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[2008: JUL-AUG] Idol


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The story below is pure fiction, any resemblance to actual characters and events is purely coincidental, yet cheerfully supported by the author, except cases of legal and money claims, in which case you're on your own, leeches. This short snippet is revealed to public only because of as of yet miserably low number of entries to this challenge. The judges aren't obliged to treat the opus like a serious entry. In fact they are warmly invited to treat it like the load of hype it is.


The Author

PS. Still I denote the post with an arrow icon, because I'd like feedback :biggrin2:


By Jophry Calhan

A terran child of about 9 sits on the carpet in his colorful room. He looks

up with his innocent blue eyes to his greatest hero of all time.

Child: "You are the strongest, quickest, awesomiest and richest person I

ever met. You’re so smart, you always win and your pockets are full. You have

big guns, bigger cargo holds and your ship owns the great galactic river of

opportunity! Every night when I hear mom and dad complaining about Dominion

fighters I know I am safe because you’re on the watch! ::The child brushes

his hair and 'incidentally' shows his wristwatch with a man's face on it.:: When I grow

up I wanna be just like you! You are the best, Action Fleet Supreme

Commander 'Wipe 'em Down' 'Your Money or Your Life' Acquisition Trooper Eternal!"

As the camera rolls we can see who the child is talking to. It's an action

figurine held high in his small hand. The child begins to play and a repulsive

squeak dominates the audio.

Ferengi Voice: "You too can have your own Action Fleet Supreme Commander 'Wipe

'em down' 'Your Money or Your Life' Acquisition Trooper Eternal. Boy, he is

eternal! Only two strips of latinum per dolly! Come one come all to Goldo’s

Premium Stores, located in every decent starbase in this Quadrant!"


End of commercial.

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