddy. Palnof, Chess, Kal-toh….

Solok: It is also possible that we might continue the development of your chess skills. I am in possession of a finely crafted three-dimensional chessboard and pieces, a gift from a former colleague with who posed a formidable challenge. And he was not even a Vulcan.

::Sabek might have only been a three-year-old child, but he was still a genius. And he had an objective.

Sabek: If I beat you, will you make me a promise, Daddy?




Starbase 118 Ops


LCMD Solok


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Son of Sakorra and Solok

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