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[Round 15] Taking the stage

Julia Harden

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((SB 118, Event Horizon))

((Slight backsim, just before Captain Rocar's speech))

Sharee: Yes. I am excited about the chance to play. Even if the audience is a

bit captive. ::smiles:: And I promise I am at least good enough to keep

peoples' ears from bleeding.

::Cyrus smiled at Sharee's light hearted joke, pleasant company seemed only too

easy to find on the station::

Webb: I'll look forward to it.

::Unconsciously Delinda pulls a few strands of hair across the left side of her


Sharee: So will you be performing for us tonight?

Webb: Im not sure If I really have a talent.

Sharee: It would make this gathering more successful if everyone participated.

Webb: Yes your right of course, I'm not going to argue with you there, I'm just

not sure if any of my talents are suitable for this sort of evening, ill see how

things pan out......

Webb: << My talents are not so entertaining >>

Sharee: ::confused:: How?

Rocar: If I could have your attention for a moment please…

Cyrus: ::whispering:: Oh, the old man is off again, I wonder which speech he is

going to give us

Sharee: ::also whispering:: The old man?

Cyrus:: smiling slyly:: Rocar and I go back along way, perhaps my talent should

be telling stories

Sharee: I have a feeling that could be very interesting.

Cyrus: Well I'm not sure if this is the right environment, maybe later when

there is not so many people around ill tell you some of his secrets

Sharee: Promise?

::Unfortunately Rocar was getting into his speech now. The conversation between

Delinda and Cyrus came to a quiet end, as they listened to what the Captain had

to say.::

((End Flashback))

Jansen: Well lets see here, they probably have enjoyment and

celebrating to do so lets allow them to get their torture over quickly.

How about we have our new commanders go first. Delinda, why don't you

start us off and then Geeva can follow you.

::Surprised to be leading off the talents, Delinda picked up her flute and

headed towards the stage. The applause was polite, it carried the undertone of

people dreading a poor performance by a deluded musician. At least that is what

it sounded like to Delinda..::

Sharee: Thank you Jansen, for the kind introduction. Tonight I will be doing

Claude Debussy's Syrinx. In classic Earth mythology the Syrinx was a nymph

follower of Artemis, known for her chastity. But Pan fell in love with her, and

pursued her where ever she went. Desperate to escape Pan, she sought help from

the river nymphs. As an answer, they turned her into hollow reeds, that made a

mournful sound as Pan blow out a frustrated breath across them. Pan then cut

the reeds and tied them into the first pan pipes. This piece by Debussy is

meant to evoke Pan's sadness of losing his love. This piece is particular

connected to the flute as it was the first written for an unaccompanied flute in

the 20th century. ::smiling brightly:: It is also a favorite of mine.

::After two slow, calming breathes, Delinda raises the flute into position. A

touch unorthodox Delinda's flute is off to the left, rather then the right, as

she finds it easier to play her overhand with her dominant hand. With one more

breath Delinda begins with a long clear tone, followed by a trilling descent

into a lower register. Slowly the story of Pan's pursuit plays out on the tones

from the flute. Long tones signifying Pan's approach, followed by the light

trilling evasion of Syrinx. The game begins lightly, and almost playful. But

soon Pan's pursuit becomes more determined and Syrinx's evasion more reckless.

Syrinx's arrival at the river is signaled by a bubbling section eluding to the

running water of the river. Once more the long tones signal the approach of

Pan, building sharply as he looks for his love. A mournful tone signals his

frustrated breath on the reeds. Slowly the mournful tone turns to a mournful

song as Pan fashions his instrument and begins to play.::

::As Delinda played she could see a few people getting into the piece as she

played, and a few politely waiting for her to finish. The performance was going

about how she expected. She was well aware not everyone was as big a fan of the

flute, or mythology, as she was. But she found her gaze kept coming back to her

table companion. It looked to her as if he was one of the people enjoying the

piece. But with the gruff exterior of a Security Officer worn like a suit, it

was a difficult to read his feelings by body language. It was funny to think.

Delinda had just met the man, but for some reason she hoped he was enjoying her


::Looking away from Cyrus, Delinda refocused on the ending of the piece.

Suffice to say Delinda was a bit surprised when she heard another instrument

joining her. It almost sounded like a Terran fiddle, but different in a way she

couldn't put her finger on. It took a moment to find who was joining her. Out

in the crowd of the senior staff, Kalpana had taken up her sving-meh and had

fallen in with an interesting interpretation to accompany the flute. Soon

Kalpana had risen and joined Delinda on the stage. Gradually Delinda let the

piece wonder away from Debussy's work, only using it as a touch stone to frame

the impromptu improvisation. The tenor of the music grew lighter and less

mournful, the Terran and the Iridian getting playful with the interplay of the

unlikely dueting instruments.::

Tag Bryan

((OOC: Excellent idea Bryan. Feel free to take the duet where you want. When

you want Kalapana to get to her solo Delinda can fade out, and take her seat.

And thank you Jansen for letting us change your shows format just a touch.))

Lt Cmndr Delinda Sharee


Starbase 118 Ops

Edited by Julia Harden
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Edit: I had the title and author mixed. Hopefully it's correct now.

Ensign Jansen Orrey, science officer, and I agreed this post should be nominated. He isn't able to start a topic yet.

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Edit: I had the title and author mixed. Hopefully it's correct now.

Ensign Jansen Orrey, science officer, and I agreed this post should be nominated. He isn't able to start a topic yet.

Thanks for the help getting this where it belonged.

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