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[2009: JAN-FEB] Reptilian Twins


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Thanks Atimen!

The Betazoid mentor lay upon the white hospital bed. The sun was shining through the windows warming her face. With a deep breath, she stood up in bed and looked around for a nurse. To her surprise, one had just begun walking through the door. The nurse was carrying in a young pregnant Terran. About to comment about the baby, the Betazoid woman felt a rush of pain and resentment coming from the Terran. Worried, the Betazoid mentor asked the nurse for information.


The young man turned around to face her.

“Yes Maude?”

Maude smiled, Nurse Gotchey tended to be one of the nicer nurses on the floor. However, today it seemed that he was more agitated and nervous than his usual self. Looking at his face, noticing droplets of sweat beginning to form, Maude continued her questioning.

“Can I ask what is wrong with the new Terran? She sends out signals of pain and resentment, but I can't put my finger on it as to why.”

Nurse Gotchey just nodded his head in negation.

“Sorry Mentor, but Linda here has been through a lot lately. I know you could probably find the answers by just reading her, but could you not this time?”

Maude nodded. As a mentor, it was her job to relieve pain and stress, not cause it. Looking over to the young Terran, Linda apparently. She looked so much at unease with herself. Maude wished that she could help, but her help could only be given if offered. Resting her head upon a pillow, she analyzed the shape of Linda. Her hair indicated living a healthy life, but there were streaks of it being greasy. All over the body there lay numerous bruises and cuts. Taking a breath, Maude tried to piece it together. Was her difficulties caused by being captured? Or was she the last of her colony. Suddenly, a yawn overcame Maude. The Sun's beating waves caused herself to get more and more tired. Maude didn't know how much longer she would live in her condition, but it didn't matter. As her eyes fluttered to a close, she remembered all the things she had done with her life. Boys were taught to be men. Girls were trained to be full fledged women. In both cases, it always felt good to see her student to go off and become great things. Many joined the Academy, others went off to do other things. The last thought that entered the mentor's mind was a vision of her waving goodbye to a former student.


The mentor opened up her inner eye to allocate her memories as her body rested. However, to her surprise she felt there were two other consciousness's in there with her. Looking around, Maude saw that every mental bookshelf and filing cabinet had been pushed over. Putting her hand on her chin, she recognized the state.


The mentor knew the mess was not her own, but that of the two consciousnesses. Not one to have her mind violated in such a fashion, she tried to sense what evil intentions these two spirits where up to. To her surprise, she felt nothing at all. It was as if the souls were almost too new to know right from wrong. With a tut-tut sound, the Betazoid called out the two invaders.

“Come out children.”

There was no response, but Maude knew better than to stop. This time with a more commanding voice she spoke again.

“Children come here now.”

Giggling erupted from the sides of the room as two children materialized into view. Maude smiled again. Although having taught many children, it still warmed her heart to see such little rascals. Her eyes were quickly diverted to the children's appearance. Something seemed off about them as they had appeared. With closer examination, she noticed that their skin seemed a bit green and scaly. Before any comment was made, the boy child spoke up.

“Aw ma'am, you have gone and found us.”

The girl child, not wanting to be silenced, spoke up as well.

“And we spent so much time hiding! I think you cheated!”

The boy nodded in agreement.

“Yah, we want a retry.”

Maude got onto one knee and looked at each of the children's faces. Both had razor sharp teeth and yellow tinted eyes. Wanting to gain some information, the Betazoid played along.

“Now children, how did I cheat? It is my mind, everything is under my control.”

The assumed twins looked to each other and their smile's fell. Turning around, they spoke at the same time.

“But we wanted to have a fun game!”

Maude nodded in agreement. Surely the mind of an old woman's memories was no place for children to play. Or was it? Putting her index finger over their mouth's, Maude thought back to her time of great fun and enjoyment. The files flew around the trio in an encompassing circle and then began changing forms to animals and plants. Maude's vision became more and more lucid as each paper flew and pasted themselves to the background. The vision was complete as birds flew in the sky with a large apple tree lay behind the group, shielding them from the sun. The grass upon the field they were on seemed to flow in the wind as if it were a green ocean. The twins were besides themselves as if they had never seen anything as beautiful as this. Maude turned to them.

“Is this a suitable place to play?”

The boy and girl looked to each other, this time a smile was revealed from both.

“Yes ma'am!”

They began to run off when Maude stopped them.

“Before you go, could you tell me who your parent's are?”

The girl grabbed the little boy's arm and whispered in his ear. There was a moment as he thought a reply and then whispered back into his sisters ear's. After a few more exchanges, the children looked towards Maude again.

“What's a parent?”

The Betazoid woman wasn't too surprised, but any company was good company in her mind.

“Thats a good enough answer for me, you may run along now.”

The twins squealed with delight and ran off to play. Maude watched them as she sat underneath the gigantic tree. It was a nice memory one that she had cherished her entire life, but now with children, it seemed more vibrant than usual. Maude began to slip into a reverie when one of the children screamed. Looking up, Maude was face to face with the girl.

“Ma'am, ma'am! There is something wrong with my brother.”

The girl had carried her brother all the way to Maude and there was something wrong with him. It was as if his mind was gone, a complete blank. The girl wept, her brother was effectively dead. Maude tried to comfort her when this time the girl screamed in agony. The mentor tried to do everything in her power to help, but the girl's body eventually fell limp. She couldn't take it anymore, this dream was becoming a nightmare.


The Sun was again beating on the mentor's face, but this time tears were on her cheeks. Those children could have inherited the world one day, but it seems they never even had the chance. Opening her eyes, Maude saw Linda was up and walking but something seemed different about her. To her horror, the mentor saw something extraordinarily disturbing, the woman was no longer pregnant.

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