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[Round 13] Good Morning


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(( Eskyys Family Quarters: Constitution ))

:: Esk opened his eyes as someone moved his hand. Groggily he looked

at Jen. ::

ESK: What?.. Why you bothering him?

JEN: Because he is hungry, you really where out.

ESK: What? You just fed him?

JEN: that was four hours ago Hun. Why don't you go sleep in our bed.

ESK: Bed? Yea.. sounds good.

:: Esk slowly got his feet under him and stumbled his way into the

bedroom. He did have time to notice that there was a much larger bed

here then on Discovery. Then his head hit the pillow and he was

out. ::

( 0500 )

:: Esk eyes opened and he sat up in one motion. Feeling Jens arm drop

from his chest he looked down at her, and a smile crossed his face.

For the first time in a while he actually was looking forward to the

day. Whatever it brought the crew would once again face it together.

With Tyr back they where whole again, and a load was lifted from him.

And they had a Galaxy class ship to play with. ::

JEN: What are you all smiles about.

ESK: It is a great day, and we have a bright future. What more is


JEN: Sleeping past five AM for one.

ESK: What? Why? Perfect time to start a day.

JEN: Not after feeding your son every couple of hours. Go away and

let me sleep.

ESK: As you wish.

:: Without a second glance Esk was up and into the living area,

although he did keep it down as much as possible there was still a

groan when he started whistling. After getting some coffee he headed

to the corner with a desk and plopped down in front of it. He spent

some time going over duty rosters and assorted request for this and

that. He looked up when a strange *thump* sounded. When it repeated

he got up and began tracing it. It only took a few more before he was

staring down at his son, who was happily lifting his right leg then

dropping it onto the bed. ::

ESK: So does this mean your ready to get up?

:: Bending over Esk carefully picked up his son, and then held him at

arms length. ::

ESK: WOW! You stink! Oh that's funny huh? You know I've never done

this before.

:: Looking around the room Esk spotted what must be a changing table.

Since it did have diapers, wipes and other baby type stuff on it.

Moving his son to the table Esk spent the next ten minutes learning

the dirty side of babies. ::

ESK: That better? And your Mom is still sleeping? You must have

really worked her out. Lets go find some breakfast.

:: After changing into a Duty uniform Esk again picked up his son and

took him in search of some food. Which didn't take long, as there

where small gallies throughout the ship. Esk entered one to find it

almost empty, only 5 other people in the room. He walked to the

replicator and ordered a bowl of oatmeal with honey and butter and a

cup of coffee. Balancing the tray in his right hand and his son in

his left Esk moved to a table and sat down. He was about to take a

bit when a female crewman walked up. ::

ESKYYS: Can I help you... ?

ROGERS: Crewman third-class Rodgers Sir. :: Her eyes where misting

over, and Esk was getting confused. :: Can I hold your son Sir?

Please, I miss my little brother something fierce and he is so cute.

ESKYYS: What? :: Just Staring for a moment. Then looking at his son

and back to Rogers. Finally he shrugged his shoulders. :: Sure, why


:: Carefully handing his son over to her. Tys only reaction was to

coo and grab a handful of long blond hair. Rogers sat down at an

adjacent table and began talking to him. Esk shrugged and began

eating. Watching out of the corner of his eyes he noticed others

walking up to see the baby. By the time he finished there was a

growing crowd around his son. Esk was surprised at the number of

people. Where did they all come from. He also noticed that the crowd

was 90 percent female. ::

ESKYYS: What somebody send out a message that we where here.

ROGERS: Word seems to have spread fast. Everyone loves babies Sir.

ESKYYS: I guess so, but... :: Suddenly the com yelled.


ESKYYS: =/\= With me? I'll have him home in a moment. =/\= Sorry

looks like we have to go.

:: Amid a few groans Esk quickly took Tys and headed back to his

quarters. This was not going to be pretty. ::

Lt Cmdr Eskyys


USS Discovery-B

USS Constitution-B

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Someone's in trouble! :D

ROFL, love it!

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