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[Round 11] "WildeFinger" Parts 1 & 2


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((OOC: This has little to do with the plot, but is more of a backstory for those who may be confused about what's going on. As always, we the writers managed to span this out for 9 pages in Microsoft Word, and should get an award from Bill Gates for overuse of software. Evil Danny was simmed by myself and Jenn.))


((Somewhere: Darkened Room))

::Danny awoke groggily. His head span, and his immediate vision was blurred by a light facing over him.::

Wilde: Urghh...my head...

::He was restrained, that was for sure. He tried wriggling his legs and arms, but to no success. Just above his right wrist was irritated by the restraint. He peeked down his body to see a swollen cut, agitated by his bonds. How did he do that? And where the hell was he?::

::He peeked around and saw a similar table next to him. He gasped.::

Wilde: Idril!?

::There was no response. From that angle he couldn't see much, but he could see she was resting comfortably. Almost dream like. He thought of smiling at her, but then remembered the situation they were in. She looked drugged. He shouted her name one more time, to no avail.::

Wilde: Wake up! The room's on fire! Idril! Admiral on deck! IDRIL!

::Something intruded on the blissful blankness, dragging the Trill woman back into consciousness. she squinted her eyes, blinking them as they stung in the harsh light. Somehow, though, it didn't seem to matter all that much. She felt detached from it all, as if a bystander. Her vice seemed strange in her ears: light, softer than normal.::

Mar: Oh. Hi.

Wilde: Are you alright? Where are we?

Mar: Umm... I don't know.

::He struggled harder but to no avail.::

Wilde: Can you move?

::She thought for a moment, her sluggish mind processing, then responding, but her body didn't. The Trill turned to the man on the other side of her and gave a small smile. It seemed appropriate somehow.::

Mar: No.

::He tried to think back, but his memory was foggy. He had gone back to their room. The Romulan Ale...the bathroom. The reflection.: :

Wilde: Good God... I remember. I wasn't alone there. It's him!

::She wanted to ask him why he was so upset, so animated. It didn't seem like anything was happening... why worry if nothing bad was happening?::

Wilde: He's deranged. I can understand him taking you, but what does he want with me?

::Then he noticed some crude devices attached to the foot and sides of the table. Weird devices obviously intended for torture. They were strikingly absent from Idril's own bed. He sighed and looked back to his new wife.::

Wilde: Oh dear. He's going to kill me...isn't he?

Mar: Who?

Wilde: Me! I mean, him. He's me from the other universe.

Mar: Well... I guess so then.

Wilde: I...wait, what?

::He arched his head to look further. She wasn't restrained at all. So Cmd. Danny Wilde must think she's not going to escape. The look on Idril's face was dreamy, almost non-coherant. What had happened to her? What had he done?::

Wilde: What's he done to you? Did he force you to come with him?

::He almost didn't want to hear the answer.::

Mar: No... well... maybe. I don't remember.

::She giggled. For some reason, this seemed really funny.::

Wilde: Idril, listen to me... we have to work together to get out of here. I need you to think and let me out of these restraints.

Mar: Why?

::She turned her head to the side.::

Mar: They're cute on you.

::She giggled again. Danny raised his eyebrow in surprise, then sighed and rested his head back on a slab that doubled as a pillow. If he could somehow give her a dose of nanoprobes they'd immediately neutralize any drug in her system. Then again, Idril got like this after three glasses of champagne... he stopped that thought. He couldn't do it. It was sick. The very idea made him shiver...::

Wilde: Pull yourself together! He's going to kill me and abduct you to the parallel universe. Or worse...take my place here. We have to work together...

::The woman got a serious look on her face. She sat up on the slab and put her hands together in her lap.::

Mar: Together. Right. Together.

::The corner of her lip twitched, then quickly her serious facade collapsed into fits of preteen-like giggling.::

Wilde: We haven’t got time for this!

::A door swooshed open at the end of the room.::

Voice: Good evening, Mr. Wilde.

::Danny immediately looked towards the doors, his eyes squinting in the bright light that flooded from them. He could make out a shape, a blur of figure, dark and foreboding blocking the white light. He gulped and tried to signal to Idril to pretend to be asleep before this impostor got to her. The figure moved slowly toward the table prepared for Idril and grinned once he was in the light. Danny found his voice and tried to be defiant, faking nonchalance. ::

Wilde: Awfully clichéd, even for you.

Evil Danny: You mean clichéd for you. Oh I couldn't resist. Especially with you as my hostage. But let's face it, Danny-boy, you're whole life is one big cliché.

::Danny followed him with his eyes as his doppelganger circled Idril's table, idly playing with strands of her hair. Danny felt a rage inside him in which he'd not felt before. Part jealousy, part hatred for the man in front of him.::

Wilde: So that means your life is, too, I suppose? We're one in the same after all.

Evil Danny: Oh no, my wholesome counterpart. I'm much more than that. My life is a litany of tragedy, starting the day I lost you.

::He was addressing Idril as he bent down gently and softly kissed her, and for a split second Danny thought he saw her kiss him back. His counterpart held the kiss for a second longer and stroked her face softly afterwards. Danny saw red and tried furiously to struggle free. His wrist burned where his wound rubbed his bonds.::

Wilde: Alright, that's enough! You leave her alone or else...

Evil Danny: Or else what!?

::Danny stopped talking and resisting and looked at the man opposite. It was scary, really. The man was identical in every appearance from the striking blue eyes, cuts and scars and even haircut. How could this man be so twisted with revenge that he ceased to be the Danny Wilde he knew as himself. Perhaps what scared Danny more than ever is the thought of what he would do in the same situation? What if he had been the one to live out that life in the Alternate Dimension?::

Wilde: What is it you want?

Evil Danny: It is of no concern to you.

Wilde: I think it is if it involves my wife...

::His counterpart slammed his fist down on the table, his face a picture of rage.::

Evil Danny: But she should be my wife! You don't know what I've gone through for her... for us...

::Well it certainly settled it. Commander Danny Wilde was insane.::

Wilde: Then tell me...

Evil Danny: What was your response when you first saw Idril again after joining DS17? Joy? Happiness?

::Danny thought back. He remembered being in Ops when the Independence crashed into the Emperors Fang. He etched every line of Jessa Anassasi's face into memory when she announced that Idril was still on board. Choking slightly on the memory, Danny found his voice.::

Wilde: I remember almost collapsing in Ops... the engineering teams on the Hammond tried for what felt like forever to align her signal in the transporters. .. I heard Chief King just about murdered somebody. I couldn't do anything. I was numb. Couldn't think... we thought it was too late. We thought she was gone.

::Commander Wilde regarded him for a moment, then spoke solemnly.::

Evil Danny: But then the transporters initialized and there she was, your Idril all safe and sound. And with her the end of the Gorn Invasion. My history tells differently. I never witnessed the Emperors Fang be annihilated. My Idril never materialized on the transporter pad to run into my arms. My Idril was killed, running after me in a shuttle, a shuttle she stole to track me down. Do you know what its like to live with that on your conscience?

::He left Idril's side and came to stand by the man on the slab. Danny felt something of a connection, like his double wanted to speak to him, to share his burdens.::

Evil Danny: She had a wonderful funeral on Trill. This was before the War, you understand. I managed to get out of a mission to attend. All of the crew were there, and she was resting in a crystal casket trimmed with flowers. I remember her gown was ivory, trimmed with lace...

::Danny had returned to Idril's side and was transfixed on her, his voice a soft lullaby of madness.::

Evil Danny: But none of that matters now. Let's pretend that didn't happen. Because you're here with me now, dear heart. Alive and well, and with the man who loves you. The man who bridged two universes to find you...

Wilde: What about the Symbiont?

::There was no answer. If the Symbiont survives, then so does Idril in some way... The Zhian'tara, he'd been a part of it before.::

Wilde: Commander! What happened to the Mar Symbiont?

::The other man whirled around, his eyes full of fire.::

Evil Danny: The Symbiont?!? You want to know about the Symbiont?!?

::He took the two steps to Danny's slab and grabbed the tied-up man by the front of his shirt and shook him with both hands. As he yelled, little bits of spittle flew out of his mouth.::

Evil Danny: Those dog men took the symbiont, cut it out of her like a piece of meat.

::He threw Danny back down onto the metal slab, the contact between skull and steel an audible thud. He pulled his shirt straight and collected himself, his voice calm.::

Wilde: The Grendellai.. .?

Evil Danny: I will give that sniveling worm Walker one thing; he told them that Mar was a sentient being. They were going to cut her up and eat her. Their leader, some sort of shaman, had Mar put into himself, trying to gain the knowledge of Federation technology.

::He smirked a sad lonely smirk, looking at Idril, then turned back to Danny.::

Evil Danny: She drove him mad... her mind against his every moment of every day for nearly a week. When Fleet-Captain Anassasi rescued Walker, they captured that bloody dog and extracted the symbiont, but the strain was too much. The Symbiosis Comission took Mar back to the pools. Idril is really and truly gone for me.

Wilde: So Mar is still at the Symbiosis Commission?

Evil Danny: It is.

Wilde: Well why don't you go to Trill and have them perform the Zhian'tara Ceremony. You know about it - you've done it before. You remember being Azulay Mar? If I remember rightly then Idril's own mother is head of the Commission. I'm sure she'd let you. You need closure, Danny. You can say your goodbyes properly...

Evil Danny: I don't need closure, my friend. I have the real thing, now. And you're beginning to bore me.

::With a touch of his command module on his wrist, the table Danny was strapped to began to rise, and one of the instruments began to whir into life. Danny gulped as he saw it position itself at the foot of the slab.::

Wilde: Wait!

Evil Danny: I've done enough waiting. Years of waiting...

::He moved to Idril, and scooped her up into his arms.::

Evil Danny: Ready, my love? We're going to take a trip, far...far away.

::Idril smiled, then looked back over her shoulder at Danny, strapped down on the table.::

Mar: But what about him?

::One of the instruments shot a bright blue beam out of its end. The beam began slowly traveling up the table between Danny's legs. The table sizzled and spat, the blue light slicing inexorably through it.::

Evil Danny: Forget him... he's just a dream. A figment, soon gone, soon forgotten.

Wilde: More like a nightmare for you, Commander…

Evil Danny: Choose your next witticism carefully, Mr. Wilde, it may be your last.

::The other man put Idril down on her feet and, his hand around her waist, started walking towards the door.::

Wilde: What do you expect me to do, beg for my life?

::The man stopped and turned, a frank look on his face.::

Evil Danny: No, Mr. Wilde, I expect you to die. Good night.

::The man turned his back on the table as the laser continued cutting. Putting his arm back around the redhead's waist, he moved again towards the door.::

Wilde: Wait!

::The pair stopped, and Danny smiled as his evil counterpart turned and looked.::

Wilde: Don't I get a last request? It's the gentlemanly thing to do. After all, you've got my wife...

Evil Danny: Why not? I'm a fair sport, really.

Wilde: I want to say goodbye to Idril... properly.

::The other man smirked, but extended his arm as if to say "be my guest" to his lost-lover. Idril almost skipped down the steps to Danny's slab and he nodded for her to come over.::

Wilde: ::Whispering: : I'm sorry. I should have been able to stop him.

::Idril just smiled, not sure exactly what to say.::

Wilde: I love you... remember that.

Mar: I'll try.

Wilde: And I'm sorry... truly.

Mar: It's not your fault, don't worry.

::He beckoned her down to his hand, so he could stroke her face one last time. As she moved, Danny turned his head away, hiding a single tear which clung to his cheek. As her face reached his hand, he gripped his fist tightly. The two insect-like antennae of Borg assimilation tubules extended from the back of his hand, injecting themselves silently into her neck. He felt sick, violating her like this. But it had to be done. If his plan worked, she'd be sobered of all drugs his deranged opposite had pumped her with. She'd be coherent enough to help.::

::The sharp pain of the tubules made Idril jerk just a little bit, but she blinked as she came around. The redhead stayed bent over as memories started coming back. She looked down at her husband, a puzzled look on her face.::

Mar: What's going... ?

Wilde: ::whispering: : Idril? My pocket...

::She looked up and saw near the door... another Danny? Oh gods... the one from the alternate universe? The Captain leaned down and kissed her tactical officer, slipping a hand into his pocket and taking the item out of it that was there. She whispered into his mouth.::

Mar: This?

::She handed him the piece of mirror glass he'd managed to swipe from bathroom - the same piece he'd cut his wrist on in the struggle.::

Wilde: Go... find a way out. I'll be following you as soon as I'm free.

Mar: You'd dang well better. I'll tell my mother-in-law if you don't.

::She kissed him one last time, then walked back over to the door. Her skin crawled as the alternate Danny's arm went around her waist, but the redhead let him lead her out.::

::As they left, Danny faced impending death by the oncoming laser. He was sweating, as well as trying to inch his way up the slab. He breathed slowly, trying to focus on what he was about to do. He hoped to whatever God existed he could do this right, or they'd be scooping him up off the floor...if anyone ever found him.::

::He flipped the piece of glass like a coin and watched it flip through the air as if in slow motion. It spun round and round until it cut into the beam, spraying it in a multitude of directions. By sheer chance two of the beams hit the right hand side of the table, cutting deeply enough into his bonds to set both his arm and leg free with a good yanks but not so deep as to leave more than a red mark on his skin. Moving quickly, he flipped his legs in the air and rolled to the side with as much speed as he could muster. The glass landed on the slab, reflecting one giant beam back at the source of the laser. The machine erupted with sparks and promptly died, leaving a steady stream of foul-smelling black smoke pouring out. Danny used his free hand to pull on his bonds until he unclasped them and fell to the floor.::

Wilde: Aaarggh!

::He lay on the floor, panting like a marathon runner. He reminded himself never to make fun of Will Rogers' early morning training schedules again. Pulling himself up, he picked up the burnt piece of mirror and examined it closely.::

Wilde: Seven years back luck...


Captain Idril Mar


USS Ronin


Lt.Commander Danny Wilde

Chief TAC

USS Ronin

Evil Danny Wilde simmed by Captain Mar and LtCmd Wilde.

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Apologies for the length - it's actaully a two-part sim that i've posted as a single entry for the competition.

still an excellent bit of writing (with tongue firmly in cheek)

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Oh Jhen, you shouldn't have! This was more for the writers' benefit than anything else. Whilst it was fun to write, it's barely believable!

I mean, spectacular Sim! That Danny Wilde knows how to get himself out of a few predicaments, eh? :rolleyes7:

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hey, fun sims are still valid entries.

anyway, don't worry - if everyone else thinks it sucks they won't vote for it :biggrin2:

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