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[Round 1] Reporting

Sakorra Jefferson Reed

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::Kyros made it part way back to his quarters .... well. Back in the

direction that he assumed his quarters were, as far as he could tell.

Midway, he came across someone watching a news broadcast on one of the

hallway panels. He stopped for a moment out of curiosity.::

MARG: Askade Cha'par was murdered on the Federation Starbase 118, on

stage in the middle of a performance after an explosion of the plasma

conduits that fed the pyrotechnics. Two Starfleet Officers were caught

backstage, moments after they had activated the device that caused the


::The image changed, showing two starfleet officers. One he recognized

instantly -- the knave who had assaulted his lady-love at the dinner. And

... a skinny waif of a girl who seemed oddly familiar, in some way. Not

conventionally beautiful, but there was a vulnerability to her that played

very strongly to his chivalrous instincts.::

Man: I can't believe it. They've captured my love... ::the somewhat portly

man shook his head::

Gideon: Thou dost care for her?

Man: No, no no no ... him. ::he gently stroked Ram's face on the panel.::

Look how brave his is. And his singing voice -- he's an angel made flesh.

::he sighed::

Gideon: Ahhh....

::He watched for a moment, trying to work out the details -- he had known

the knave was up to something, but had not expected murder. Obviously his

thimble-brained lover (for why else would such a one as she been along with

him?) had come with him and had not been party to the events in question...

but shared equal measure in the blame.::

Gideon: Hold a moment. The events in question didst take place this very

day? At the theatre?

Man: Yes, it's not ... huh. ::he watched as Kyros ran off down the hall,

back to the turbolifts; then turned his attention back to the panel:: Don't

worry, my sweet. Someone will save you .... somehow.... ::a single tear ran

down his left cheek::

((Opera House))

Gideon: I am telling thee. I hast information on the attack ...

::Reed glanced sharply at Webb and then at the officer. ::

Reed: Let him through, please.

::Kyros took a deep breath, and stepped forward. He racked his mind for


Gideon: M'lady Reed. M'lords Rocar. Webb. Brunsig.

Reed: What do you know about the attack?

Gideon: I know not of that which took place on stage after -- of that, only

that which hast been displayed on the walls. Yet midway through the opera, I

left mine seat early and found the lady Ventu under assault from five

miscreants, who didst attempt her abduction. Their attempts thwarted, they

didst flee and I didst follow.

Webb: response

Reed: What else can you tell us about them? Species, distinguishing marks or

speech, any names mentioned?

Gideon: Human, each, as I could see. Had I charcoal and parchment, I would

sketch for thee what I remember, but I suspect the local ruffians. ::he

closed his eyes for a moment in remembrance:: Hold a moment. When I found

them again, 'twas a sixth among them. Tall, dark and ::he touched his

forehead:: rigid.

Anyone: response

Gideon: I know not where I saw them last. The ways of this station are still

unknown to me, and -- in all honesty, the sun of Mydjya didst provide the

grounding to mine directional sense. It wast some time ago, so they are far

beyond mine tracking skills by now.

Anyone: response

Gideon: Then what is it we are to do?


Sir Kyros Gideon


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