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[Last Round 2008] Don't it make your Blue Man blue?


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(( Twilight's Edge - quiet corner ))

Ro: "Oh good Lard, blue man what you doing here? Why ya not celebrating? " She walked over to the bench and sat down.

:: Jhen smiled as Ro's voice filled the little out-of-the-way corner,

but his smile turned slightly bitter as he considered her question. ::

Thelev: Celebrating, Ro? Is this... ::he gestured back towards the party:: a cause for celebration?

Ro looked into her glass."I canna believe we are loosing sa many of the crew, I'm going ta miss them."

Thelev: Yeah, me too. Sorry, I'm just feeling a bit out of it, you

know? I'm not even sure this is my party anymore. I'm not part of the Ronin or the Independence now.

Ro: Ro turned herself to look at him.'What? you'll always be a part of the crew, good lord man you are part of the crew." She put her hand on his."Come on what's really wrong?"

Thelev: A little bit bitter, I guess. I think it's finally sinking in that the crew are being split up for good.

Ro:Ro shook her head."It's somethin that we ne'er think of when we join is it? but it does gi us something to keep in here." She pointed to her heart and her head."And aye I know , memories are not the same as the present, but ya will remember."

Thelev: Oh, I'm sure I'll look back with rose-tinted visors soon enough

and remember the utopia that was the Ronin, remembering the good points

and glossing over the bad.

Ro:Ro snorted with laughter."Rose tinted glasses? ya saw Ronin thro rose tinted glases, och blue man, it doesna ga with your colour." She stopped laughing."And we both know she's been no bed of roses." Ro shifted slightly on the bech."But we did have some good times tho, I mean, remember the scotch chase?"

Thelev: True, it was mostly good times. ::Jhen thought back to the

conversation in Danny's quarters. It was only a few days ago though it

felt like months.:: Although there were a few dark ones, too.

Ro: Ro turned again, just slightly and produced her ancestors silver flask."Wee drop ta wish ya safe journey and a good crew at your back?"

:: The Andorian smiled as Ro produced the familier-looking silver

flask. It never ceased to amaze him how she kept it hidden. He didn't

like to ask. ::

Thelev: I'll miss it, Ro, all of it. The people, the ship. ::taking a

swing from the flask:: At least you and Ben get to stay together for

once. Not sure how that one slipped through Starfleet Command.

Ro:Ro sighed softly."I think they felt they've done enough damage ta us, I mean, they separated us before we even had the honeymoon" She took the flask and took a swig.'I was a bit brain dead, but ya know they could still move me." She handed the flask back to Jhen.

Thelev: Ha! If they tried transfering you now they wouldn't know what hit them!

Ro:Ro giggled."Och, they'd know , cause it would set off an explosion that would rock all the way ta the nutreal zone." Ro slipped her hand in Jhens."You'll come back wa me won't ya, cause ya know ya have ta, too many would be hurt if you just left."

Thelev: I know, I'd probably feel bad if I slipped out without saying goodbye.

Ro: "Then Sir, I suggest ya accompany me to the party. Ya dunna mind accompanying a married woman da ya?" Of course he didn't. "She pulled him up off the bench."A plan?"

Thelev: ::smiling:: Sounds like a plan to me.

Lt. Commander Jhen Thelev

First Officer

USS Tiger

Lt Adair-WalkerMedical officerUSS Ronin.

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