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[Round 12] Convergence


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"Evil" Jackford B. Kolk - "Convergence" or "Two Plots Diverged in an Airless Void... And I took the one more Gornified"

((French Danny Wilde's Lair, Calais))

Alt. Kolk: He's all yours...

::The form of an Andorian male strolled down the ramp - his security gold uniform dusted and frayed, but still displaying the single golden pip. His face was scarred, and a black eye patch covered a missing eye. "Deviant" Jack thrilled himself with the look of utter shock on his victim's face. His love was dying, and his sins were coming back to haunt him. It didn't get any better than this.::

Alt. Thelev: I appreciate it, Mr. Kolk ::turning to Danny:: I don't expect you were thinking you'd see me here?

Evil Wilde: Mr. Thelev... you're alive...

Alt. Thelev: Oh, you're very astute, Commander.

Evil Wilde: I thought you'd died... when the station exploded...

Alt. Thelev: No, not quite. You destroyed the space station while we were still fighting the Gorn and you thought the crew would be alright with that. Ah, but you didn't expect us to survive, did you? Apart from your chosen few, of course. Dozens of Starfleet officers cut down by Gorn as you fled, condeming them all to death, all for the 'bigger picture'.

Alt. Wilde: You... don't understand...

::The victorious engineer sneered at his beaten foe.::

Alt. Kolk: No, you never understood, Daniel. You never gave him, nor me, enough of what we deserved. Without either of us, you never would've held that station as long as you did. And how did you repay us? You tossed me into the brig, and handed him over to the Gorn while you ran like the coward you are.

Alt. Wilde: What is it you want? Why are you here, Jhen?

Alt. Thelev: Loyalty, Commander. It's more than a word, as I'm sure you know.

::Jhen locked his gaze briefly with Danny as the Commander crouched next to the writhing Trill. Looking up at the Federation shuttle he spoke louder to Jack.::

Alt. Thelev: You need to go, Jack. Now. Wilde's shuttle is prepped and ready to launch, and the longer you wait the more likely one of them is going to get trigger happy.

Alt. Kolk: So finish him and get in. No one's stopping you, Ensign.

Alt. Thelev: ::grinning:: Oh, I'm not going anywhere. I'll make sure they don't get to the Trill, though I don't think we'll be seeing each other again. Thanks for bringing me here, Jack, your work here is done. Now get moving!

Alt. Kolk: Make sure he dies painfully.

::Turning, Jack sprinted for the plush shuttlecraft. As he went he could hear one-eyed Jhen shouting a warning at the approaching Federation officers.::

Alt. Thelev: ::Raising his voice:: Stop where you are. Believe me when I tell you I don't want to shoot.

(([...]pit, SS Idril Mar))

::Tossing his phaser into the seat next to him, the human from another universe keyed in the launch sequence with one hand and with the other tapped the key that closed and locked the rear hatch. He longed to revel in the joy of his final victory, but there would be time for that later, once he vanished into thin air. Once the craft was off the ground, he gunned it, accellerating from 0 to full impulse in 3 seconds flat. The sonic boom as he passed through the bay doors sent that last few pieces of the mostly vaporized door crumbling to the floor below. As he raced toward the edge of the atmosphere at near-relativistic speeds, he pulled up the engineering readouts.::

Alt. Kolk: WHAT?!!!

::The phasers were gone, the shields at 11% and the cloak was... destroyed?? This he had to see. Telling the computer to launch him upward, perpendicular to the plane of the starsystem, he ran back to the engineering section. When he got there, he was extremely dismayed to find a mere pile of charred metal where there used to be a good old-fashioned Klingon cloaking device.::

Alt. Kolk: Alright. Plan B.

::Rerouting power from where it was no longer needed (i.e. the non-existent cloak) to the shields, he was able to completely repower them. The emitters, however, were very scrambled. He recalibrated them as quickly as he could, then did the same for the phasers. As he approached the dust cloud, he returned to the helm and checked the readout again: Phasers at 83%, Shields 95%.::

Alt. Kolk: Good.

::His getaway felt too easy. The Kursk had followed for a while, but, having bitten his dust, it was gone now. Stopping to collect his thoughts and decide on a course, he ran a sensor sweep of the system on a whim, focusing on the ship most likely to come after him: the USS Ronin. She was moving away from Mars, but not towards him. Minimal life signs, several humans, an Andorian, a Gorn, and a--Wait! WHAT!! A Gorn! He didn't care what the story on the Gorn was. It could've been a refugee who'd joined Starfleet. A scientist on a tour, a "diplomat" stealing a Federation starship. He didn't care. It would be a dead Gorn in a few minutes. He kicked the shuttle into a quick swirling turnaround, and headed at Warp 1.0 towards the Akira-class ship, slowing to 3/4 impulse just before he setting the proximity alert on board. He considered just beaming the lizard into open space, but that felt too kind. Instead, he prepared the transporter for something a bit more... artistic. Then, he typed in a quick message that he'd make sure showed up on every powered console on the ship once he'd sent it. As he came within range, he managed to dive beneath the ship's shields just before whoever was flying the thing raised them. Matching her speed and practically s[...]ing the hull (but not) so they couldn't fire on him, Jack lowered his shields and initiated a five-part transport. Part I: beam the beast's tail in front of the deflector dish of the Ronin. Part II: beam the beast's arms directly in front of the port nacelle. Part III: beam his legs in front of the starboard. Part IV: Beam the torso in front of the Flight Operations Pod. And Part V: beam his head... into Lt. Kolk's quarters, facing the door. All 5 parts of the transport were accomplished simultaneously. Once the deed was done, Jack smiled at his handiwork.::

Alt. Kolk: Molecular transport is a joyous art.

::Thereafter, the SS Idril Mar set a course for a nice, quiet corner of the Ithassa region (as if such a place exists) at maximum warp, and a message blinked on every powered-up console aboard the Ronin.::

Message: I hope you don't mind; I took care of your little Gorn problem. You can thank me later. See you 'round the galaxy... -"Deviant" Kolk

::Unbeknownst to the nefarious Jackrford Kolk, he was no longer alone on the Idril Mar. While he was in close proximity to the larger starship, an old friend had sensed his presence and joined him on the small craft. Spathis and spawn swarmed around the passionate man joyously as he spirited them and himself away, not to be heard from for... well, as long as the Ronin crew could leave well enough alone.::

THE END... for now.


Jackford "Deviant" B. Kolk

Captain of his own destiny

SS Idril Mar

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