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[Round 17] Private Interlude

James T. Kolk

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((USS Ronin, Sickbay))

:: The gently blinking lights of the nearly empty sickbay covered the man sitting facing the single activated cryogenic tube. The red haired woman inside appeared to be gently sleeping while standing, a slight bluish tinge to the skin the only clue otherwise. Despite which, the man appeared to be holding a conversation with her. ::

Walker: ...and then Morgan just ordered us home! Can you believe that? I mean a Romulan Tal'Shiar...and he thought that it would work.

:: As he paused, the man began nodding as if hearing another voice speaking. ::

Walker: Ok....point, my father did bring my stepmother back, but that was entirely different. I mean it's not like they'd fit in...

:: The blush on his face made it appear as if the woman had made a pointed, and all too correct, remark. ::

Walker: Well not everyone has you to guide them into fitting in.

:: Pulling a bottle from behind him, he filled both of them a quarter of the way full of the amber liquid. ::

Walker: You're not supposed to have this yet, but I thought it might make you feel a bit better...restore some color to those cheeks.

:: Rubbing his eyes and yawning, he chuckled ::

Walker: Yeah...it's been a day. Had to tell Danny that he was first officer, Cara that she was second, and everyone else that I was in charge.

:: Had the woman's eyes been open, she would have stared sightlessly down at him, as it was he reacted as if she'd spoken. ::

Walker: Yeah I know, crazy isn't it? Admiral Anassasi put me in charge until we can find something to save Captain Mar.

:: The woman's face remained impassive. ::

Walker: We're going into the Ithassa region, beyond where we've been before. Trying to find the solution. We'll need to be looking into some of the rumors from that region, or even find new ones to search.

:: With a slight hiss, the pod lowered itself to a horizontal position. As it did the man almost leaped up, moving to the side as he did. ::

Walker: Oh that's my doing. They were going to keep you on your feet every day. I told them that you did that enough in here, that at least sometimes you'd want to lie down.

:: Hands stroking the outside of the pod, he continued on. ::

Walker: We're going to need your help Ro. There's no way we can find the answer without...

:: Finally the facade broke completely as he fell against the pod weeping. ::

Walker: *I* need you Ro. I'm going crazy with you like that. How can I lead them...without you with me? How can I do it with my heart in pieces?

:: As the tears rolled off the clear seal around her, his sobbing slowed and stopped. ::

Walker: You're right...I know you are. You'll be fine soon enough, and then we'll be back together. And if I don't get at least some sleep...Danny will beat me...and never let me forget it.

:: Leaning down he blew a kiss to her cold, frozen lips. ::

Walker: Until you wake my love.

:: Walking out of sickbay as his wife slept, the lights gently dimmed. One light remained, illuminating the bottle and two glasses of scotch untouched by either. ::

Cmdr Ben Walker


USS Ronin

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