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[Round 1] Mindfull

Ilene Torza

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((USS Independence-A - Science))

:: Once certain this infestation of critters wasn't about to overrun either the ship or the station, David quietly made his exit after observing the proceedings for a short while. ::


:: Once outside, a visible slump took form on David's shoudlers. Both fatigued and tired, he took a moment to rest at a bulk connection junction arch, leaning against the bulkhead to rub his eyes. Between Deborah coming out, an emotional reunion, and his First officer poisoned, now baby alien creatures they were rounded up, he wanted a moment to breathe. ::

:: All this looked much easier when Captain Mar and Admiral Anassasi were commanding. Dave rubbed the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache coming. He felt his eyelids flutter as he sought a calm center, imagining only a black void. ::

:: Letting himself drift, it occured to him there were better places to meditate. Breathing deep, David sighed and shook it off. Opening his eyes, he bit off a yelp as he tripped forward... ::

((Urquil'lhu Station))

:: ...and caught himself, benching pressing himself back on his feet. Rearing, he took a brief, snarling response to the eel-earred, gold-fleshed Tyvan etched with a self-satisfied smirk, walking around and past him. ::

Tyvan Male: :: spitting :: Your kind not welcome.

:: Dave itched for his knifes, caressing the handles on either side of his hips. Rage boiled forward, mixed with a creeping humiliation. Of those races with no masters, the urge to strike right under the triple chin at the Tyvan's plexus point brought him one step behind, and freezing as a red-metal blade met his throat. ::

:: Fear encircled the Tyvan's coal-black eyes. ::

Tyvan Male: Kill me, are you?

Cody: :: spitting on the Tyvan :: If that is the intent, you would be dead.

Tyvan Male: :: quivering, backing :: Stay away!

Oo Coward... oO :: Dave watched the Tyvan run, knives in hand. What was the point, if everthing and everyone ran from him? Knives... he glanced over, catching his coal black eyes, black skin and the tatoos of his tribe in the reflection of his grooved, swirled scythemii. ::

:: Surprise, alarm registered. Oo What the--? oO Dave's eyes bolted wide as he twisted to examine himself...::

((USS Independence-A - Corridors))

::...in his StarFleet uniform, somewhat sweaty as Dave caught his breath. He checked his arms before feeling his chest, forehead, and made sure he wasn't carrying any kind of bladed weapons. He shuddered, reeling as his thoughts attempted to make sense. He was there. He was sure of it. And yet... ::

Cody: :: softly :: Urquil'lhu station... I don't even know where that is.

Oo Or do you? oO

:: Without word, Dave left, feeling like he was running away from something he didn't have a name for. What in gods' names was happening? A part of him wanted to head back to Sickbay and have Tybe take a look. A part of him didn't want to get anywhere near this, and a larger part wanted to know if Ehlanii was okay. ::

:: Jumping into the next turbolift, David glanced at nodded at a couple of crewman, looking somewhat mucky. ::

Cody: Sickbay.

:: The doors closed. ::

((mini timewarp - Sickbay))

:: Strolling in, David glanced around and caught both Tybe and with a surge of relief, an awake First Officer. Walking over, he offered a fast wink to Karynn as he offered a hand to Tybe. ::

Cody: Well, doc. How's she doing?


Commander David Cody


USS Independence-A

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