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[Round 17] New Residents


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(( Sickbay - USS Tiger ))

:: Lizzie walked into Sickbay for her first shift with her two pips in

full, gleaming view and her new blue lab coat crisp and ready. Nurse

Adams was the first to spot her. ::

Adams: So it's true? I saw the schedule, but I didn't think you'd

really joined the dark side.

Hathaway: ::raised eyebrow:: If we run into another mission like the

last, some sway with the dark side might be worth something.

Adams: No arguments there. ::beat:: Wait until you meet the new surgeon.

:: And she walked away with a tray of hyposprays, leaving Lizzie to

hurry over to a workstation and check the Sickbay logs. She scrolled

through, sometimes talking to a passing tech, sometimes to the

back-and-forth Adams. ::

Hathaway: The FO's pregnant?

Adams: Uh-huh. Gave the test myself. ::beat:: Keep reading.

:: She did. There, near the bottom of the recent logs, was a new

record: Ensign Aaron Callahan, Surgical Resident. ::

Adams: Get to him yet? He's second year, but he thinks he's tenth.

Hathaway: Hmph. He won't with Reynolds riding him-

:: But she kept scrolling, and a moment later: ::

Hathaway: Reynolds is *gone*?

Adams: Transferred, you mean, and I can't blame him.

Hathaway: I'm not sure if this is a disaster, or-

Adams: Wait until you meet Callahan.

:: At that moment, she heard raised voices coming from the Sickbay

proper, so she hurried back into the main chamber. There, a young

woman she vaguely recognized was sitting on a biobed, being

interviewed by a man she certainly didn't. As she approached, she

pegged him as the new Callahan, and remembered the young crewwoman as

Harper Marie. ::

Marie: I told you, there *isn't* anything wrong, I just came for my

fluoxetine hypo!

Callahan: And I told *you*, that's a powerful antidepressant with a

potential for addiction. I can't just authorize it without-

Marie: I've been getting it every day for a week!

Hathaway: Is there a problem here?

:: Harper recognized her in a moment, and she looked hopefully at her.

Callahan, on the other hand, skirted past her pips and twitched his

mouth at her. ::

Callahan: Nurse, yes, please. Complete a history for this crewman-

Hathaway: Doctor, actually. Doctor Hathaway, new resident. And you're


:: She knew that calling him "Mister" was likely to chafe him, and she

got the furrowed eyebrows she was looking for. ::

Callahan: Doctor Callahan. Second-year surgical resident.

Hathaway: Ah, okay, Doctor Callahan. Harper's chart is in the system,

and if you'd care to look it up, you'll see that she's been prescribed

fluoxetine, as she said, and that the chart's been signed off on by

our CMO, Doctor Satscher. ::beat:: If you need assistance calling it up-

Callahan: I'm perfectly capable, thank you.

:: She raised her eyebrows at Harper as Callahan marched off, and got

a bit of a smile out of the linguist. The injection was only a

moment's work and then they were both on their way again. Lizzie ran

into Adams again, and rolled her eyes. ::

Hathaway: Has someone started a pool yet? Trying to decide who's worse?

Adams: We thought you'd want to do it.

Hathaway: Thanks for the thought. ::beat:: Ten credits on both of 'em.

Junior Lieutenant Elizabeth Hathaway

Medical Resident

USS Tiger

as simmed by

Lt. Cmdr. Lily Ventu

XO, USS Tiger

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