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[Round 2] "Back To The Beginning"


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((Brotherhood ship))

Tarnok: I think you do. Now answer my question.

Streath: I am Lt. Jg. Streath, Helm Officer aboard.....: :She was hit again, this time she tasted blood in her mouth.::

Tarnok: This will be very painful for you if you give us any trouble.

Streath: Painful? ::Spits the blood from her mouth onto Tarnok.::

Tarnok: No, you need to give us more information. What have you done with him.

Streath: With who? I have no...

Tarnok: ::Punching her again, this time in the solar plexus:: What have you done with him?

Streath: I have no idea who you are talking about. oO Well, this isn't so bad. At least it hasn't gotten worse. Oo

Tarnok: This is going to get repetetive very quickly. But, I think I will just skip to the chase.

Streath: Chase? Oh, the yellow brick road? oO Easy, don't want to make him mad. Oo

Tarnok: The part where you tell us what you did with our Primus?

Streath: Primus, whats that? oO I am going to need to change the rules, and soon at that. Oo

Tarnok: I thought that was what you would say. But that is oneof the benefits of skipping to the chase. Kill her.

Streath: oO It just got worse. Oo You don't want to kill me Tarnok. If

you do, Starfleet will hunt you down like dogs. You'll be sorry that

you even heard of Starfleet.

Tarnok: Your right. :Smiles and then caresses Tina's cheek.:: You just maybe worth more to us alive and maybe you will see our way of thinking.

Streath: That's right. Now the infomation you wanted? The only thing I

know is about the yellow brick road and the rank for the 4th rank watch

dragon. oO Thats it. Keep'em interested. Oo

Tarnok: The 4th rank watch dragon?

Streath: Yeah, thats the one.

Tarnok: That is no use to us. We don't need Klingon weather watchers codes. However, we will give you some, how shall I put it? Get you to talk by other means than aggressive interrogations. We shall start with that a little bit later.

Streath: ::She watched Tarnok exit the interrogation room leaving only

one sentry to watch her.:: oO Well, time to change the rules. Oo

Streath: Sentry, I am gettin thursty. :.:The sentry walked over to her.

As he got closer, she kicked him in the mouth and he fell over,

dropping the key pad. She reached for the key pad and got herself free

of the restranints. She got the sentry's hand disrupter and knocked out

the sentry with it. Checking the disrupter, it was still operational.

:: oONow its time for payback and the rules have changed now. Oo

Streath: ::Walked out of the interrogation chamber and saw a view port. She saw outside the Brotherhood ship and what she saw was impressive at best. She saw a docking station that almost resembled Deep Space Nine. Their were at least four Brotherhood ships docked at the station. It was almost as if they were setting up for something.:: oO I've got to get back to the Steadfast and quick. Oo ::She walked fast to look for a panel to get her directions to a shuttle or a ship that could get her back to the Steadfast or at least let them know what she saw. She came up to a panel, she tried to get the deck by deck plans of the ship.:: oO What I wouldn't do for a tricorder right now. Oo

Streath: ::It took about five minutes to get the directions and walked in the general direction for the shuttlebay, looking behind her to make her escape. She came to a turn and saw a Starfleet Officer a few meters from her.::

Streath: ::Looks at his rank.:: Lt., what are you doing here, we need to get to a shuttle and fast.

Starfleet Officer: I don't think so.

Streath: Wha...? ::He tried to attack her but she disarmed him and took him prisoner.:: So, your the agent that infiltrated the Steadfast. I am taking you to stand trial, Mister?

Kain: Lt. Kain. You won't escape.

Streath: Watch and learn you pathetic excuse for a Targ.

Streath: :: Takes Kain by the shoulder and went to the shuttlebay where there were Brotherhood soldiers waiting for her. She quickly aimed her disrupter and fired the first volly, which took out three Brotherhood soldiers.:: oO Well, that make at least two more. What I wouldn't do for either Readdy or Rez right about now. Oo ::Fired another few shots, hit another soldier. The other soldier ran away to get more soldiers to help him.:: oO Now is the time to make my move. Oo ::Makes way to the shuttlebay, where she found a runabout.::

Streath: Lt, what is a Starfleet runabout doing on a Brotherhood ship? oO Curious indeed. Oo

Kain: It's my shuttle. ::Tries to hand her a Padd, which she takes ot.

Streath: What's this? ::Examines the PADD.::

Kain: Its tactical Data on the Brotherhood and thier plans to attack a Starbase.

Streath: Seriously? ::Makes her way in the runabout and ties up Lt. Kain in a compartment. :: I'll talk to my CO and see what I can do for you, Lt. Not much, but you went against everything Starfleet stood for.

Kain: Whatever, the Federation will fall to the... :: Streath hit him in the face with her disrupter and knocked him out.::


Streath: ::Goes to the front of the runabout and sits down at the front most console.:: Computer, this is Lt. JG. Streath, Security Access Code Alpha-Beta-Kirk- Epslon-Nine.

Computer: Identity confirmed.

Streath: Power up the engines and charge the phaser banks.

Computer: Phasers and engines powered up.

Streath: Lock'em on the shuttlebay doors and fire.

::The runabout fired her pahsers and sped out of the Brotherhood ship and went to warp.::

Streath: Computer, send out a distress signal and try to send it to the USS Steadfast-A.

Computer: Enter dialogue now.

Streath: USS Steadfast, this is Lt. JG. Tina Streath. I have escaped the Brotherhood ship and request assistance. I repeat...!

Computer: The message was sent but now we are being jammed by an unkown vessel.

Streath: oO [...]. Oo Computer, Raise the shields. Now is the time to buckle down and hope the Steadfast saves us.

Computer: Shields raised.

Streath: ::Felt the first disrupter blast hit the runabout.::

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