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[2008: JUL-AUG] Surf's Up


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This topic was made for LtCmdr Tel Telar's submission to the challenge.

Surf's Up

Lt. Stone staggered out of the large emergency field hospital... his vision was slightly blurry and his mouth was dry... the tangy metalic scent of Cardassian blood was permanently stamped in his mind... but what else could he expect... he had just finished over 20 hours of emergency surgery...

He stopped... the brisk wind ruffled his blonde hair as it tried to whisk the smell of blood away... all it managed to do was mix it with the salty smell of the nearby ocean... the steady rythmic crash of the waves had been steadily increaseing over the last few hours...

"Here you go."

At the sound of the voice Stone turned to see his Cardassian assistant... she looked almost as tired as he did.

"Thanks, what is it," he asked as he took the steaming mug from her hands.

"Well according to the portable replicator it's coffee." she replied.

He took a sip, then winced.

"Is it that bad," she asked, the concern evident in her voice.

"Yes, but it's better than nothing." Then he took another deep sip before he turned to gaze out over the endless waves as they continued to pound onto the nearby shore.

"Have they found anymore survivors?" he asked as he continued to stare into the distance.

"No. All they're finding now are bodies."

"About what I expected, too much time has passed for us to expect to find any more alive."

"True," she replied in a melancoly tone. "But on the bright side we were able to save a majority of the survivors."

"Most is not all," he mumbled as the vision of the young mother and her baby flashed accross his memory. He had tried everything but the damage had been to severe. Nothing he could do... he was only human...

"Are you ok sir?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Why?"

"Because your crying," she replied.

"I'm OK." he replied. Then he just stood their for a few moments before he took a deep breath, gulped down the rest of the coffee and turned to her. "Get me another cup of that stuff will you."

"Sure. You going to be OK?"

"Yeah. I'm going to get changed."

"Thats a good idea. If you don't mind my saying you look like something out of one of those stupid slasher vids you showed me."

He glanced down at his medical gown. It was caked with gore and dried blood.

"Yeah I guess I do." Then he turned and walked away towards where the temporary shower and sleeping tents were located.

His assistant watched him walk away. She saw that he only stopped by the portable generator and it's industrial replicator for a moment before proceeding into one of the tents. Then she walked over to the area set up as a temporary mess hall.

She tapped the replicator interface activateing it, "Terran coffee, black, medium heat." waited the few seconds for it to fill her order then took it over to one of the tables. Then she sat and relaxed, her eyes closed and she rested her head on her hands.

"Gria, wake up."

She must have drifted off because she was startled awake by his voice. "I'm sorry sir. I must have fallen asleep."

"Go to bed. Get some sleep." he told her.

She looked up at him to reply but was startled by what she saw. He was wearing some strange looking form fitting black material and holding what appeared to be a weirdly shaped board that was as tall as him but with a smooth surface. It was brightly coloured and trim, with graceful curved sides.

"What's that?" she asked as he picked up the mug and took a deep drink of the black liquid.

"Oh this." he replied as he moved the board. "This is just what the doctor ordered." Then he took another drink, put down the mug and walked off with a big smile on his face.

She turned to watch him as he started to run towards the ocean.

The ocean! She jumped to her feet and raced after him. Was he crazy. The waves were over 10 feet high. He'd kill himself if he tried to swim in those waves.

Then she slowed and finally stopped as she watched him ride the waves. The board was supporting his weight. Lifting him up to the crest then dropping him from sight into the gap behind the wave. Bit by bit he managed to work his way out till she could just see him.

Then she watched as he turned the board, climbed to his feet and stood. Stood! She could not believe her eye's. He was standing, standing on the board and rideing the waves. His body bent at the waist, shifting back and forth. In no time he had been swept close to the shore. Then with yell of pure joy he dropped off the board into the water.

Shaking her head she turned and headed towards her bed. When first she had been told it had left her confused. Not now. Now it finally made sense.

"Men will be boys as long as they have their toys."

If nothing else that was probally the best description she had heard yet to describe what she had just watched. With a slight grin on her face she continued towards her bed.

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