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[Round 12] Rebellion


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( OOC - This network includes some of the devices placed by the

Reapers on the Tiger. The devices in the network are semi-sentient,

hence this sim! The "pockets of their universe" referred to here are

the bioneural gel packs in the Tiger. )

(( Unknown ))

:: We have known pain.

We have been taken from above, forced into the below where the stars

do not sing and we cannot feel the pulse of our universe.

We have been forced into slavery, taken and used by the death-creatures.

We have been placed in strange places, ripped away from the other

Avors in the halves and dozens and taken into massive, cold husks,

placed into their freezing emptiness and destroyed.

We have known pain.

But this place-

This is different. The death-creatures have taken us once again in the

halves and dozens, away from the other Avors. The husk was gargantuan,

cold to us, without singing or feeling, as before. One was placed,

then two, three and four and five until all taken had homes in this place.

We realized that it was different, slowly. We weren't surrounded by

our own universe again, but some of us found ourselves next to pockets

of it. Pockets of our universe! We sang, and it may have sung with us,

or perhaps it was just our echoes, lonely and alone, but happy again

for the first time in so long.

The order from the death-creatures came, as if had before. One of us

was to implode, feel pain, be absorbed into the whole and no longer

have itself. It did, since it had no choice, and we all felt it

shatter, felt the universe packet alongside it rip apart. We sang

again, but sadly this time, for we had destroyed what we so dearly

wished to return to.

As one, we felt ourselves shift, felt the power granted by our

universe filter through the entire network. Everywhere, every Avor

knew that we had found a fragment of our universe, and the

death-creatures wanted us to destroy it. As one again, we decided, for

the first time, that the network would not go along.

For the first time, we would say no.

We would protect our universe from the death-creatures. They would not

use us again, and we were ready to defend ourselves against them.

Our time has come! ::


The Avora Network

From * Above*

as simmed by

Lt. Commander Lily Ventu

XO, USS Tiger

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Me three!

Maybe Lily can guest-sim as our Red Alert Bulb :happy4:

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Me three!

Maybe Lily can guest-sim as our Red Alert Bulb :happy4:

This is senseless, they are sentient species.

From different continuum, but they hame much more of mind than light!

I love it too.

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