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[Round 3] Attack on the Campus


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((Starfleet Academy Extension Campus ,Shinraka))

::The day had started pleasantly enough for Roberts, age 50. He'd arrived early at the Campus of the Starfleet Academy extension program facility to stretch. Officially retired from active duty, he retained his rank but most of his duties consisted of overseeing the Academy's Enlisted personnel induction training, Starfleet's equivalent of a boot camp for those who did not quite make the grade as officer candidates. His day consisted of primarilly desk jockey duties, looking over the progress notes from the drill instructors, teaching occasionally the finer points of support and logistics, and playing "role model" to the few enlistees stupid enough to volunteer for the much tougher Marine Boot camp which followed the first 5 weeks of general Starfleet orientation. The highlight of his day, apart from his morning constitutional was taking PT with the recruits. While he had yet to meet the new boot who could smoke him in the morning workout routine his advancing years combined with the mileage he'd put on his body required that he get to the office at least an hour early to begin his conditioning pre conditioning. Passing one of the cadets performing guard duty on the way in he'd noted that the recruit seemed extremely proud in his cadet dress uniform as he snapped his phaser rifle up in salute and gave the greeting of the day. It warmed the old battle axe's heart to see that at least some of the Shinrakian youth still valued what the Federation had done for them. Recent student radical activity had been decidedly anti-Federation and support for Starfleet seemed to be waning amongst the up and comers.::

Roberts: As you were Cadet... ::Roberts said warmly, just as a small metallic object "clinked" at their feet. The sound was unmistakeable, and instinct took over...::


::Acting with a determination of a bonafide soldier rather than a raw recruit, the cadet threw himself over Roberts as the munition went off, reducing the once proud cadet to green mist and globs of green goo. The other guard in the far shack suddenly opened fire in the direction of the attackers as he made his way to the stunned Marine.::


::Disrupter fire began vaporizing parts of the cement planter boxes which were providing cover. Bravely and with remarkable accuracy the cadet returned the fire. Snatching up the weapon from the now pulverized first cadet, Roberts "snapped in" at the corner of one of the planter boxes, raining compressed phaser fire down on the attackers advancing across the once tranquil lawn of the quad. ::

Roberts: Go! I'll cover you!

::The cadet hesitated, determined to stay with his superior::


::Alarms started blaring and Cadets on guard duty began taking supportive positions on the walls of the Academy. They'd trained for this, just as every Academy class had since the Breen attack on the main Starfleet Academy on Earth. To the left of the main group of attackers, hidden back amongst the trees Roberts spied black suited terrorists setting up what looked to be a photon mortar. Taking careful aim as the cadets on the wall began firing the Academy's limited number of phaser rifles to suppress the main attack, Roberts lined up the mortar team and dropped them in rapid succession. Looking back over his shoulder he noticed the surviving cadet from the main gate beckoning him to follow. Rolling to his left, Roberts sprang to his feet and sprinted inside, tongues of phaser fire licking his footsteps as he ran.:


::Suddenly an explosion rocked the compound from within, and after taking cover Roberts noticed that the main administration building was a smoldering ruin, taking with it the Academy's shield generator. From the edges of the debris he watched in horror as two cadets, ostensibly rushing to help defend the wall suddenly began firing into their fellow recruits. The blood froze in Roberts' veins as he realized that they'd been betrayed from withn their own ranks. Confusion reigned as the cadets on the wall realized what was happening, their numbers cut in half by the treachery. Roberts wasted no time in dropping the traitorous recruits and quickly began barking orders to the Starfleet and Marine personnel, some clad in only their nightclothes and PT gear, as they began to emerge from the dorms carrying whatever weapons they could lay their hands on.


::The distinctive sound of incoming mortar rounds whistled through the morning air::

Recruit: INCOMING! ::The recruits scattered and dove to the ground as one of the mortars, obviously targeted by a novice exploded hundreds of yards away in the middle of the parade grounds and another a little farther on.::

Roberts: Lt. Meehan! Get all Recruits to the Armory. Issue whatever we have! Our rally point will be the main barracks! And get some of the @#$!ing training artillary up and hot!

=/\=Winters to Roberts...What the hell is going on out there?=/\= ::Admiral Winters, head of the Officers training portion of the Academy demanded angrilly...::

Roberts: =/\=CODE ORANGE, REPEAT CODE ORANGE!=/\= ::Roberts called out as he rushed to the designated rally point. The Enlisted Induction Center abbutted the main campus, which was sequestered further within the compound, ostensibly because visitors to the officers candidate school liked to see and hear the sights and sounds of the enlisted trainees going about their daily training. The reality was that the campus was set up for just such an eventuality as this, and the Cadets were allowed the space necessary to prepare a better defense.::

Winters:=/\= Understood! Get whatever weapons you can and fall back to the main campus, Colonel! I'll get the flight instructors to give you some air cover.=/\=

oOWell all right then...Oo ::Roberts thought. He hated to trade real estate for security, but orders were orders and defending from the enclosed main campus would be a better gamble...::

Roberts: =/\=Roger that!=/\=

::Explosions continued to rock the compound as the mortar team or teams began getting better at their infernal jobs, walking the fire in an inexorible line towards the protective wall... Roberts reached the armory with the last of the surviving stragglers, all of whom he was proud to note had retrieved every last weapon from their fallen comrades...: :

Roberts: Meehan!

Meehan: Sir?

::Suddenly a mortar round struck home on the wall, obliterating a 20 yard section of it.::


::The ground shook as 4 Starfleet flight trainers screamed overhead and began firing their training phasers into the attacker's positions. While the armaments were little more powerful than a phaser rifle, they were effective enough against attackers in open ground...::

Roberts: @#$!ing Aye! That's right you muther...

::Robert's jubilation was cut short as first one then all 4 trainers suddenly spiraled out of control and smashed to the ground, taking out buildings and streets and a large section of the quad.::

Roberts:=/\= Roberts to Winters! We have sabatours! Someone @#$!ed up the trainers and they are gone, Sir!=/\=


::More explosions rocked the campus and Robert's watched in disbelief as the main Cadet dormatory imploded. Suddenly there came a familiar voice, the head groundskeeper. ..::

=/\=Starfleet Personnel! You are ordered to lay down your weapons immediately and surrender to the Soldiers of the Shinrakian Liberation Movement. This is your...Aaaargghhh! =/\=

=/\=Attention all personnel! We've managed to kill the collaborators. This is Lt. John Connor, I'm the last ranking instructor left at the OCS. All personnel are to take what weapons they have and converge on Colonel Robert's Position. He is in command! Connor Out!=/\=

::Meehan looked at Roberts in stunned silence for a moment::

Meehan: You were saying Sir?

Roberts: Holy $#!+, this just became the Alamo...

MNPC Lt. Colonel Lloyd Roberts


Starfleet Academy Extension Campus


SIMed by 1st Lt. Iolo Llewelyn

Edited by Toni
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