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[Round 17] The Fix Is In

Delinda Sharee

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((SB 118, Event Horizon))

Wysteria: Is there a nurse here? I've got an injured chef who needs

sending to!

::The call came from out of nowhere. Lisa almost bit her lip in

surprise. It had settled down and been very quiet for 15 or so

minutes. She'd gotten herself into a routine mending, injecting,

wrapping... then the yell from behind her.::

Story: Be right there!

::Kennedy noticed that there remained still a few of the starfleet

personnel, mostly those who seemed to be in medical, as well as

others who had come out for the event. As for her own staff, they

were managing under the circumstances. ::

Wysteria: ::Talking to herself:: Where on earth is that nurse. I

could have sworn someone said they were coming.

Story: ::smiling at the young woman in front of her:: Your baby will

be fine. His heart rate jumped when yours did, that's all. It happens

in the 3rd trimester.

Wysteria: Is there a nurse or doctor here?

::It wasn't that Kennedy was trying to be rude...then again, she

could act Arbazan, which would give her an excuse to be rude. She was

just worried for Ian. He was her only chef at the moment, and by the

way things were going, the restaurant was going to have to close for

the evening if he wasn't able to work.::

Wysteria: o0Need to find a chef that can replace Ian on his days off

or when he's injured.0o Nurse??

Story: On my way!!

::Lisa grabbed what was left of the supplies she had and ran toward a

flickering candle light. Her supplies were dwindling. Without

communications she couldn't call sickbay for re-enforcements or

supplies. She did have the aide that had volunteered. Maybe Lisa

could send her to get more supplies. Maybe get a doctor in

attendance, too.::

::It didn't take long for the nurse to locate Kennedy. Candles were

slowly being lit in the back section here, and it took a bit longer

to navigate through the room. Once the nurse had arrived, Kennedy

wasted no time talking, just turned around and assumed that the nurse

was following her. ::

((Event Horizon - Kitchen))

Ian: ::Looking at Kennedy:: Yes, I'll agree...finally. You need to

find someone who can take over on days like this.

Kennedy: ::Smirking:: Told you so!

Ian: Yes, but I expect to be there during the interview process.

Kennedy: Agreed. Now hold out your hand. You look paler than usual.

Ian: ::Looking at the nurse:: Promise to be gentle? ::Clutching his

hand:: this here is my tool of the trade!

Story: Let me see.... I'm not going to hurt you... I just need to

look at it. Tool of the trade? Of course, you're the chef.

Ian: Here!

::Ian held out his hand and turned his head away. He had to laugh at

himself and how the side of his own blood and injury freaked him out,

and yet he had no qualms about butchering an animal if need be.::

Story: The knife is embedded in the bone. Lower your head.

Ian: My head? o0 Odd request 0o

Story: The blood flow is traveling to your feet. We need to get your

head lower than your heart to start the circular process happening

again. ::pressing down on the top of Ian's head:: Low!

Ian: Gee, I have to the urge to kiss my [...] good bye! I feel like I'm

a kid again auntie Em is trying to teach me to do a somersault.

Story: ::a geyser of blood shot out around the base of the knife:: Oh

NO! I mean, no, don't do that. My brain is going numb. Hand above the

heart, slow the bleeding. You had trouble learning to somersault? oO

If I were a doctor, I wouldn't have so much stress. Oo

Ian: Getting into the position was never the problem, it was

completing the task that needed some serious work.

Story: ::pulling a chair over and sitting down then giving Ian a

heavy dose of Asinolyathin: : Well, you don't need to know how to do a

somersault anymore. We hope. ::nodding at his hand:: How did you do


Ian: Normal meal prep, was trying to get an extra veggie tray out to

table 7 when the lights went out, my knife slipped of the cutting

block and right into my hand.

::While Ian talked, Lisa imagined the had under an x-ray. The tip of

the blade might have broken off in the center carpel. If he was

lucky, the knife was embedded in the carpel ligaments. Not really so

lucky, at that. Time to heal was anywhere from three days to three

weeks. Depending on the extent of the damage. Lisa wasn't a

diagnostician. There wasn't a doctor available so she determined to

do the best that she could.::

Story: I'm going to remove the knife. How's your pain level?

Ian: What's my scale?

Story: On a grade of 1 being not bad and 10 being unbearable.

Ian: Well, when it's not being moved or looked at or thought about,

9. But when something is happening or it's being looked at, about

12. ::Looking sheepishly:: Can we say I'm a bit of a wimp?

::Kennedy realizing what was about to happen quickly moved over to

the small bar fridge hidden on the underside of Ian's work station

and grabbed a bottle of Klingon Ale, a pretty old year. It had been

one that she had given him to use with various dishes. Under the

circumstances though, she was going to let him drink it to null the

pain. With his free hand, Ian grasped the bottle and took a very

long deep drink of the crimson ale. He then looked at the nurse,

ready for whatever pain she was about to do to him.::

::Lisa gripped Ian's hand with her left, fingers curling under to

hold him steady. Placing her thumb at the base of the knife in a

great show to focus his attention there, she grasped the hilt of the

knife and pulled instantly and hard on an angle. The knife came free

with a click of metal on bone.::


Story: I'm going to give you an antibiotic and a hypospray of

Asinolyathin to carry with you. Use it as needed for the pain. As

soon as we get back to normal, report to sickbay. That's an order.

Ian: o0I'll take your antibiotic and wash it down with this alcohol!

0o Yes nurse. Thank you.

Kennedy: It's a good thing we're closed for the night. Once the place

clears out, I'll give you a spare hand cleaning up the place.

Ian: I hope you were being nice and not making fun of my injury.

Kennedy: Lil old me?

Ian: ::Looking at the nurse:: Go figure, for once I can't hear her


::Lisa used the dermal regenerator to close the cut with a thin layer

of derma. It would heal properly after being seen by the doctor and

getting a complete treatment. Everything Lisa had done so far was a

stop-gap to keep people from panicking and thereby injuring

themselves worse. Looking at Ian then Wysteria, Nurse Story stood,

gave some unnecessary advice along the lines of "Stay off your feet

and take it easy."::

::The two had started up their banter once again before Lisa got to

the door.::

Kennedy Wysteria


Event Horizon


PO3 Lisa Story

Registered Nurse



Ian Moon


Event Horizon

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