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[Last Round 2008] Let the Games Begin!


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((USS Severn, approaching the Eratis system))

::The cogenitor was tired. After leaving her last ship, Greekle was a

bit sad to see all of her friends go. When she was younger, it took

her adoptive mother hours upon hours to calm her down. Now she was

off again, her mother was transferred to the USS Tiger.::

oO There isn't anywhere to explore! Oo

:: Her mother was on a different part of the vessel, most likely

gathering information on where they were headed. Unfortunately, this

left a 9 year old child in the middle of a vessel that to it, wasn't

very interesting. She began swinging her legs back and forth on the

seat, soon interest was lost. All that was around her was a Vulcan,

seemingly lost in thought. Greekle frowned.::

oO The last Vulcan I tried to play with kicked me out of her lab! Oo

::Learning from her lesson last time, Greekle tried to avoid bothering

the Vulcan. However, it was quite the temptation to ask all sorts of

questions. Luckily, before believing she was going to explode, the

Vulcan turned to her and began talking.::

Salak: I trust you had an agreeable journey from Starbase 118, Mr


::The cogenitor giggled, technically it was neither a Missus or

Mister. What it did find funny is that it was referred to as mature

person, by a Vulcan to boot!::

Greekle: It was quite boring actually. There isn't many games to

play. Ohh, ::Her eyes lighting up.:: do you know where the

tah..tah... Tigger ::mispronounced:: is?

::The child temporarily distracted by something outside the window.

However, its attention returned when the Vulcan began speaking.::

Salak: The Tiger is currently docked at Deep Space 17; that is where

we shall meet it.

Greekle: Deep Space Seventeen?

oO There are seventeen Deep Spaces? Oo

Salak: Yes; first person plural. Lieutenant Commander Salak; Second

Officer. Agreeable to make your aquaintance.

Greekle: Oh, you are an officer like my mommy!

::The cogenitor quickly remembered its manners that its mother taught

him so well.::

Greekle: I am Greekle, Mister Salak. Nice to meet you!

Salak: Indeed.

::The cogenitor was pleased, not only was this Vulcan friendly, but he

also didn't kick him out of his seat.::

Greekle: So... how long do you think it will take to get to Deep Space?

Salak: Estimated time of arrival is in seven minutes, forty-one point

eight six three one seconds.

::The cogenitor sighed, to it the time seemed like an eternity.::

Greekle: Thats no fun. I think that if I have to stay here for much

longer I will die from boredom.

Salak: We won't be staying here for much longer...

::The cogenitor's eyes quickly lit up.::

Greekle: I have an idea, how about we play a game!

Salak: A... A game? I fail to see the logic.

::The cogenitor looked at the Vulcan in the eyes and smiled.::

Greekle: Why silly, there is no logic in fun.

Salak: I am a Vulcan... I do not have "fun".

oO Oh no, I judged him wrong. This pointy ears is just as cranky as

the last one. Oo

Greekle: If you say so...

::Greekle sat back as the pointy eared one made a call.::

Salak: One moment please... =/\= Deep Space 17, this is the runabout

U.S.S. Severn, registry NCC Seven Two Niner Two One, requesting

landing clearance. =/\=

::Although cautioned by his mother to never ever eavesdrop, Greekle

couldn't help but listen in.::

McLoughlin: =/\= We cannae allow that right now Severn... Station's

under quarantine. =/\=

oO Quarantine? That means there is a sickness going around! Oo

Salak: =/\= Understood. Moving to holding orbit. =/\= ::to Greekle::

Seems we have time for your... game after all. What

do you propose?

Greekle: Sprouts!

Salak: I fail to see what small green vegetables have to do with


::The cogenitor smiled, it didn't look like pointy ears recognized the game.::

Greekle: Its easy to play, let me show you.

Salak: Agreeable...

::Going into his "Homepack," a backpack of random items that he

carries around, Greekle pulled out a sheet of electronic paper.

Pulling out the tray in front of them, he laid out the paper and began

drawing a star with approximately thirty dots.::

Greekle: This is how it works, you draw a line connecting two points

then draw a dot on the line you just drew.

Greekle: Winner is the one who can't draw a line anymore. Simple enough?

Salak: Deceptively so...

::The little cogenitor smiled, although the game was simple. Winning

it was quite the opposite. Each move had to be thought out before

moving to the next. A winner was usually seen with seven or eight

turns remaining.::

::Greekle grabbed a coin with a tribble on one side and a Klingon head

on the other from his Hompack.::

Greekle: ::Preparing to flip the coin.:: Heads or Tribble to go first?

Salak: ::unfamiliar with coins:: Heads or Tribble?

::Greekle looked at the confused Vulcan, trying his hardest not to laugh.::

Greekle: See, when I throw the coin in the air, It will land either

Heads or Tribble. If you guess right, you get to go first!

Salak: I am not aware of a Tribble on this craft...

::This time the pressure was too much. The cogenitor giggled.::

Greekle: No no, Silly Salak, its what is on the coin!

::Greekle handed him the coin, showing both sides.::

Salak: I... see...

Greekle: ::After getting the coin back.:: So, think you understand

everything now?

::Before the Vulcan had a chance to respond, Greekle's stomach began

to rumble.::

Salak: A drink before we begin?

Greekle: ::Blushing.:: Yes... I should have something I guess.

Salak: Any preferences?

Greekle: Don't worry, I have something here.

::The Vissian began rummaging through its homepack. Many things

including, vials, dolls, and electronic parts fell to the floor.

After a few minutes, the cogenitor made a gasp of victory. Putting

everything back into it's homepack, Greekle sat back down with what

looked to be two juice boxes and some antipasto.::

Salak: Your "something", I assume?

Greekle: Mommy always packs something for me when we leave. I have a

::Trying to mimic its mother.:: "notoriously loud stomach."

Salak: Indeed...

::Greekle quickly remembered that his mother always told him to share as well.::

Greekle: ::Offering a juice box and some antipasto.:: Do you want some?

Salak: I am agreeable... ::remembering his own manners:: Thanks.

::The cogenitor stopped drinking its juice when the Vulcan spoke again.::

Salak: Kal-toh...

oO A toe? Oo

::Greekle remembered her old friend Calso. He was a little older than

him and tended to get injured easily. Just before leaving her last

ship, Cal tripped on one of Greekle's pranks. His bottom still hurt

from the spanking his mother gave him after that incident.::

Greekle: ::Stuttering because he thought the Vulcan had found out

about the incident.:: W.w.what about Cal's toe?

Salak: Are you familiar with the puzzle Kal-toh?

oO A puzzle? Oo

::The cogenitor's eyes lit up understanding that Mister Salak was

talking about a game.::

Greekle: I love puzzles!

::The cogenitor hadn't expected to play a game that was unfamiliar to

it. However, it was either play this Vulcan's game or be bored for

the next eternity!.::

Greekle: Well, I have never played this before. Can you explain to me

the rules?

Salak: We look for the seeds of order, in the chaotic pile of t'an.

T'an are the playing rods.

::The Cogenitor silently listened to the rules, its attention rapt.::

Greekle: And how do you find out who wins?

Salak: The discord morphs into order.

::Something seemed awfully familiar about this game to Greekle.::

oO Sounds like... Oo

Greekle: One sec...

Salak: Of course.

::The young vissian quickly began sorting through its homepack again,

pulling out a completed Kal-toh.::

Greekle: Do you use a Pookie Ball ::Indicating the Kal-toh.:: for this?

Salak: That would be a completed Kal-toh.

Greekle: That's what it is called?!

Salak: Affirmative.

Greekle: I found it in a junk shop all broken, so I fixed it, but then

it broke again...

Salak: Quite probable.

::The Vissian was glad that it at least knew what the game board

looked like at least now.::

Greekle: Well, since I have the board, you can go first!

Salak: If you think that logical...

::The game began, and the child was surprised about how much fun it

was having. Time dwindled on as the Kal-toh slowly took shape. After

a while, the cogenitor gasped. The game was over!::

::The little cogenitor had won the game. However, it didn't really

care about winning, playing the game was reward enough.::

Greekle: Wow, Mister Salak, you are good!

Salak: Not good enough, it would seem?

Greekle: It was fun!

::The cogenitor began to prepare for another game when Salak's

commbadge went off again. Again against his better judgement, Greekle

listened in.::

Thelev: =/\= DS17 to USS Severn. =/\=

Salak: =/\= Severn here. Agreeable to hear you again Commander Thelev


Thelev: =/\= Good to have you back with us, Commander. Good trip? =/\=

Salak: =/\= It has been... unusual. =/\=

Thelev: =/\= It sounds like you've got a herd of Grox in there with

you. =/\=

::Greekle laughed, a herd of Grox wouldn't fit in here!::

Salak: =/\= I have a nine year old civilian as a passenger. We are...

playing games. =/\=

Thelev: ::smiling at the thought of the Vulcan coping with an

impatient child:: =/\= Oh? I'd imagine that's a barrel of fun.

Anyway, the quarrantine isn't officially over yet but we've developed

a cure so I'm clearing the Severn to dock on deck 327 - just steer

clear of the first promenade for now. Unless, of course, you're happy

to stay out there for a while longer? =/\=

Salak: ::Almost before Thelev had finished:: =/\= We shall be docking

at earliest convenience. =/\=

oO Aww, Mr. Vulcan doesn't want to play with me anymore. Oo

Thelev: =/\= As you wish, Commander. DS17 out. =/\=

Salak: Greekle, can you watch... ::pointing at a part of the console

in front of the child:: ...that control there, and tell me if it


oO Is he trying to get rid of me? Oo

::Nodding his head, the cogenitor obeyed and began examining the console.::

Greekle: I can do that.

::Stepping over to the console, he began looking at the lights. After

less then a few minutes, the child lost concentration and began

looking outside and saw Deep Space 17.::

oO Its so huge! Oo

::Remembering its assignment, Greekle looked back and saw the red

light flashing.::

Greekle: Its flashing Mr. Salak!

Salak: Cutting thrusters...

::Looking outside the window, Greekle saw that they were docked inside

of the space station.::

Greekle: We are here!

Salak: A logical deduction. Closing window shutters. Ready to




USS Tiger

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Technically a series of sims, a case where the whole situation is far greater than any one part of it. Was great fun to sim my side of this exchange (only Greekle's descriptions appear here), I can testify that much! Greekle made a fantastic start; these were his first sims on Tiger, and his humour and character come through well. Certainly a writer to keep an eye on ;)

Brilliant :)

Edited by Salak
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