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[Round 16] Klingon Herder

Julia Harden

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((SB 118, Event Horizon))

::Tanang jumped up as the alarams rang out. oOFinally! Excitement.Oo

He began to move around the room, stopping briefly as the lights went

out and starting again out into the Promenade once they lit up

again. ::

Sharee: Ensign, we have to get this crowd under control.

Tanang: ::looking toward the woman who had been promoted earlier with

a nod::

Sharee: Public safety comes first. ::looks at his size compared to

hers:: I tell you what, you herd, I talk.

Tanang: ::with his unique smile:: Where shall we pin them in?

Sharee: Well....we put them in the biggest establishments. Starting

with the Event Horizon, it's the biggest around here.

::Delinda found a decorative wall and climbed up on top of it. The

noise in the gargantuan promenade was deafening, she wasn't sure how

she was going to pull this one off.::

Sharee: ::shouting:: Ladies and Gentleman!!!

::Delinda doubted anyone heard her. She could hardly hear herself.::

Sharee: ::shouting:: Ladies and Gentleman!!! If I could have your


::Nothing changed. Chaos still reigned.::

Tanang: Is that your loudest volume?

Sharee: That's all the volume I have without a comm system. You

want to try and get their attention?

Tanang: I think I can manage. ::Tanang helps her down from the wall

moving next to it himself. He looked at the crowd for a moment

thinking his options out. After that breif bit of thought he slammed

his hand into the hollow decroative wall and raised his voice to its

highest level, an odd mixture of barking and booming.:: EVERYONE


himself with the large bit of success he got he turned to Delinda

with a nod:: I believe this group is ready for your message,



Tanang: ::nodded to her breifly as he helped her back up onto a chair

where she could speak to the group:: You deal with these and I will

bring another group to you, alright?


::Tanang moved away as she started her announcements moving out into

the Promenade greater and began to herd more people into her

generally area. After three more trips he had the Promenade cleared

and caught back up to Delinda as she led the final group to their new

waiting area.::

Tanang: Well that went quicker then I assumed. Which direction should

we head in now?

Tag Delinda


Ensign Tanang


SB 118

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