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[Last Round 2008] Enchanting and Flirtatious

Alana Devar

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(( Holo Ballroom, 1928 hours ))

:: Michael walked away from Santa Clause and his companion and headed

towards the centre of the room. He noticed what looked to be

Tinkerbell. Her blue eyes shone through her ice green mask

brightly. ::

Ice Prince: ::extending his hand and speaking in an Italian

accent:: Vuoi ballare con me? (Would you like to dance?)

Snow Tink: I'd love to!

:: She reached out and grabbed Michael's hand quickly as she turned

around to glance at a woman wearing a white dress with hints of

purple, blue, silver and crystal shimmering accents translucent


The handsome Sicilian walked behind Snow Tink, holding her hand

behind her. When they reached the centre of the room, he raised hand

above her head allowing her to spin on her toes elegantly until they

faced one another. They stood in the middle of the hall, soft

lighting shining on them. He held her close, his hands on the small

of her back, as he led the slow dance. ::

Ice Prince: ::whispers to her:: So Tinkerbell, how is Neverland?

Snow Tink: Much more promising now that you have arrived.

:: She smiled up at him. Wow, those eyes! He was tall and well

built. And smelled like... mmm .. like a man. She sighed


Ice Prince: My kingdom is grand. I shall send a convoy if you ever

wish to visit. I shall construct a house made of ice just for you.

Snow Tink: :: She giggled.:: You are too cute.

:: They chatted as they danced and the more they talked, the more she

liked him. He was easy going, charming as all get out and by far one

of the most handsome man she's seen since she arrived on the Eagle.

His manners were impeccable, his sense of humour; irresistible and

that smile, down-right seductive. The fact that he thought she was

attractive was not lost on her yet he never made her feel like an

object. She never felt uncomfortable with his flirtations because

somehow, despite not being a telepath or empathy, she just knew that

he'd always be a gentleman..::

:: Michael opened up his arms, spinning the snow pixie away from him.

He held on to her hand as he gentle brought her spinning back to him

on her toes, their dance moves were impressive and soon gathered an


Snow Tink: You're a great dancer. Most men hate dancing and

seriously lose out because of it, I can tell you. So, handsome

stranger, what brings you to the ball?

Ice Prince: Well, my Kingdom requires a Queen. Since I'm next in line

for the throne, I'm seeing if there is a suitable woman to help me

rule the wintry worlds!

Snow Tink: Really? Is that all? :: She laughed. The bells on her

costume jingly as she did so.::

Ice Prince: ::amused at the jingling bells:: oO Isn't she charming!

Oo Yes, that is all, nothing major, haha.

Snow Tink: So, tell me, do you have a happy thought?

Ice Prince: My thoughts are always happy. Right now, I'm thinking how

much fun it would be build a snowman and perhaps s have a snowball

fight with you. ::twirls Snow Tink::

Snow Tink: That is a very happy thought! :: She laughed again,

sending her many bells a jingling. She was having a great time. Now

all she had to do was figure out who was this mysterious Ice Prince.::

:: The slow song ended and the pair separated from one another. ::

Ice Prince: ::He holds her hand, brings it to his lips and kisses

it:: It was a pleasure to have this dance with you m'lady. ::He moves

in closer and whispers in her ear:: I wonder why your pulse was so

high? ::He was holding onto her hand, feeling her pulse on her radial

artery. He smiled at her seductively as he stepped back.::

Snow Tink: Because, I am dancing with a handsome prince, of course.

:: The Ice Prince winks and then bows to the blonde haired woman and

dramatically turns away, his long white robe swirling behind him as

he does. He did not want to give his identity away. He wanted to

remain a mystery as long as possible in this ingeniously crafted

event. Hopefully until midnight. ::

A Joint Sim brought to you by;

Ice Prince;

Simmed by ACTO Michael Valentino

USS Eagle.


Yeoman Julie Ekespees (Snow Tink)

As simmed by Counselor Emmalyne A. Scott

USS Eagle.

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