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[2009: MAY-JUN] Children of Planet Mistique


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Children of Planet Mistique

The birth of life is the beginning of death, what more is there to know?

A miracle had been brought upon a woman and a man on planet Mistique one day. The good doctor said that he was impotent and that she could not have children. However, to both their surprise, such a happening did occur and they were happy. They spoke of always treating the child well and no harm could occur to him.

Pain receptors are placed throughout the body to distinguish bad stimuli from pleasurable stimuli. However, only being exposed to one could cause warping of the mind.

The child was to be named Brye. Growing up was easier for him than most due to the increased wealth of his parents. During school he always received high marks and had many friends, but some of the children said that there was something unusual about the boy. They whispered and talked. There was one who spoke more than the rest. His name was Fayru.

Speaking of others can harm or hurt a person in more than one way. Regardless, sticks and stones may break bones, but words destroy the pride.

Joy! Exhilaration! Upon Brye reaching high grade, speak arose of new technologies that would lead to travel beyond which has ever been seen before. With these advancements, governments began sending people to places never gone before. Before the sky was mystical and unknown, now research could be done. This left Brye to try for bigger and better things. He wanted to be the first in the new field, and so his mission began.

Speed, velocity, and swiftness are all significant words for movement. But is it possible to move too fast?

Years went by and then someone new came to see the civilization grow. They were the Federation, bringers of science and medical advancement. Brye yearned to become a member and in a couple of years it was so. Starting on the USS Civility, the child slowly developed into a man.

Choose your fate, become who you want. Woe to those who choose incorrectly.

While Brye grew in ranks, Fayru had a much harder time. One was optimistic and brave, while the other leaned towards being a pessimistic coward. A Lieutenant was born while the other remained Junior Grade. Names circulated as Fayru became Junior, the nickname he despised. Brye was the enemy now.

Go faster, faster! The words are spoken clearly. Little do they know that they are unable to stop.

It had finally happened, Brye was a Captain. Many rejoiced and were proud, no more so than his parents. A vessel was commissioned, the USS Last Hope. Its declaration was clear, to go and help those who needed it the most. It was said that Junior Fayru would also be assigned there, for Brye was the only officer who could stand him.

Words are a great weapon when used correctly, but beware the consequences.

Slowly Junior Fayru grew in ranks again. Starting off as an engineering research assistant, the day came where Lieutenant Fayru was known. Engineering mastermind many said. However, to those who knew him well, said there was something a bit off about him. It was unfortunate that Captain Brye was unaware.

Pain, agony, and torture brought upon the wretched. Who will be harmed in the cracking of the fragile mind?

The sadness could not be expressed in words to those affected. The USS Last Hope died in space, although the cause could not be traced. The woman and man cried themselves to sleep in loss of their son. Little did they know that a different set just shrugged it off. Fayru was a mistake and caused more trouble than he was worth.

Death is required for life to come about, but is it always necessary?

Walking to the graveyard, the man and woman were old now. Flowers brought and put upon every grave, except the one they wanted. The USS Last Hope remained in space. The bodies remain, but not rotting. If anyone had cared to look, they would have found something unusual. On every face of every crewman there were expressions of shock and horror, except one. By an engineering console Fayru had a mad smile on his face. It was fitting for the Flying Tomb that lay in the wasteland of space.


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