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[Round 17] Achilles: Dinner and a Screaming Hissy Fit


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((Achilles -- Captain's Mess))

::The computer AI had assembled a number of dishes from throughout the

Federation. They represented the breadth of her last actual crew.

Pulling the personnel files, she accessed her own logs and found the

dishes that they seemed to order on special occasions. The menu

started with sizzling Ptar hot-wings, a snack that FltCpat.

Wong-Aquiss had found enjoyable, as an appetizer. Counsellor Lenara

Erin's favorite salad, replete with Trill greens, sat next to Chief

Engineer John Frink's mother's herbed potatoes and vegetables. There

were two main dishes; the first was Commander Quinn's BBQ'ed pulled

pork on hoagie buns (though Thetis had no idea why it was called a

'hoagie'), and the second was an interesting Klingon dish, gagh,

favored by the chief of security Andrew Sterling (ooo... Tess thought

for a moment about Andrew, who she had flirted with numerous times)

that was supposed to be served live, but she had simply shot it full

of some periodine adrenaline to give it the appearance of moving, a

harmless trick to get around a shortcoming of the replicator. Dessert

was a dish of Betazoid cream-puffs, from a science officer's logs,

that vaporized it just below body temperature, leaving a lemony flavor

in the mouth, and simple snow with cherry syrup, an item that a cadet

had brought aboard during a visit at the shipyards. The computer

thought that, as the ultimate expression of order in chaos, snow might

be an appropriate way to close off the meal.::

::Despite her planning, all of the care, time, and processing power

that had gone into it, the two aliens had picked through the meal

haphazardly, Some things were pushed aside without much comment, which

others were lavished upon. Carefully keeping her annoyance in place,

she thanked the governor for coming then beamed them home.::

::Tess pulled out of the alien space-dock shortly afterwards, going to

the far side of the system, and promptly pounded some city-sized

asteroids into dust with her pulse-phaser cannons to work out the

frustration. ::

::Screaming just wasn't as satisfying an outlet when you had the

capability to level a planet's surface.::



Computer AI

USS Achilles

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