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[Last Round 2008] Outgoing

Sakorra Jefferson Reed

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((Solok's Personal Quarters, USS Tiger))

Solok: Computer, begin personal message number 77-X-010-Alpha.

::The computer chirped acknowledgment. ::

Solok: Major Reed ... Sakorra ... It is me. Solok. Your husband. ::Break.:: I communicate to you from my personal quarters aboard the USS Tiger, under the command of Captain Sidney Riley. I am uncertain what information pertaining to my new assignment you already possess, and ask pardon for any unnecessary repetition. I have been posted to the Tiger as Chief Medical Officer and, after my extended and officially unexplained absence from duty, have been reassigned at the rank of Lieutenant. None of this should be unknown to you, however, as logic dictates one remain aware of the location and status of those to whom one is ... contracted. As we are. Computer, pause recording.

::The computer chirped while Solok briefly attempted to assess the many possible interpretations of the message he was recording. Sakorra was a Vulcan, but one raised among Terrans. She had studied the Vulcan mental disciplines, including the control of emotion -- studied them with Solok as her tutor, in fact -- but her mastery of them was incomplete, at best. She was prey to emotion in a way Solok could not understand, or predict. And this left his calculations woefully underinformed -- underinformed, and often inaccurate.::

Solok: Resume recording.


Solok: I trust you have used the time since last we spoke to the advantage of yourself and others, including Sabek, our son. No doubt your grandfather, Ambassador Satelk, has been a constructive influence on the both of you. He has made me aware of his concerns for Sabek's education, specifically with regard to his training in mental control. In the absence of any evidence disputing his claims, I admit to sharing his concern.

::Another brief pause, while Solok tried to word the next point as diplomatically as possible. Even the most logical Vulcan mother could become as ferocious as a le-matya in defense of her young, and Sakorra was far from the most logical daughter of Vulcan. Her attachment to Sabek was great, and was increasing each day -- illogically, given the demands of her profession. This was one of the reasons Solok thought it best to separate the two for a brief period, not to exceed ten or fifteen standard years. Both mother and son would be much improved, Solok thought, by achieving a state of personal detachment more characteristic of Surak's disciples. A state Solok had already achieved, with much effort.::

Solok: Ambassador Satelk and I discussed this matter thoroughly, and his flawless logic has persuaded me of the correctness of his conclusion -- that it is necessary for Sabek to be transported to Vulcan, where he can be educated in a manner in keeping with the traditions of his people. ::A long pause.:: Our people. The Ambassador has insured me that he will supervise Sabek's education personally, and take full responsibility for Sabek until he has successfully undertaken the kahs-wan. At which time, naturally, we would discuss the system of study most appropriate for a man of his specific talents. Ambassador Satelk has many interesting thoughts on this matter, as well, and I encourage you to afford him your attention in these matters. Familial obedience is a virtue to which Sabek would benefit from much exposure.

::He paused again, this time to conclude his message.::

Solok: The Tiger is likely to depart Deep Space 17 in the next twenty-four hours, and the opportunity for communication will undoubtedly be limited. Convey my greetings to Sabek che'Solok che'Spivak of Vulcan, our son. Live long and prosper. ::Break.:: Computer, end recording and transmit to Starbase 118.

::The computer chirped acknowledgment and sent the message. Solok, preparing for his nightly meditation, saw that while recording the message to his wife, a fleetwide announcement had come through -- somewhat delayed, he saw -- from Starbase 118. Looking through the various announcements, warnings, awards, and promotions, Solok's eyes focused on one name, a name that belonged to one of the few persons in Starfleet with whom the Vulcan had more than a professional relationship.::

Solok: Computer, begin personal message number 77-X-011-Beta. ::Chirp.:: I wish to communicate only that respect for your accomplishments recommended by Surak in his Second Analects. Although there is a possibility of 23.774 percent that the decision in favor of promotion was in error, and that the acknowledgment is undeserved, logic dictates that an officer such as myself trust in the decisions of his superiors when he has no reason to the contrary. ::Break.:: Congratulations, Commodore Rhys. ::He paused again, allowing just a hint of their old friendship to be recorded in the message.:: Quite satisfactorily done, Bejain. ::Solok looked briefly away, as if considering some other matter.:: Also, King's bishop takes King's knight's pawn. Check.

::No doubt, Rhys would find a way to evade Solok's attempt at capture. Illogical or not, he always did.::

Lieutenant Solok

Chief Medical Officer

USS Tiger


Edited by Jefferson Reed
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