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[Round 16] Peaches


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((Odjurn IV))

Turner: All right, you heard the Captain, get the beacons and anything else you think will be useful, and put them next to the

door, then get into your EVA suits. Black, with that hand like it is, I'll help you into yours.

Reven: Ouch, ouch! Commander, I think I hurt my foot. Would you help me too?

Black: Thank you Commander. Can I stun him now?

Turner: ::glancing at his foot, then to his face:: Looks fine to me. Get moving, Cadet.

Reven: ::grinning:: Okey-dokey, I got it.

::Toni watched until Reven sat down on a bench an started to put the EVA suit.::

Turner: Okay let's move it. We'll need to check the beacon on the outside of the shuttle to make sure it's sending a signal. ::looking

at Cara:: Everyone should have their EVA suits on in case the airlock fails.

Maria: Of course, I'll get them out with Landau while Grey is checking Bridgeford.

Turner: ::opening the armory cabinet she took out a phaser rifle for herself. Then glanced at the others:: Choose your weapons. Reven, you take point. Black and I will pull up the rear.

::Reven gave boyish grin and secured another rifle. Jax smiled slightly, Then grabbed a rifle and a type 2 that he secured to his

belt. Then grabbed a pair of type ones and stashed them in a couple of handy pockets. ::

Reven: Yeah! Come shabby dabby Gorn babby!

Turner: ::glancing at him oddly:: Do you know how to use that rifle, Mr. Reven?

Reven: Check my range record. I'm ready to drill spare holes in anything headed.

Black: Anything? Hope you determine if there hostile first?

::They took their positions and Turner opened up the runabout. Immediately they were flashed in sickening yellow light. The moon was

mix of steaming red, yellow and brown. Heavy hiss and flying dust and gasses suggested nice surf winds.::

Turner: Reven, you'll have to climb up top to check the beacon. Black you check the atmosphere, and I'll check the outside hull and

stand guard.

Black: Yes Sir.

Reven: ::Taking a step out into the 'sand'.:: It's a small step for a Trill. Let's do this fast and go home, agree?

Turner: You have your orders, Cadet.

Reven: I'm climbing, I'm climbing.

::The Trill clung to a piece of runabout hull and started to go up quite swiftly despite the clumsiness of the EVA, climbed to to roof

roughly same time. Once again Jax was left to use a trycorder one handed. Only this time he already had the scan programmed in, so it

just took a couple of strokes to run. ::

Reven: Sacred bambolinos! You're seeing this?::

Turner: ::Checking the damage to the hull:: No, what are you seeing?

Reven: Commander Turner! The beacon was split in half by the impact! Doesn't look salvageable!

::Disregarding Turner's calling for caution Reven flattened against the plating and simply rode down the slope and into the barren

ground. Gravitational forces and weight of EVA suit combined collapsed him, but he quickly got back onto his feet and wiped some

dust from the sleeves.::

Reven: Restorative mud bath. ::He smiled through the glass part of his helmet to the two.:: Without thrusters we're offline.

Turner: Reven, set up the beacons we brought from the shuttle, then use your commbadge and report it to Commander Maria. Black and I are going to scout around to look for shelter to the north in that stand of boulders. Catch up with us when you're finished.

Reven: Hey, don't leave me behind. Besides, shouldn't we take the rest of guys with us? And what about unspecs? We shouldn't split.

Black: Atmosphere is breathable, barely. But I would recommend we keep most of the EVA suit on. It will help keep us cooled. Ready when you are. :: Looking at his trycorder.:: I detect a cave of some type. Scan doesn't penetrate very far.

Turner: ::sighs heavily:: Okay, we'll wait on you.

Reven: Peachies. Looks we've plowed into a hill. I'll set the beacons on two parts of it, makes for better range. Black, if you're staying,

maybe you'll help me put one of these babies in place?

Black: Not a problem. Where you want it Peaches.

Turner: ::laughs internally:: The highest point will do fine. Reven let the Captain know.

Reven: You're the boss. =/\= Commander Maria? This is Reven, eagle has landed. =/\=

Maria: =/\= I think we'd gathered that, report on the shuttle's status?=/\=

Reven: =/\= Fat lady's on stage and preparing to sing. The canary's fed. Naked gal's in bed. =/\=

Black: Commander can I stun Peaches now?

Turner: ::laughing slightly:: Better hold off on that a little while. Besides the Peach pit in that, is that holodeck safeties are on. ::grins::

Maria: =/\= I' sorry Cadet, I don't think I understood you, what did you say?=/\=

Reven: =/\= I mean distress beacons are set. =/\=

Maria: =/\= I see. Would you mind scanning the atmosphere and see if it's safe to breathe?=/\=

Turner: Tell her it is, but they will still need EVA suits to keep cool like Black said. Also tell her about the Cave Black found in his scans.

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