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[Round 1] Incision II


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OOC: For the previous flashback in this cycle, see "Incision" here: http://games. groups.yahoo. com/group/ sb118-tiger/ message/3563

(( T'Reshik's new quarters, SB 118 ))

:: She had selected lodgings in the station's self-styled "Vulcan district", based on the fact that other Vulcans would respect her wish to be left alone most of the time. She had not, however, entirely anticipated the effect that this would have on her personally. Scent was a powerful instigator to memory, and some days the air in the communal living room, despite the station's efficient ventilation system, was warm with incense and spice. It sent her to places in her mind that were hard, very hard, to repress. ::

:: It was not long after they had settled here, and T'Reshik had been on her way back to her quarters from Sickbay, that the scent of burning ashkani leaf had edged onto her keen senses; the heady funereal smell, much like terran cedar, took her unawares, took her mind back, drew her in. ::

(( Vulcan, 2.12 years ago ))

<<Oh starless night of boundless black,

Oh fading candle, sung to the air like smoke,

By breath extinguished as on breath you fed,

Deep and still as the dark that took you back.>>

:: The voices of the priestesses drifted low on the hot evening air. Varak's family were highly traditional; as a stark contrast to Sutek's ceremony, this funeral was small, but formal. T'Reshik had not expected to be invited. ::

:: As the attendants bore his body to the pyre, the dead man's bondmate sidled over to her. She was very tall, very slender and very beautiful, with deep-lidded eyes that offworlders thought too evocative to be Vulcan; T'Reshik, however, made no such observation herself. ::

T'Rise: I knew about Varak and your husband.

:: The other woman did not have to ask for specifics; these things were rarely spoken of in certain terms. Saying nothing, she waited for T'Rise to continue. ::

T'Rise: Did you?

:: T'Reshik regarded her for one long moment before replying. ::

T'Reshik: Yes.

:: T'Rise seemed to shake slightly; T'Reshik reminded herself that the woman was in mourning. She had been his bondmate, after all. ::

T'Rise: Varak's death was not an accident. He committed suicide. Injected himself with a potent neurotoxin. There will be no enquiry.

:: She glanced at T'Reshik, and there was a glimmer of something accusatory in her eyes. ::

T'Rise: Varak told me, before he...

:: Her voice trailed off. T'Reshik's breaths stilled. ::

T'Reshik: Specify.

T'Rise: Sutek. Your husband. He died of pon farr.

T'Reshik: ... Yes.

:: Suddenly, she became aware of just how much anger T'Rise was suppressing; it radiated from her like heat. The taller woman's voice, when she spoke next, was cut with venom. ::

T'Rise: Why did you let that happen?

:: Because, T'Reshik could have said, he was willing to sacrifice his life for a greater good. But she did not. ::

T'Reshik: Your question is pointless. Blaming me will not reduce your grief.

T'Rise: Nevertheless, logic dictates that Varak's death is in part your responsibility.

T'Reshik: Do you desire retribution?

T'Rise: No.

:: She seemed to deflate slightly, then, and T'Reshik sensed the woman's anger subsiding. ::

T'Rise: I desire you to remember.

(( T'Reshik's quarters, present day. ))

T'Reshik: oO Your desire has been granted, T'Rise. Oo

:: With steady hands, she prepared her meditation table, and slowly, steadily, began to breathe. ::

Lt JG T'Reshik


SB 118 Ops

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I thought I'd get the ball rolling with this excellent flashback sim from T'Reshik. The opening was very atmospheric - I could virtually smell and taste the Vulcan quarter, too. The flashback itself forms part of a continuing story arc and gives great insight into T'Reshik's character.

A fine example of giving a character a history, making them feel more 'alive'.

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