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[Round 3] << I’m coming, my love...>>


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((USS Challenger-A, Officers Mess))

:: After Elva left, Vojana was sitting in Officer’s Mess with a heavy knot in her stomach. She was alone and as every time when someone or something made her think of Marcus, so lonely. it was strange that being alone hurt her so much when there was so many times she so wanted to be left alone and couldn’t make it. Tears wet her eyes. ::

oO You said if I think of you you’ll know where to look for me, where to find me. Oh my love, are you as lonely as I am. Oo

:: She slowly got up and walked out of a Mess and to her quarters. She managed to stop a tear or a ton of tears forming but knew it will not last long. Lack of a message, a word from Marcus was pressing her chest for too long and when the door closed behind her in empty quarters all the pain rushed through her and shattered all her strength. Vojana fell on her knees and burst in tears. ::

:: Looking out the window, reaching the stars she called for her love. ::

oO Are you still watching stars looking for me or you forgot me? Do you know how I’m dying slowly every day wishing you to be here by my side? Do you know I’m calling your name, every day, every hour of every day? I’m seeing you in every man, oh my love, my heart bleed for you. Oo

:: Vojana laid on a floor in a fetal position squeezing her knees until hurt hoping physical pain to push in a background another one no painkiller can contain. For a long time her life was incomplete... ::

oO In my memory life starts from the moment I met you. I’m giving a silent prayer every night, begging to see you tomorrow. Oh I’d give everything just to can touch you again. Your last kiss, look in your eyes burn like a fire in my chest. Oh, I’m so lonely without you, and that loneliness is breaking my heart a half. In my life you were all, and since we parted my life is disaster. but I don’t regret even a minute of it, as long as there’s a chance we’ll be together again. Oo

:: The unfortunate byproduct of love is pain. She knew it, but it lasted for far too long now to be endurable. There were others out there she cared for. Friends and family alike. How many she lost in her life? Those who gave their lives in line of duty... she offered silent prayer for them. There were then the ones who were out there somewhere, people she cared about, thankfully alive, against the odds or not. She prayed for them, too. For her age she felt a lot and lost even more, so was not ready to lose anyone else, if she can help it. ::

:: She couldn’t and knew that, but hoped her loved ones are just safe out there somewhere. ::

:: Vojana didn’t know how long she was laying like that, but knew it was too long since was freezing, she got up to her itching knees, but when tried to get up couldn’t so crawled to bed and fell asleep jaded. ::

<< I’m coming, my love...>>

:: She awoke in a dim night light of her quarters trembling. She could feel him as he was there in a room, but as was waking up she realized it was just a dream. Vojana wandered what awoke her, and soon concluded it was the fact that ship is moving again so covered and fell asleep again. ::


PNPC Vojana Minerva Satscher


USS Challenger NCC-12886-A


as simmed by

Ensign Mailea Labria


Edited by Pint Sized Assasin
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