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[Round 12] Risa Nights

Alana Devar

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::It was there last night on Risa. Emirry had had a wonderful, fulfilling trip.

She had shopped with Arista, danced with Jayda, and gone down to the shore with Ashley.

Nothing could make for a better vacation. Well, almost nothing...::

::On this cool night, Em could be found in her hotel room, lounging on the

balcony. It was nice, but a little boring. She wanted to go do something tonight. It felt

anticlimactic to just lay there. No matter how beautiful the Risan evening was.::

::Going back into the main part of her room, she slipped off her sun dress and

put on her new monokini she had bought here. She put on a light slip, it was black and made

of a sheer fabric that floated a bit in the breeze. Looking into the mirror she

loosing did the tie around her waist. Em was almost happy with how she looked. The bathing suit

was cute and the slip she wore over it gave the look a little intrigue.::

::Em slipped into a pair of strappy sandals and headed out of her room. On her

way, she took down her hair. It fell in waves over her shoulders and was for the most

part untamed. Emirry wasn't totally sure what she wanted to do yet, but she figured

she could take a walk until she figured it out.::

::The night was perfect. The air was cool and the breeze was light. The stars

shone brightly in the sky. Emirry sighed contently as she walked through the grounds

of the hotel. She could be content doing this tonight, just walking and watching. But

it was when she thought that, that an even better idea presented itself.::

::Not far off lay Daydan, quietly dozing on a lounge chair, totally undisturbed.

A small, mischievous grin came to Emirry's lips. She walked over, careful not to

make a lot of noise. Gently, she sat on the small bit of lounge chair she could.::

::She leaned over, bits of her long hair failing forward, and kissed him. It was

a simple, tender kiss, but when she felt him stir Em raised the intensity a bit. She ran

her hand over his chest, and let the kiss linger on.::

::Finally, she pulled away, but just enough for her to slide down a bit and rest

her head on his chest. The warmth that resinated from him was comforting, and

intoxicating. She got a little more comfortable there against him and with only the light of the

night sky, not to mention Em's hair covering most her face, she wondered if he had realized

who she was...::

MacGowan: ::She didn't bother speaking.:: oO It's dangerous to lay out in the open on Risa

like this... You never know who might come along. Oo

Lt.Cmdr. Emirry Rayn MacGowan

Chief Medical Officer

USS Eagle

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This is a very good SIM. It's well written and really draws you in. The only thing I'd suggest is that you should pay attention to your homonyms (example: their vs there). Your description is evocative and the ending left me wanting more. Nice job!

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