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[Round 3] No Mr. Computer


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::Greekle woke up from her nap very drowsily. Stretching her arms and

rubbing her eyes she saw the walls of the sickbay.::

Greekle: ::While jumping out of bed.:: Yay!

::After a such a good rest, the child had enough energy to go on

another adventure. Looking behind, she saw that Green Eete was fast


Greekle: ::Sadly.:: Aww... I should let her get her beauty sleep!

::Standing up, Greekle had little difficulty walking out of sickbay.

All the doctors and nurses seemed to be too busy with their own tasks

to notice the young Vissian.::


::Stepping outside, the young child began skipping along the corrider

when she was rudely interrupted by a loud noise.::

Computer: Warning: Self destruct sequence has been initiated. Warp

core overload in 4 minutes, 55 seconds. There will be no further audio


oO Self-Destruct? Oo

Greekle: ::Confused.: : Is the warp core sick?

::Before she knew it, A few yellow-shirted people began traversing the

hallway. Greekle jumped to the side of the hallway trying not to be


Greekle: They don't look like doctors.

::The confusion only lasted for a moment before Greekle decided to go

back to adventuring. Not too long after, she found herself in the

turbolift. Upon entering, a loud voice spoke up.::

Computer: Please state your destination.

::Thinking about it for a moment, Greekle replied.::

Greekle: Somewhere fun!

Computer: Location not recognized. Please state destination.

oO There isn't any place that is fun? Oo

Greekle: ::While skipping around in circles.:: How about someplace exciting?

Computer: Location not recognized. Please state destination.

::Unable to control herself, the child began giggling.::

Greekle: You sure are dense whoever is behind there!

Computer: I am certainly massive.

::Rolling her eyes, the child began giggling again. She now had a mission.::


"Arguing with a child is futile."

~My Mother



USS Tiger

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