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[2008: SEP-OCT] In a Wink of an Eye


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They were growing up in, how his father used to call it, "The Age of Windmills"; time of tranquility and joy. His family finally managed to buy that long wanted house in fine neighborhood, separated from her parent's house by just a meadow. He was watching her whole month, offering just a wink from time to time before arranging to meet her on a swimming pool. They fell in love the moment they met…

Being newcomers in neighborhood his parents were supposed to organize a ball, and they did. He was so nervous, so afraid what will she think, how will feel when find out they are betrothed ones. Angry at him not telling her that before, she didn't want to talk to him, playing uninterested. But he was running around always doing his best to be where she'll be able to see him, and every time she looked at him he offered her a wink. Finally she winked back, and they danced and talked all night.

Soon a wink of an eye became for them a way to say "and so it is done", or "finished" or to give a sign "let's go!". Even much later when they started to communicate telepathically that was still their trademark.

Attending same school, they shared friends, interests, food, same desk in class, they sang in a same choir, loved same games, same sports. They had their little cosmos, their picnic tree, their songs, their stories; they shared a life as married couple use to share. They knew, just knew they are going to share a life before them. They planned a bunch of kids, house and pets.

They were highly prized and widely accepted for who they were and way they accepted their duty, widely abandoned by young members of their society, mostly those who choose to "leave for stars". Neither of them had a wish to do that, they loved their culture and when time arose to choose they chose to study and work together on its preservation .

And together they grew up, and time came for him to send his gift box and properly propose his beloved.

The night before ceremony they spent together, sharing that special bond, becoming imzadi to each other. Awaken by sun of the perfect day, happy knowing their night ended in creation of new life they separated just to meet in the meadow soon followed by their friends and family all naked in celebration of the act of love the ceremony commemorates.

Married shared a kiss of unification ending it with a wink of an eye…

…and in a wink of an eye they disappeared in a blaze of light being among the first victims of Dominion Conquer of Betazed…

..War, war never changes…

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