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Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!


Welcome to the 2024 Awards Ceremony!

  • July 1st, Monday: PRESENTATION: Introduction, General Awards
  • July 2nd, Tuesday: PRESENTATION: Special and Length of Service Awards
  • July 3rd, Wednesday: PRESENTATION: Staff Awards
  • July 4th, Thursday: PRESENTATION: Duty Post Awards
  • July 5th, Friday: Finale/Acknowledgments
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[Round 3] Where Laziness Gets You


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(( Security Office ))

Atimen: You've done a god job Smithson. ::break.:: I'll look into it further, see what caused the analysis to come out that way. But for now, enjoy your leave.

Smithson: Yes Sir ::she was about to leave when she had a hypothesis, turning around:: Sir, I have just remembered something and now thinking about it, this makes no sense. ::beat:: We find two cloaked probes, initially we thought they were cloaked ships ::beat:: they begin to move away a Tholian ship shows up, they move further away and one explodes. ::beat:: I know Sir that what I done also blinded our sensors for a short time, this would have been more than enough time for the other cloaked probe to be moved out of scanning range. ::beat:: Moreover Sir, what was the Tholian ship doing in Federation space! After all in the past Tholian’s have always played by the rules, theirs ours or both, I think this is the first time they behaved irrationally and not obeyed any form of Protocol. ::beat:: do you think that not strange Sir? ::she asked::

::Atimen looked at her curiously.::

Atimen: It's in its nature for the status quo to change. ::beat:: Don't worry too much about it, and focus on enjoying your leave. I don't know when we'll get any more of it.

Smithson: Very well sir, I shall leave that disturbing supposition with you.

::She left as Atimen turned to head into his office, sighing slightly. He needed this leave badly, but he doubted he'd get to take advantage of much of it.::

(( Chief of Security's Office ))

::Atimen lay crouched over his console, head leaning against his propped up arm as he stared at the screen. He hadn't had time to setup the office like he'd really wanted, with multiple screens and a few holo-emitters, but he'd get there eventually. He was looking at the computer logs, the computer analyzing everything from comm-data to advanced data modifications and displaying anything out of the ordinary.::

oO Could the Grendellai truly create such an advanced virus? Oo

::They weren't known for being good with technology, or advanced enough to even attempt something like this. The nearby One Kingdom was still greatly lagging behind on that aspect, and the Grendellai weren't even organized. Though this attack could be proof that that has changed.::

::The lists scrolled by, Atimen eyes focusing one as it moved. He paused the analysis, pulling himself fully upright. A communication from Eren to Security while Atimen was on the Gorn vessel. It was tagged due to a slight corruption error on its data header, which the computer saw as a possible fingerprint from the virus. He loaded up the detailed information, which included the message contents.::

Atimen: ::He cursed silently, at the message itself rather than the corruption. He jumped to his feet, muttering as he stormed out of his office.:: That lazy...

(( Security Office ))

Atimen: MULLER! ::Muller nearly fell out his chair, the console going haywire from his feet skittering over the controls.::

Muller: Sorry Sir! ::He stood up, snapping to attention.:: It won't happen again.

Atimen: Oh, I know that. ::Atimen mocked. He tapped his commbadge.:: =/\= Atimen to Johnson, you've been re-assigned to office duty. =/\=

::He turned back to Muller, who stood behind the desk, pale. He hadn't seen Atimen this mad before. Not many people had.::

Muller: Sir...::He began slowly.:: If this is about me putting my feet up...

Atimen: You've got far bigger problems than a simple scolding. ::Johnson entered the room, Atimen nodding to him as he turned to enter his office.::

::Atimen stood behind his desk, his chair pushed against the back wall. Muller entered meekly, standing before the desk, his eyes on the floor. Atimen spun the computer monitor around for Muller to see.::

Atimen: Does this look familiar?

::Muller looked up, gazing at the screen. His stare seemed... detached, like he didn't understand what was happening.::

Muller: It is the log of a communication from Ensign Eren to security.

Atimen: It's Lieutenant Eren now, and yes, yes it is. However the contents concern me more, specifically since you responded to that comm. ::Atimen looked Muller straight in the eye, his gaze piercing through the man's soul.:: Now, can you remember what Eren told you?

::Muller couldn't keep the gaze, his head dropping as he looked at the floor.::

Muller: She warned of a saboteur on board... ::He muttered quietly.::

Atimen: And what did you do? ::Atimen interrogated, as Muller remained silent, opening his mouth slightly.::

Muller: Nothing...::beat.:: I did nothing...

Atimen: Were you ordered to remain silent?

Muller: No...

Atimen: Did you simply forget to tell me once I got on board?

Muller: No...

Atimen: Then why didn't you inform your superior officer about a direct threat to the safety of this vessel? ::Atimen asked, taking a step back from the desk.::

Muller: I didn't think there was a threat... ::Muller whispered.:: This ship is buggy and small... if there was a saboteur on board, we'd know. I just thought engineering was trying to push blame.

::Atimen leaned forward, his hands planted on the desk.::

Atimen: That is not your job to decide, Muller. It's mine. Your job... ::Muller looked up.:: Your job is to follow orders and protocol, something that you seem incapable of doing. You show up to your shifts late, you openly nap or day-dream, you mock other officers including myself, and you're just plain incompetent! No matter how many times I yell at you, no matter how many times I tell you to get your *** in gear, you still keep it up.

::Muller stood there silent, his eyes back on the floor. Why... why was this happening to him?::

Atimen: Luckily, those traits are currently working your favor. ::Muller looked up with a glint of hope in his eye.:: Were there an actual saboteur, you'd be number one on the list of possibles. You're going to be a person of interest in the investigation into how we were infected with that virus to begin with as well. ::beat:: However, as I have no proof other than you neglecting your duties and withholding information, you aren't being arrested...

Muller: Is that all, Sir? ::He hoped.::

Atimen: No, not even in the slightest. ::Atimen paused for a moment, thinking deeply.:: As it can be thought of as a simple oversight on your part, unless we can find something linking you to the virus, I doubt you'll have much to worry about coming out of this fiasco. However this does not mean that there will not be direct and immediate consequences.

Muller: What kind of consequences...?

Atimen: Your shore-leave privileges have been revoked. ::Muller's eyes grew wide.::

oO There we go... Oo

Atimen: Oh, it gets worse. You don't get to just spend time with the skeleton crew while everyone's on leave, but instead you get to patrol the station. No socializing, no relaxing, patrolling.

::Muller mouth nearly dropped in shock. Atimen could find no better punishment. He would have to walk by as his friends and co-workers enjoy themselves, unable to join them.::

Atimen: Consider this your warning, Muller. I don't know what is happening out there, but someone wants us hurt badly. ::Pause.:: Badly enough that we may have to openly take up arms, whether in a war or not. I am going to need every single member of my staff ready, and willing, to serve. I cannot risk having you or anyone else slacking off, wasting time, or neglecting their duties, not when there are lives at stake. From the way you act, it's like you want to be discharged.

Muller: I'd prefer not to leave the Tiger, Sir.

Atimen: Good. Then, like I said, this is your warning. Get your act together, Petty Officer, or there will be worse consequences than just a few days of missed leave.

::Atimen turned slightly, straightening a pile of padds on his desk.::

Atimen: Dismissed.

Muller: Thank you, Sir.

::Muller unfroze, spinning around and nearly sprinting out of the office. The door slid closed, Atimen collapsing into his chair. He hated that, so very, very much. He liked things to work, just like they should. People like Muller, people who don't try at all... thinking the status quo will never change; thinking they'll get by just fine with as little effort as possible, they infuriated him. He had talked to Muller before, and he had potential... but at this rate Atimen would have him transferred out before he'd finally grow up.::

::He needed his staff badly, now more than ever. Muller may be a slacker, but he still knew the Tiger and the crew, and that made him more valuable than a fresh recruit.::

Atimen: ::Muttering:: He'll get his act together...


Lt. Atimen


USS Tiger

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