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[Round 13] Self-Realizations

James T. Kolk

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((Wilde Estate - Guest Room))

::Sarion laid on the bed in her room staring at the ceiling. She'd been doing this for 4 hours. It didn't seem like she was going to sleep at all tonight, but hadn't counted on sleeping. In her minds eye she kept remembering things, each more painful than the last. She relived the way that Wulfram had spoken to her, treated her. Did he realized that she was older then his grandparents? That there was no reason that she, being not part of Starfleet, should be treated with any less respect than those in it. Her frustration with this child raged as she experienced it again.::

::She saw Alt. Wilde's blood on her hands, his face wounded by her nails. She felt the rush of anger following the discovery of Borg technology. Her face visibly contorted as she thought about the fear that this discovery had caused to surface deep inside her. She cared for these people and the thought of their assimilation was too much to consider.::

::Then she was a small child again, her home destroyed. Her father fighting for their lives her mother was crying, her sister was crying. She was out to survive, showing no emotion. Her father had told them to flee above all else flee. As they reached the ship which would eventually take them to safety it was apparent he was not returning.::

::Months later when the Borg had attack this vessel again she came face to face with a drone. It was her father. Against all odds she had survived. Not only that she had been forced to destroy her father to protect herself and her family. It had been the hardest, and most painful thing she'd ever done. It wasn't made easier by the fact her father had said he'd rather be dead then Borg. it hadn't been made easier by the fact he'd been a Borg. She had still killed her father.::

::She'd kept this from her mother and sister. She'd left soon after this event to experience life on her own. The loneliness nearly killed her. She'd become a Gypsy. Then she received news that her mother had died. It wasn't until she heard this that she'd been able to cry, and cry she did. She'd gone looking for her sister but had never found her oONot until this yearOo she reminded herself.::

::She was lying on her bed sobbing loudly. This all was too much. It made her want to run. When faced with trials she'd always run, ever since that first run to survive. Now, she couldn't. She had the option, but she'd finally made friends, made a home for herself. She'd never forgive herself if she left Will now. Never knowing what could be. And, she'd promised Jack a game of chess. She'd never broken a promise in her life. She'd just have to learn to live, and maybe understand Danny's implants. Maybe she'd make him tell her about it. It might help. Maybe she should bring Karynn and Will if that happened, all things considered.::

::Sarion went to the window and watched the sunrise. Will was right. Today was a new day. Looking in the mirror she wiped tears from her eyes. She had to do something, or she'd go on like this for days. With that she headed out the door, and down to the kitchen. When she didn't know what to do, she cooked.::

::After having some coffee, and making herself eggs she decided to wait, and see if she could cook for anyone else. Everyone would be up soon. Someone was bound to want hot food. She turned as someone walked through the door.::

Sarion: ::Smiling:: Good morning!

Anyone: Response.


Sarion Matsur


USS Ronin

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I love the fact that this post doesn't change the Sarion we see IC. She's still going to cook for us, and serve us as best she can, but it explores the heart of her character in a way we've never seen before, and shows us OOC so many things we wouldn't have guessed about her. It's truly a brilliant glimpse into a very sweet but troubled character. Well done!

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