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[Round 18] Life In Shambles

Julia Harden

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((Marine Intel Office - DS24))

::Brikk walked into the outer section of the office. His assistant was sitting at her desk. He nodded on his way into his office. Bradford was a good assistant, he always gave Brikk time to get settled in his office before starting the daily business. Brikk walked up to the replicator.::

Wallace: Coffee, cream only.

::Brikk walked toward his desk and sat down, he smiled as he watched the door. It didn't take long for Bradford to walk in. Standing at attention he spoke.::

Case: Sir, your daily reports, Sir.

Wallace: ::taking the reports from him::Thank you, Gunny...dismissed.

::Brikk watched as the Marine left his office. As he took a sip, he skipped over the Combat Readiness Reports, and Troop Deployment Reports. His day had become routine, until he spotted a familiar name among the Classified Briefs.::

=/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= SFMC INTEL =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=







=/\= =/\= =/\= =/\= END REPORT =/\= =/\= =/\= =/\=

::Brikk read the words and jumped to his feet, his first thoughts were to tell the Colonel. He prepared a TOP SECRET copy of the report. Clearing the report for the Colonel, he sat down and took a breath. His second thought was Heath's fiance, Toni. She deserved to know as well, but he did not want to be as informal as to send her a copy. He did make her a copy, but chose to deliver it personally. Standing up, he brushed off his uniform, taking a moment to make sure every medal was straight. He walked out to his outer office and looked at Bradford.::

Wallace: ::handing him deMarc's copy:: Deliver this to the Colonel, ASAP...I don't know where he is...but find him.

Case: Aye, Sir.

::Brikk walked out of the office. Heading down the corridor he looked at his padd. He was checking for Toni's quarters. Upon finding them he stood in front of her door for a second. He took a deep breath, this was not a fun part of his job. He slowly pressed his finger to the chime.::

(( Turner's Quarters - DS24))

:: Exhausted from the mission, Toni was grateful that Ensign Dolard had taken Vee to the amusement center for the afternoon. It had given her time to enjoy the luxury of a nice hot bath, and the time to relax in the peaceful quiet of her suite. The only thing that would have made it more perfect would be for Heath to be home so they could share some quality time enjoying the intimacy of their love. They had not been together since before the Borg attack over two months ago, and had not had the benefit of a honeymoon either. She lay on the couch longing for him when the door chimed.::

::Hoping it was him coming home, she ran to the door and opened it ready to fling her arms around him in a lover's embrace, but the smile of the anticipation faded quickly in a disappointed blush.::

Turner: Um... Lt. Wallace. Um... how are you?

Wallace: ::slight smile, as he looked down:: I am fine, Ma'am, thank you.

Turner: ::Stepping back:: Where's my manners. Please... come in. ::moving into the living area, smiling:: Heath's not home, but please have a seat. Would you care for something to drink?

Wallace: ::with worry in his eyes::I was not looking for the Major, Ma'am...I was looking for you.

Turner: ::sitting down:: Don't tell me Heath has been called out on another mission, when he hasn't even returned from the one he is on now.

Wallace: Commander Turner...Major West was on recon mission, near the Neutral Zone.

Turner: Yes, I understand he was called for some kind of mission while I was away. When will he be back?

Wallace: Anyway...a starship patrolling the area found the Major's runabout...with nobody on board.

Turner: ::shaking her head negatively:: There must be some mistake. He'll be back.

Wallace: ::seeing the tears build in her eyes:: There has been a search of the area...::sighs:: Toni, they got nothing, no clue as to what happened to them.

::Toni was hearing what Wallace was saying, but she couldn't believe it. Not Heath.. He couldn't be missing in action.::

Turner: ::placing her hands over her ears:: Stop it! I don't believe you. ::tears welling in her eyes:: I don't want to hear it. He wouldn't leave me... not now... we just started a life together.

Wallace: Losing a fiance can be hard.

::Resting her elbows on her knees, she pyramided her hands over her mouth and nose.::

Turner: No, it's more than that. We were married two months ago. He wouldn't let anything prevent him from coming home to me, or our daughter. There has to be a mistake.::trembling, but trying to hold herself together, trying to look at it logically.:: Are they still looking for him?

Wallace: Starfleet Command has called off the search, and has listed them MIA.

Turner: ::standing:: They can't do that! He's out there somewhere. If they won't continue to look, then I'll go look for him myself.

Wallace: ::moving himself between her and the door:: Toni, that's just crazy, will you stop for a minute ::moving as she moved to stay in front of her::

Turner: ::moving toward him:: No, I'm going and no one is going to stop me.

Wallace: ::reaching out he grabbed her wrist:: Toni...they have searched...six starships, their shuttlecraft, sensor sweeps...they have tried everything...he is nowhere to be found.

::Trying to break her wrists free from his grip, she found it useless. Falling to her knees she sat back on her feet, giving in to despair. Looking up at Wallace, tears running down the side of her face, quietly sobbing.::

Turner: Don't you understand? I love him and he loves me. He promised he would never leave me, and I know he wouldn't leave our daughter. ::Agonizing, she pleaded:: Please... tell me you're lying. Tell me he's alright and on the way home.

::Brikk knelt down. He could see the pain in her eyes. He knew they were engaged, but there was no record he found of them ever being married. Either way he was gone, and she was a wreck.::

Wallace: Toni, I won't tell you what you want to hear. I'm sorry, at this point..Major West is gone.

::Toni never felt so alone or decimated than she did at that moment. She realized that the Marines had done everything possible to find Heath and his crew in the weeks since their disappearance, but she had to hang on to what she believe in her heart to be true. If there was anyway possible for Heath to get back, he would find it, and she was not giving up that hope. . . yet she cried bitterly. The thought of losing Heath was ripping out her heart and soul.

Wallace: Toni, I will continue to monitor the situation. If you need anything...anything at all, stop by my office.

::Toni nodded, staring at him blankly. Her life was in shambles and she didn't know if she could go on living it without Heath, nor did she think she wanted to, but then she thought of Vee, and knew she had to go on for her.

Wallace: ::backing up until he reached the door:: Good afternoon, Commander.

::Brikk walked out of her quarters. He thought of the most challenging task there would be. Toni breaking the news to her daughter. Brikk had delivered bad news before. This case hit close to home, there they were young and new, starting a life. Then the next minute, poof, it is gone. It reminded Brikk that he was getting older, he wanted a family, and to see one get crushed it made his heart ache.::

LtCmdr Toni Turner-West

2nd Officer - COO

USS Challenger, NCC-12886


1st Lt Brikk Wallace

SFMC Intel Officer

USS Challenger, NCC-12886

Simed by LtCmdr Andrus Jaxx

Edited by Idril Mar
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