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[Round 12] Eggs in question?

Minxing Shimisi

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(( Conference Room - USS Tiger ))

::Prox had a strange need not to be even a moment late for a briefing, so they were literally running through the ship..and arrived among the first. Marcus was involved with an officer Vojana didn't know, and since Prox left her to get a PaDD and write something down she sat at the table where she wrongly thought is a backplace.::

Ventu: I'm sorry I never got a chance to speak with you about the department, Doctor. But at this point, it looks like it's a moot point.

Satscher: Oh, don't worry. We'll have time to talk about department , Doctor.

Ventu: ::with a smile:: You know, you're the only one who does that.

Satscher: What do you mean?

Ventu: Calls me "doctor." Everyone else seems to forget that counselors are medical officers to, and this counselor ::pointing to herself:: ... or ex-counselor, anyway ... holds a doctorate. I kind of like the anonymity, but ... it's appreciated, what you do. Thank you.

Satscher: It’s actually strange, you know. I caught myself often avoiding ranks and call people I don’t know well Mr. and Mrs., and actually calling you Doctor is a same thing.

Ventu: So, have you met Doctor Prox?

Satscher: Yes, we met after the briefing aboard Independence.

Ventu: What do you think of him?

Satscher: Interesting person, with an urge to talk, to say things about himself, and to learn about people, but at the same time to hide things and fear hearing what may be secret. You know him?

Ventu: Yes, we were together on the Triumphant during some ... interesting times.

Satscher: May I inquire about it? Interesting times, I mean!

Ventu: Sure. It started when we received an order to check out the FTU for some possible trading opportunities....

:: But Sidney entered at that moment, and Lily trailed off. ::

Ventu: Maybe later?

Satscher: I hold you on that!

:: Sidney began to speak.::

Riley: Welcome to the Tiger everyone. I am very happy to have the best crew in the fleet.

Riley: Each of you is here because of your specialties and your abilities. And I am looking forward to working with and getting to know each of you. As well as this wonderful ship of ours. She is old, she is small, but newer and bigger is not always better. She has history and she has heart and she's ours.

Now to the tasks at hand...Admiral Anassasi announced our duty roster, but I have the department

head positions for our first mission as promised.

LtCmdr. Thomas you are our Chief Engineer. Lt. Dickens you will be our Chief Tactical Officer, Ltjg. Long will be placed as our Chief of Security, Lt. Clack Chief of Science and Ltjg. Prox will be our CMO.

oOWhat, why. I don't understand.Oo ::Vojana was too surprised to react, and captain continued as fast she didn't even had a chance.::

As you all know we are headed to a planet near the Constellationite system of Snow-on-the-Hilltop to answer a distress call. The planet's name is Klakkr's Drift and it's leader is Raja Ul'tien. Two and a half hours ago the system was attacked by a vessel....

::Sidney tapped a few buttons and the image focused in on a black ship, twisted and ominous. The ship appeared to be retreating back to a station just as eerie looking as the ship.::

The ship appears to be headed for this station. However, we're concerned about the ship because it

appears to be a predecessor of ship that was encountered by the Ursa Major almost a year ago.

::Pausing her gaze fell over the crew and she wondered what they were thinking. She raised an eyebrow and gave the room a quizzical look.::

Riley: It has been speculated the ship is a Reaper ship, but one somehow different from those we've encountered before...


Riley: Knowing the Ursa Major encountered a similar ship before, can anyone offer additional insight to what we might encounter when we arrive?

Thomas/Prox/Long/Clack: RESPONSES

Riley: I want to be prepared when we arrive in the system for anything...LtCmdr. Thomas and Lt. Salak, I would like the two of you to work together in engineering. The Tiger is an old ship, she has quirks, she has personality...I want to know everything about her before we get there...::Sidney paused she knew her request wasn't humanly possible, but she wanted to see what their responses would be.:: I want engineering to follow every circuit and every wire, make sure she's ready...

Thomas/Salak: RESPONSES

Riley: Lt. Dickens, Lt. Clack and Ltjg. Long I would like you to find out anything you can about that ship...::She indicated the black twisted thing on the screen.:: Research the Ursa Major logs and see what comparisons you can make between the ship they encountered and this one. See if you can analyze the tape of the ship and determine their defensive capabilities based on the design. I want to know them before we encounter them....

Dickens: Aye captain.

Clack: Response

Long: Will do, Commander Riley.

Riley: Ltjg. Sharpe and Ensign Sudra, investigate the planet and Raja Ul'tien. Go over the records the Constellationites forwarded to us and find out what exactly we're getting in to here. Develop a tactical plan based on your findings.

Somers: Yes Captain, two, one is on topic, the other off topic

::Sidney turned her attention from the Denebian Ensign to another Ensign seated at the table. She nodded for her to continue.::

Somers: The one on topic, thinking from a Tactical view, do we actually know its combat capabilities and defences, what speeds can it do and how much damage we could suffer should this turn into a


:: Dickens looked at Sommers and understood why the department was so well managed while his absence in the Independence.::

Riley: Starfleet has been able to determine the unknown vessel is comparable to our Steamrunner-Wolverine class ship, both defensively and size-wise. Hence the reason we have the Tiger. Of course I

don't want this to make us complacent...


Riley: Dr. Prox and Dr. Satscher, I want a complete diagnostic of sickbay. Check with Lieutenant Sharpe and Ensign Sudra to find out more about the system and its inhabitants. Are there any special needs the Constellationites will have medically? Make sure we have the supplies we need and a triage set up in case we need it.

Satscher: After a fast inspection I can only say that we're in for a healthy amount of the frontier medicine, since we have three biobeds and ONE operation room. It is good for our professional growth and education, but not for patients if anything serious hit us. But good news is we're equipped with huge amount of raw biomaterial, so if need arise we'll be able to find out how much pressure can our replicators withhold.


Riley: Are there any questions?

::At the moment something in a report on Constellationites Vojana opened few minutes ago cought her attention.::

oOGorn eggs, fertilized. THEY CAN DO THAT. But of course, and they have cloaking device. But why would, no it just don't have sense. Or maybe do, they are separated. Two fractions. And those Grendellai, they are strange.... devil's hunters.Oo


Satscher: Well. As she said, there is no time to waste. =/\= Computer do we have in our database Gorn female and male child definitions? =/\=

Computer: =/\= No, nobody ever saw any of their hatchlings. =/\=

Satscher: Hatchlings,::that expression was so strange it stunned her for a moment.:: =/\=Computer, do we have any hatchlings even a bit similar in our database? =/\=

Computer: =/\=We have several.. =/\=

Satscher: =/\=Extrapolate, and give me time until Gorn dinner. =/\=

Computer: =/\=Extrapolate from what parameters. Time is -28:17. =/\=

Satscher: What parameters? =/\= Computer, extrapolate from all of them. Use every and all changes that occur for all males of all the species you have in a database, than use it on Gorn males, connecting it with readings we have on matured males than all the way through to the unfertilized eggs. Than repeat all that for females of the species. =/\=

Computer: =/\= Extrapolating. =/\= ::Heavy silence fell on a room. Vojana looked at the engineer by her side and by the look on his face she knew he is fully aware how important is the link they miss. When after less than a minute computer continued they both exhaled heavily.::

Computer: =/\= Male child should look like this. =/\= :: Holoprojection looked more like a crocodile than a biped, but face was Gorn in the essence, and muscular tonus seemed correct. Watching it passed another minute, and computer announced female Gorn child to be extrapolated, too. Girl was just a bit less masculine, but looked almost the same as a boy.::

Satscher: =/\= Computer, keep both holos active. =/\= Now we have to bring to life this dead hatchlings.


Satscher: We have readings on the unfertilized Gorn eggs, we have everything on a grown species, both male and female. Also as accurate as possible, hatchlings. Now we have to get all that in a prenatal concoction we created and reprogrammed here, as a basic parameters. Can you do that?


Satscher: In the meantime I’ll divide all the different readings we have on the fertilized eggs. Then we’ll see what is it we have here! =/\= Commander Maria, I was told you continued the work on eggs, did you managed to get exact time of fertilization for eggs we have, and times of death? =/\=

Maria: =/\=Yes I have it for most of them. =/\=

Satscher: =/\=Send everything you have to my PaDD, please. =/\=

Brice: Here you go, the data Commander sent.

Satscher: Thank you, Lt. Brice. Now let’s try with egg 1012, by the manifest it is 38 hours 5 minutes and 33 seconds old, fertilized 32 hours 27 minutes 32 seconds ago, and baby died 16 hours 22 minutes and 19 seconds ago. Let’s see what would hatch if that didn’t happen.

::Silence was even thicker than few minutes ago when computer was extrapolating Gorn babies. Vojana felt a pressure in her chest that choked her. This was answer that could start a war, or end it before it started….. if everything she knew led her to right conclusion. And finally hologram appeared in front of two.::

Brice: What is THAT?

Satscher: =/\= Captain Mar, Lt. Cmdr. Walker, please report to Medical Science Two. I have something here you just have to see…. =/\=

((end of memory))


Riley: Any more questions?

Satscher: Few hundred, maybe a bit less. Let's start with – during a mission while I was onboard Ronin we were sent to check some sensor buoys along the Gorn border. There we got in between FTU convoy and an angry Gorn captain. We managed to expose the evil scheme of the unidentified hostile aliens and explained the situation to the Gorn, so resolved matter peacefully.

::She paused to give everyone just enough time to return to their seats.::

Satscher: My research on fertilized Gorn eggs, with finding of unidentifiable cloaked vessel running away, saved the day. So here are two things I found in our database. One is that Constellationites prize Gorn eggs, fertilized or not, as a delicacy. And second, they are capable of fertilizing Gorn eggs.

Anyone/everyone: RESPONSE

Satscher: Questions: Ok, for one. Here in a record stand that they are somewhat separated. With which fraction is this Snow-on-the-Hilltop? With GoldenNectar or the Star Lord and One Kingdom? I mean this GoldenNectar, they can fertilize, and the rest of One Kingdom want them back into the unity.

Anyone/everyone: RESPONSE

Satscher: That was my first thought, but it don’t make sense. None of them would have any reason to start a war between Gorn and other side.

Anyone/everyone: RESPONSE

Satscher: Hey, don’t ask me. I said I have questions, not answers. And what bothers me the most is…

Anyone/everyone: RESPONSE

Satscher: Do we know when that first attach happened? Was it before or after Ronin’s border mission?


Lieutenant Vojana Minerva Satscher


USS Independence – A

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