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[Round 3] Mirror Image


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((Main Engineering, USS Tiger))

::As Jill sat down in front of a console, she rubbed her temples. The

past twenty-four hours had not gone well for her. From almost being

blown to pieces and suffering from hallucinations, it had been a

minor miracle that she had managed to get out of the sickbay as

quickly as she did. That didn't slow her down though. The computer

core had to be fixed, even if it meant that she was unable to go on

shore leave with the rest of the crew.::

oO It could be worse. Oo

::Although true, the young woman had a hard time believing it. Trying

to avoid thinking about it, she pulled out a small mirror and began

gazing into it. Inside lay the picture of a young Terran woman. The

hair remained a light lime-green hue as the beeping lights of the

console in front of her reflected off. Looking into the eyes however,

all she could see was a shallow woman. Sure, she had friends. Some

would say too many. But to her, it was just a charade. Every man she

had gone out with eventually broke the relationship with an almost all

too similar phrase.::

oO You aren't giving it all in this relationship. Oo

::It was true of course. There was only one person who she could put

all of her effort into a relationship with. But it was impossible.

The marines and the Academy had taught her one thing.::

oO You can't have everything. Oo

::She put the mirror away. Now was neither the time or the place to

think of such matters. Brushing stray hairs from the front of her

face, Jill was about to return to her duties when a familiar sound

went off.::

Maes: =/\= Ensign Maes to Ensign Adrura. =/\=

::Although unsurprised about the call, something just seemed off.::

oO What is this about? Oo

Adrura: =/\= Adrura here Alice, what do ya need? =/\=

::There was a pause on the other end as Jill tried to avoid chuckling.

It was just too easy to cause Alice to freak out. With just small

deviations in protocol and behavior Jill knew that Alice would freeze

up. After waiting the suitable amount of time, a shaky voice


Maes: =/\= Of..of..of course Jill. I have a message from Lieutenant

Commander Firestarter. =/\=

Adrura: =/\= Oh the boss? What did he say? =/\=

::Again there was a pause. If it wasn't for the fact that it was just

too easy, Jill would have felt bad about it. Besides, she felt it was

good for the woman to loosen up a bit.::

Maes: =/\= He said that you were to be put on immediate shore leave. =/\=

oO What did she say? Oo

::This time Jill was the one to be surprised. However, she wouldn't

have Alice have the satisfaction of knowing that.::

Adrura: =/\= Gotcha, I guess I am off to party then. Right Alice? =/\=

Maes: ::Not realizing the connotations. :: =/\= I don't think I am

qualified to answer that question... =/\=

::The surprise had worn off but Jill couldn't resist one more joke

before letting the poor woman off the line.::

Adrura: =/\= I don't think anyone is. Maybe I can educate you later.

Make a girl's night of it. =/\=

Maes: =/\= I don't know... =/\=

::Seeing that Alice had suffered more than enough, Jill finally

decided to let it go.::

Adrura: =/\= Great, we can go to Molly's once you get your leave time.

Bye Alice. =/\=

::Jill closed the link before Alice even had the chance to respond.

Standing up, she brushed some wrinkles out of her clothes. The

conversation with Alice had left her in a good mood. Knowing her,

Alice would go to Molly Malones immediately as soon as shore leave

started. Walking, thoughts came to mind of ways to surprise her for

the arrival as she passed through the sliding doors. Deep in thought,

she almost missed what was right before her.::


Ensign Jill Adrura

Engineering Officer

USS Tiger

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