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[Round 3] Petty Officer Ash, Crazyhorse

Sakorra Jefferson Reed

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((Crazyhorse Corridor))

::He chimed at her quarters, nervously shifting back and force. Pace away,

pace back. No response, so he chimed again. Paced away. Paced back. A third


SHELA: Alright, already. Come in.

::The door slid open, and he came face to face with Petty Officer SHELA,

clad in a white bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her hair.::

SHELA: Hello, Ash. What is it?

ASH: You're ... you're gorgeous.

SHELA: Goodbye, Ash.

::She stepped away and let the door slide shut; Ash caught it with his hand,

stopping the door from closing.::

ASH: No, that's ... that's not what I'm here for. I'm sorry. I just ... can


SHELA: Hang on a minute. ::She snatched some clothes from her bed and

vanished into her bathroom.:: What is it?

::Ash stepped into the room tentatively::

ASH: You... well, you remember the mission to Ergelon VII, getting plant

samples? And Yon found the eggs, so we brought them as samples as well?

SHELA: Of course. ::She came back into the room brushing out her hair, now

dressed in her uniform.::

ASH: And you wanted to keep a few of the eggs to see what sort they were?

Maybe.. .maybe have one as a pet?

SHELA: Right. But we didn't, since that would violate Starfleet


ASH: Right. We, well, didn't ... ::he wrung his hands.::

SHELA: ... Ash, we DIDN'T, right? You didn't keep any, did you?

ASH: Well, I wouldn't ... that is to say ... maybe? Yes, I did.

::She closed her eyes, slipping down into a chair.::

SHELA: Did they hatch?

ASH: Yes.

SHELA: Okay. This isn't TOO bad. We can dispose of them properly, get

someone from science to take a look at them, something. What do they look


ASH: Well... well... that's problem number two.

SHELA: You HAVE them, don't you?

ASH: Not as such. They... well, there's no sign of them, just eggshell.

SHELA: They're loose? You brought ...contraband creatures onto the ship and

now they're loose?

ASH: That's the short of it. ::He sat down heavily, his face in his hands::

What am I going to do?

SHELA: You need to tell the Captain.

ASH: I can't tell the Captain! I'll get court-martialed. A dishonourable


SHELA: Okay ... just let me think. ... ::she stood up, pacing back and forth

across her room.:: We need to find them first. Before someone else does.

ASH: Right.

SHELA: We just need an excuse to scan the ship.... what did you do with the


ASH: Nothing... what should I do?

SHELA: You need to make sure no one can tie this to you. So yes, get rid of

the eggshell. With your breakfast. Unless it's nowhere near your quarters.

ASH: It's under my bed.

SHELA: Then now is the time to learn to vacuum. Don't worry, Ash. We'll get

you through this. No one even has to know.


PO Ash and Shela

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