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[Round 13] No one can hurt you


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::Standing at the end of Ashley’s bed Barnes felt the sadness flow from him, he knew that they’d lost the baby boy she’d been carrying, but looking at Ashley sleeping, Barnes knew there’d be other chances, for now he had to be strong for Ashley, who had not only lost their child but had been kidnapped and nearly assimilated by the Borg. Sensing someone behind him, Barnes glanced round to see Danzia standing there, smiling slightly.

Danzia: She won't wake up for a few hours. She was agitating herself and making things worse...

Barnes::Nodding: I know. She looks so frail. Sleeping will do her good.

Danzia: :: reaching to rest a hand on his arm. :: And now you are doing the same thing. Please, rest. You can do it here, but you will be no good for her if you make yourself worse.

Barnes::Nodding:: Okay doc, do your worst.

::After Danzia had patched him up and gone to deal with the worst hit by the attack Barnes sat beside the bed and watched Ashley. After dozing for a few minutes he woke to screaming. Jumping up he looked round and saw Ashley sitting upright; fear in her eyes. Sitting back down he reached out and hugged her.

Barnes: Hush. Your safe now. No one can hurt you here.

Boles-Barnes: ::crying:: Oh Hugh, the baby.. I lost..our child.

Barnes: I know, hush it will be alright.

Boles-Barnes: ::hugging him tightly, blaming herself.:: Please forgive me. I should have been more careful.

Barnes: Careful, there was no more you could have done. Your not to blame.

Boles-Barnes: ::Calmer:: I'll be alright. Why don't you get some rest. I'll probably go back to sleep anyway.

Barnes: I’ll go when I’m sure your sleeping properly. Any way I’m not tired.

Boles-Barnes: No, really, I want you to rest now. ::forces a smile:: You look tired, and there's no sense in you watching me sleep.

Barnes: Oh I don’t know I can think of better ways of spending my time.

::Holding her tight he watched as a nurse walked over and gently placed a hypo against her arm; watching Ashley gently drift off to sleep. Standing he bent forward and kissed her lips.

Barnes: Sleep tight. I’ll make sure your always safe in the future.

::Walking out of sickbay Barnes hesitated and closing his eyes he let out a heartfelt cry of pain and anguish. Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes and headed for the turbo lift. Riding up to the bridge in silence he stoop in the doorway as it opened and watched as JT took the tactical station and manually targeted the disabled cube. Stepping onto the bridge he looked around for Captain T’Pen, aware of his disheveled, blood and sweat stained uniform, and matted, blood soaked hair.

Barnes: Permission to return to duty Captain.

LtCmdr Hugh Barnes


USS Challenger

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