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[Round 14] God-Emperor into the Battle. If he has to...


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((MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher's Secondary Dwelling))

((aka, the Ready Room, to you poloi))

::There was something in the air, something that Andreus Napeta

Cataria VII (Andy to you mere mortals) did not like. He could not

shake the sentiment of menace that his dream of the Collector had

inspired in him. The menace increased on the stairs. Nor did the look

in MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher's face as she looked into his eyes

improve matters.::

Riley: Blah blahblah blah blah blah Andreus Napeta Cataria VII, blah

blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

blah Dark Agents of the Collector.

Andy: Roooooo...

::Which any idiot would know to be feline for, "I regret that I only

have but one life to give for my MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher. Well,

one of nine, and I'm not happy about it, but I'll do it anyway. If I

have to."::

::Feline is a very expressive language.::

::MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher held Andreus Napeta Cataria VII

close, in what he could not help but feel might be a final embrace.

And then he was on the floor.::

Riley: Blah blah Andreus Napeta Cataria VII.

::MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher gave him a push from behind. Andreus

Napeta Cataria VII looked over his shoulder at her as she did so.::

Andy: Riou.

::Which roughly translated means, "I'm going already. Jeez!"

Logan: response?

::Andreus Napeta Cataria VII stalked onto the Bridge with the

confidence of his distant relatives stalking onto the plains of the

Serengeti. Only zebras didn't bite back. And Andreus Napeta Cataria

VII knew that these Dark Agents of the Collector could do more than

just bite. Only the tip of his tail betrayed the nervousness that he


Andy: Reeeer!

::Which is feline for, "You will leave my realm at once and return to

the Netherworld from whence you came. Or face the consequences."::

Dodhun/other Reapers: responses?

::Andreus Napeta Cataria VII walked right up to the largest of the

Dark Agents of the Collector and sprang at his face, claws extended.

There was a very satisfying scream.::

Dodhun/other Reapers: responses?

::The next few moments were a blur for Andreus Napeta Cataria VII. He

hissed and bit and scratched, moving from one Dark Agent to another.

They fired their weapons, hitting each other rather than him. He was

nowhere, he was everywhere. He was God Emperor, defending his


::Somewhere in the midst of the battle, his loyal followers arrived.

Andreus Napeta Cataria VII decided that he had borne the brunt of the

battle long enough, and he stepped away from the fray to let his

minions finish with the clean-up. He did however manage a few final

scratches on one of the fallen Dark Agents of the Collector.::

Riely: Blah blah blah, Darkest Agent of the Collector! Blah blah blah


::The leader of the Dark Agents of the Collector roared out a

challenge. Andreus Napeta Cataria VII roared his own challenge. And

then his whiskers began to twitch. There was something odd in the

air. Well, something more odd than being confronted with the physical

minions of a mythopoetic feline demigod.::

::While Andreus Napeta Cataria VII had never been very good at math --

he left such matters to lesser beings -- there did not seem to be as

many Dark Agents of the Collector in the area as there should be. He

looked around curiously, chasing unpleasant smells that seemed to

disappear and lead nowhere.::

::He went to find MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher and rubbed himself

between her legs. Whatever she was saying, it could not be as

important as the information he had to convey to her.::

::If only she were a cat and could understand him.::

Andy: Riou!!!


Andreus Napeta Cataria VII

God-Emperor of the Universe

aka Andy, to you mere mortals

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Reactions on the Tiger OOC list:

"Well, just let me put my vote in for that cat being the coolest dang thing on

four legs since the lion king...wow what a great post !! Thanks for making me

laugh and think.. !!

Great job"


I'll put it forward for Top Sims... assuming no-one beats me to it.

its got my vote !!!
Hehe, I think I may stroll over to the forums to vote for it. Silent me :P
I liked him most with wings... ;) !

Do it! NOW

Now, the fact the sim got singled out like that says a lot, I believe that's a first on our list.

So how on Earth has ANYONE given this 2 or 3 stars? Cos there's no other way that this sim would appear 4 stars at the second, given I'm one of the two raters and gave it 5. I know for fact that if it were rated 4 stars by the second nominator, it would appear rounded up to 5; I did so to my own sim after Cmdr Riley nominated it last week.

Top class sim, from a top class writer. Both deserves all the recognition they can get.

Edited by Salak
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((MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher's Secondary Dwelling))

I love the name for Commander Riley (MotherLovelyLadyGoodScritcher).

I could never write from an animal's view point. I wouldn't even know

where to began. Good work.

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