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[2008: JUL-AUG] Grandeur


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By Toni Turner

Alex stepped onto the Bridge; paused a moment to survey the officers on duty; smirked slightly, then took the center chair; his eyes trained on the view screen before him. His resolve was clear - the USS Dionysus belonged to him, and he would not give credence to any threat toward her, or. . . . himself.

He barked, “Report!”

His First Officer turned to him, “The Romulan Sub-Commander has been notified as per your order, Captain, but the damage they’ve sustained is interfering with compliance with the terms of surrender. He’s requesting 30 minutes more.”

Resting his elbow on the arm of his chair, Alex fingered his lower lip, contemplating his next move. He mused his ship’s namesake, and pictured himself as the golden man from Greek myths, standing atop enormous and dangerous energy. oO I should have been named Apollo, but I suppose Alexander is the price one must pay for having been born to an unimaginative father. Oo

He retorted, pointedly sober, “Give him 15 minutes, and not one second more.”

"Aye, sir."

As his First Officer executed the communication, Alex regarded the cut of her ankle and the smooth silhouette of her calf and thigh. He relaxed against the back of his chair. He had often prized her mind, and although he had never approached her, he had often envisioned her another of his conquests. oO She adores me. I can tell by the way she jumps at my every command. Oh, she tries to hide it as only following orders, but I know she cannot resist me . . . when this is over she'll love me forever. Oo

His tactical officer interrupted his fantasy, "Weapons have been calibrated to the Warbird's vital coordinates, and are ready to fire, Sir."

Feeling that the officer was of a mind to overstep his boundaries, Alex glanced his way, and postured a warning question, “On my order, Lieutenant?”

“Aye, of course, sir. On your order.”

Returning to his thoughts, Alex considered the young man's obvious attempt to circumvent his authority. It was clear he wanted to move up the chain of command, but in Alex’s mind he was much too eager to threaten his position. oO Imbecile! Do you really think I’d consider you for my fast track to command? I've seen you watching me, making note of perfection at work, but there is no way you'll ever meet my measure for I have mastered the complexities of command, and they are beyond your realm. No, you will help fulfill my ascension to the higher ranks. And when I have no further need of you. You will suffer the same fate as a cast-off lover . . . discarded. Oo

Intoxicated by power, daydreams of things he wanted to do and would do, and things he desired and would have, filled him with conceit. He would prove to be a great warrior, foiling every foe with a flair never before seen in Starfleet, and this Romulan ship was only the beginning.

His First Officer reminded him of the elapse time, "Five minutes, Captain."

Alex smiled cunningly, oO It's time. Time for Romulan jackals to feel the bite of the ultimate achievement of my command. I, Captain Alex Pulzar, will put an end to Romulan tyranny single-handedly. Oo

He stood; his steely eyes staring straight ahead as he stretched to his full height, and puffed out his chest. oO The celebration for what I do today, will last well into the night. Oo Glancing to his tactical officer again. “Lieutenant, lock on and prepare to fire!”

“But sir, you said...”

“Do you question your Captain? Obey my command, or get off my Bridge! I have no time for wimps!”

The Lieutenant glared at Alex in utter defiance. "I'm not a wimp!" Moving quickly toward the turbolift, the Lieutenant was closely followed by his sister.

Alex stomped his foot, and yelled after them. "NO... NO... NO... you can't go yet. You're my FO and CTO, and we haven't finished off the Romulans!"

The FO turned to face him, yelling back at him. "You don't play fair, Alex, and we're telling father!"

The turbolift door closed behind them, leaving Alex standing on the Bridge alone... his plans foiled by his siblings. He narrowed his eyes, empathizing a spiteful expression. oO Go ahead and tell father; see if I care. Tomorrow I'll be Chief of Security, and I'll lock you both in the Brig. Oo

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