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[Last Round 2008] Preparations

Delinda Sharee

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(( Science Lab Theta-47-D, Starbase 118 ))

RAMIREZ: I'll hold you up to that. And talking about Klingon escapade ::he

grabbed the box with his award and walked towards the exit:: we'd better go

and get ready. If we want to be plausible as eager fans, we'll have to get

there early. I'll pick you up at your place in precisely 47 minutes.

REYNOLDS: Pick me... ::She blinked and shook her head.:: Come again?

RAMIREZ: What? You don't actually expect us to meet there, right? If we're

going to the Opera together, I wouldn't be much of a gentleman if I didn't

escort you there myself! ::he walked off, smiling:: And people say I have no


::Quinn sighed softly, looked heavenward, then wrestled her commbadge out of

her pocket and tapped it.::

REYNOLDS: =/\= Reynolds to Tsao. =/\=

TSAO: =/\= Yes, Commander? =/\=

::It threw her for a moment, being called that, then she continued.::

REYNOLDS: =/\= Could you replicate me a dress uniform and meet me in my

quarters? I need to get ready for the opera. =/\=

TSAO: =/\= Of course, sir. I'll be there shortly. =/\=

::Tucking the badge back into her pocket, Quinn turned and left the science

lab, making sure the door was locked behind her.::

(( Quinn's Personal Quarters ))

::A few minutes later and Quinn strode inside her quarters, to find Tsao

already waiting. Quinn shot a harried smile at her assistant, pulling her

hair loose from the s[...]py ponytail in order to redo it in a style more

professional for the evening.::

TSAO: Good evening, sir. I have a message from Lieutenant Ramirez?

Apparently there has been some kind of incident in his quarters and he may

be running late. He'll meet you at the opera.

REYNOLDS: Alright, thanks. Have you got my-

::The Chief Petty Officer, seemingly out of nowhere, suddenly brandished a

deep red taffeta gown. Strapless, the bodice was decorated with tiny

crimson flowers that trailed down the right side of the dress, until

reaching the hem of the skirt. It was quite lovely, but definitely not what

she had asked for.::

REYNOLDS: What's that?

TSAO: It's your outfit, sir.

REYNOLDS: My..? I said dress *uniform*, not dress!

TSAO: Oh. My apologies. ::She said, looking stonily unapologetic.::

However, the replicator in your quarters is broken and there is not enough

time to return to the Liaison Office to use the one there. Maintenance has

been notified.

REYNOLDS: ::She looked toward the replicator.:: How do you-

TSAO: I tried to replicate you a tea.

REYNOLDS: ::She looked at the dress.:: And you just happened-

TSAO: Yes.

::Quinn sighed, wondering out of the two of them, who was *really* in

charge. Resigning herself to being the subordinate in this situation, she

held out her hands for the dress. Tsao responded by hanging it up and

gesturing to a nearby chair.::

TSAO: Hair.

REYNOLDS: Pardon me?

::Tsao pointed to the chair again and Quinn found herself herded into it,

moments before the other woman was pulling a brush through it. Quinn

squirmed in response, until she felt a light rap on her shoulder.::

TSAO: If you remain still, I can do this more quickly.

::Good grief, it was like being five all over again. Only her father

was considerably less frightening than the Chief Petty Officer currently

sweeping her hair back. Quinn resigned herself to reigning in her instinct

to squirm, if only to get the whole thing over and done with as quickly as



Lieutenant Commander Quinn Reynolds

Chief Intelligence Officer

Starbase 118 Ops

Edited by Delinda Sharee
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