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[Round 14] Home Again


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::Jaxx stood watching the view screen as the ship moved closer to DS24. He could imagine a nice hot meal and a shower...most of all, a fresh uniform. He stood watching the Bridge crew do what they could to assist in the docking of the starship. As he stood he heard a beautiful voice.::

Lee: ::walking up to him:: Are you all right?

Jaxx: ::turns around and smiles:: Talon...yes. ::He looked her over, physically to make sure everything was where it was supposed to be. Then focused on his empathic abilities to gage her mood...she was tired, and a bit drained. But for what they had been through she was in good spirits.::

Lee: Isn't that the DS24 docking bay?

Jaxx: ::smiles:: Yes, we should be in the station in a matter of moments. It will do everyone some good.

Lee: ::her shoulders slumped with relief:: Yes, disembarking should boost the crew's spirits some. And I wouldn't mind it myself. ::turning her head to look at him.:: How about you?

Jaxx: ::looking into her eyes:: Yes...home.

Lee: Yes, that, and a hot bath, a light supper, a little time to unwind, and a good night's sleep. Sound good?

Jaxx: It sounds very good. ::laughs::

Lee: So why are we standing here looking at it, ::smiles:: when we could already be there.

Jaxx: ::smiles as he stood up straight and fixed his tattered, blood soaked uniform:: You are getting a little ahead of yourself, Lieutenant. ::winks:: I am sure the Captain will be out at any moment to dismiss the crew. I will arrange transport to the cabin, I figured we could stay there tonight, then the transport for Betazed leaves tomorrow afternoon.

::She grinned at him. They were finally going to his home World; but the joy quickly faded. How could they go with so many hurt, and hurting from their losses.::

Lee: But what about the crew?

Jaxx: ::turns back to the view screen:: I am concerned about Ashley...I want to leave, I need to leave...but I am not sure she will be okay.

Lee: I know. It was so sad to hear what happened to her. She and Hugh, both have got to be devastated.

Jaxx: I would say that her and Hugh need to spend all of their time alone in their new house. But I would feel a little more comfortable if they were looked in on from time to time.

Lee: ::squeezing his hand:: Then we should stay, or I could stay so you can have the time off.

Jaxx: I thought of Commander Aadi...he usually stays on Shinraka and it would be nothing for him to take a shuttle to their house. But I was thinking more like...Commander Danzia.

Lee: Do you think she'll want to do it? She's been through the mill just like everyone else.

Jaxx: After the Captain gives the order to disembark, will you check with her and see what she will be doing during her shore leave, if she wants to return to Delta IV for a few days don't bother her...but if she will remain at her place on Shinraka...see if she would mind checking in on them both.

Lee: Sure, ::smiles:: I can do that. Her platform is right down the beach from their cabin. I'll go get my things packed, then go to sickbay.

Jaxx: I will see you in a little bit.

Lee: ::smiles:: You best believe it. I'll meet you at the dock.

::Jaxx watched Talon walk toward the turbolift, she was so beautiful when she walked away. She always gave him that look over her shoulder as she left. He waited for her to turn to look and when she did...::

Jaxx: ::mouthing the words, but not speaking them:: I love you.

::Talon returned the same.::

Lt. Andrus Jaxx

Chief Counselor

USS Challenger, NCC-12886


PNPC Dr. Talon Lee, ACCO

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